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Hurricane Supplies

Hurricane Supplies

Battening down for a hurricane is stressful, and the last thing you need to worry about is whether your tarp can weather the storm. Our blue tarps, which are waterproof, mildew-proof and UV-proof, feature heavy-duty rust-resistant grommets placed 36 inches apart along their rope-reinforced edges. The corners are also rope-reinforced, and each corner features eyelets to make securing these tarps easy. We offer special pricing on bulk orders and container pricing on purchases of our blue hurricane tarps.
Hurricane Supplies
Blue Roof Tarps<br>4 Oz, 6 Mil<br>Waterproof, UV TreatedBlue Roof Tarps<br>4 Oz, 6 Mil<br>Waterproof, UV Treated
18' x 32' x 15' UN Disaster Relief Tent
List Price: $4,956.00
Our Price: $4,130.00
18' x 32' x 15' UN Disaster Relief Tent
First Aid KitsFirst Aid Kits
Survival KitsSurvival Kits
Emergency GearEmergency Gear
How to Tarp a Roof  Roofing Tarp Installation TipsHow to Tarp a Roof  Roofing Tarp Installation Tips

The key to getting through any type of natural disaster is to be prepared. When it comes to something as dangerous and unpredictable as a hurricane, individuals who live in high risk areas would be well advised to invest in a few important products that they can protect themselves, their homes, and their families in the event of such a disaster. Hurricane tarps & supplies don't necessarily have to be relegated only to coastal areas of the country, however. Individuals who live in areas where tornadoes are a potential problem may also find that these types of products are incredibly valuable.

Hurricane tarps & supplies are the types of items that a person hopes they never have to use, but that are indispensable during emergency situations. Here are just a few reasons to purchase them:

  • High-quality roof tarps can help protect a home if the roof has been damaged due to high winds and water.

  • They can be used to create emergency tents that allow rescue crews and volunteers to coordinate and provide assistance to the individuals that need it most.

  • Protect valuables by keeping them covered.

Although it may not be possible to prevent the type of damage that a hurricane or tornado can cause, having a high-quality roof tarp can help to protect the home from further damage until repairs can be made.

First aid supplies and survival kits are also valuable and important things to have on hand during disasters. This is why hurricane tarps & supplies go hand-in-hand. A first aid kit is an absolute necessity, even if a person does not live anywhere near areas of the country were natural disasters are likely to occur. In fact, no home should be without a basic first aid kit. Likewise, automobiles, RVs, and even both should have a first aid kit at the ready just in case somebody were to get hurt.

Although survival kits may seem like an extreme edition when it comes to shopping for hurricane tarps & supplies, having emergency rations, clean drinking water, and other emergency supplies can make the difference between life and death in extreme situations. Although it may not be possible to predict exactly when a natural disaster will occur or how much damage it will bring with it, having the right items at the ready can help a person be prepared so that they can minimize the damage and injury to themselves and their family that so often follows natural disasters and other types of emergency situations.

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