Round Bale Hay Tarps

These made-to-order round bale hay tarps are designed to protect hay stacks and wood piles from moisture and mold. They're made of UV-resistant and waterproof polyethylene material with rip-stop technology, ensuring a well-constructed product. These tarps are ready to use straight out of the box thanks to the built-in PVC pipes located in the sleeves on each side. The pipe helps keep the tarp in place and prevents any slippage. We use super clinch fasteners with the PVC pipe to create a long-lasting and durable cover. We offer 18 different sizes, ranging from 14' x 48' to 72' x 48'. The finished product is about 6" x 6" less than the listed size, so keep that in mind when ordering. These tarps are custom made in the United States. Please allow for seven to 10 business days before shipping and be sure to read our custom tarp policy before placing your order.