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Canopy Fittings

We manufacture our own galvanized steel fittings, ensuring the highest quality at the lowest price. If you are trying to build your own canopy frame, we have many different fittings to choose from. We offer three different styles of fittings in a variety of sizes; flat roof, low peak and high peak. Flat roof fittings have a 90-degree angle. Low peak fittings have a 102-degree angle and high peak fittings have a 120-degree angle.

Fittings Listed Size  ID Of Fitting Connector 

 OD Of Pipe

3/4" Connectors: For use with 3/4" EMT Conduit poles

1 inch

.922 inch

1" Connectors: For use with 1" EMT Conduit poles

1 3/16 inch

1 1/8 inch

1 3/8" Connectors: For use with chain link fence tubing

1 3/8 inch

1 5/16 inch

1 5/8" Connectors: For use with chain link fence tubing

1 3/4 inch

1 11/16 inch

1 7/8" Connectors: For use with chain link fence tubing

1 15/16 inch

1 7/8 inch

If you are interested in building your own outdoor canopy or carport, please visit our canopy diagram information page. You can order our canopies online or you can give us a call today (877) 811-3911.
Canopy Fittings
Flat Roof Fittings 90Flat Roof Fittings 90
Low Peak Fittings 102Low Peak Fittings 102
Medium Peak Fittings 110Medium Peak Fittings 110
High Peak Fittings 120High Peak Fittings 120
Slope Fittings 78Slope Fittings 78
Specialty Fittings 90 & 102Specialty Fittings 90 & 102
Foot PadsFoot Pads

Canopy Parts

Canopy fittings are part of our accessory line of products. We provide are large variety of fitting connectors that work with low peak, high peak and flat roof designs.  Each component is made with galvanized steel and includes eyebolts for fastening. The fitting connectors are a necessary part of making any carport, portable garage or shed. These units can either be purchased as a complete set or constructed using steel tubing and fittings from our selection. The shape of the canopy is determined by the pitch or angle of the connector fitting. A low peak structure features a 102 degree fitting angle and is ideal for situations that require minimal space such as a flea markets or outdoor swap meets. The high peak fitting angle was specifically designed for regions that have heavy snow fall and rain. The high peak fitting has an angle of 120 degrees and easily sheds away snow build up. The steep pitch is an important factor in the stability of the canopy frame during winter conditions. The flat roof fitting contains a 90 angle and although it is not the ideal canopy for winter conditions, the flat roof angle is perfect for summer activities and garden nurseries.

When choosing replacement fittings for an existing canopy frame it is important to measure the outside diameter of the tubing and follow the chart provided above. All of our canopy replacement fittings are made to accommodate standard fence tubing that can be purchased at any local hardware or fencing supply store. In addition, all of our complete canopy kits are sold using the same standard fence tubing which makes replacement easy. If ever there is a component that needs to be replaced, shopping for replacement parts is worry free.  Shop our line of complete portable garage canopy and carport products or visit our canopy diagram page and learn how to design and build your own frame tent structure.
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