Carports & Gazebos

Protecting a car, boat or patio with a carport, gazebo or patio cover starts with an order from Canopies and Tarps, whose selection of coverings addresses a wide variety of applications from gardens to large vehicles. Carports, gazebos and patio covers are built with polycarbonate panels and are easy to assemble and disassemble. However, don't let the relative ease of construction and installation lead you to believe there's anything flimsy about these items. They are reliable, rock solid protection for whatever it is you need to have covered.

Carports are available in either Arcadia steel or Vitoria steel. The 11' 1" x 16' 6" Arcadia Steel Carport with polycarbonate panels is also suitable for covering patios or poolside areas. The panels give protection from the sun's harsh UV rays and limit exposure to the elements. The 9' 6" x 16' 4" Vitoria Steel Carport with polycarbonate panels has an open design, wide access, a stable aluminum frame and a small amount of parts that make it a snap for as few as two people to assemble easily. Equipped with a rust-resistant powder-coated frame, the carport with a Palram new-edge sealing solution offers protection from bad weather and requires little ongoing maintenance once it is erected.

Choose from 10' x 10' or 12' x 12' Palermo gazebos to shade your patio on searing hot days and offer your guests at the next barbecue a comfortable place to enjoy the day, breathing in the fresh air while remaining sheltered from the sun's potentially damaging UV rays. The Palermo gazebo's bronze glazing transmits more than 25 percent natural sunlight for sufficient lighting on overcast days as well as cool shading for hot sunny days. Palermo gazebos come with a 10-year warranty.

Select from 10' x 10', 10' x 14' and 10' x 20' Feria patio covers made of clear, virtually unbreakable multiwall polycarbonate roof panels that offer protection from the rain while draining water away from the patio.