Canvas Tarps

Woven from either 100 percent cotton duck fabric or 100 percent polyester, Canvas and Tarps' military-grade waterproof canvas tarps are made exclusively in the United States. Not only that, these tarps are made to order to ensure your get exactly what you ordered.

Canopies and Tarps have a long-standing history of selling high-quality waterproof canvas tarps with grommets. Our canvas canopies boast all of the qualities and features shoppers look for when searching for the right canvas tarp. Every product is waterproofed using the time-honored method of treating the fabric with paraffin. The paraffin acts as a sealant, providing thorough protection against water that might seep through an untreated woven fabric. This waterproofing process is the best line of defense against water damage risks posed to any goods your store outdoors. A paraffin sealed canvas tarp can make sure your valuable equipment, furniture and raw materials remain bone dry, even when the rain shows no signs of slowing down. The paraffin allows the water to wick right off the surface of the material, which diminishes the risk of waterlogging the fabric.

For those who prefer a polyester blend canvas, we have 100 percent poly blend waterproof canvas tarps for sale. These silicone-treated canopies are resistant to mildew, discourage condensation and hold strong against risks of tearing and ripping caused by strong winds and abrasions. They are best-suited for major outdoor projects like roofing and covering up vehicles stored in damp or exposed areas.

With the interest of providing our customers with the most flexibility possible, Canopies and Tarps offers the option of full customizability of canvas tarps. The tarp size is entirely up to the customer with all sizes, from 5' by 7' to 100' by 100' guaranteed to be made to order. Concerning colors we have green, olive, blue, gold, natural, white and brown to choose from. Each tarp is fitted with spur tooth grommets placed at every 24-inch mark for added convenience.