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Traditional Outdoor Canopies

Traditional canopies are frame tents, which are made with galvanized steel tubing and connectors. Traditional style carports and portable shelters can be purchased in high peak, low peak or flat roof design. Although these temporary structures are normally sold as complete canopy kits, the traditional style is the most customizable design due to the enormous variety of poly tarp sizes available. Traditional canopies use a standard canopy grade poly cover for roof protection. The poly cover fits the frame with a 3-4 inch gap around the perimeter, which attaches using ball bungee ties.

The traditional canopy is the original design for which all current styles were based. The simplistic components gained much popularity among swap meet and flea market vendors around the country and have become the primary canopy structure for temporary carport storage. For those individuals looking for a custom canopy, the traditional style frame tent is the most cost effective solution. By simply choosing from one of the many poly tarp sizes available, our sales representatives can build a custom frame for your specific needs.

Our complete line of traditional canopy kits includes the poly top cover, tubing, fittings and ball bungee ties. Each canopy is boxed and ready for same day shipment to anywhere within the Continental United States. Our easy to follow instructions and minimal parts make installation fast and convenient. Traditional canopies are the ideal choice for vehicle storage and are great as boat shelters, truck canopies and even RV storage.
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