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Find the right tarp or canopy storage shelter

When it comes to big equipment, a simple storage solution is a heavy-duty tarp or tent. Unlike metal covers that can rust, extra-durable tarps or tents made from sturdy tarps are portable, versatile shelters. Enjoy faster set-up times for trucks, bulldozers, construction site machinery and other large equipment. They cost a fraction of what you will pay for a typical metal storage shed. specializes in large equipment storage shelters that will protect expensive equipment from debris and the elements. They're the go-to choice for public disaster relief efforts around the world. Choose from heavy-duty tarps, construction tarps and custom tarps.

Large Equipment Storage Garage

There are many advantages to using a tent or tarp for large equipment storage, including:

• Lower Cost

• Greater Mobility

• Faster Setup

• More Versatile Uses

Custom-made vinyl covers for machinery from Canopies and Tarps are made using an 18-ounce poly material that's waterproof and UV-resistant. Use indoors or outside in any climate. The vinyl-coated fabric that resists tears and abrasions has corner and bottom-center grommets. Economically priced 7-ounce poly machinery covers are also available in standard and custom sizes.

You can choose from a number of different options for a tent for large equipment storage, including:

• Heavy Duty Tarps

• Construction Tarps

• Custom Tarps

If you've got questions about how to order custom tarps to fit your large equipment, ask our expert staff. You can trust our 25 years of expertise. Visit our Custom Tarp Estimator page to get a quick cost estimate for your commercial, professional or residential jobs.

At Canopies and Tarps, find 40-foot by 60-foot domed truss portable building that are 18 feet tall - the optimal size for heavy agricultural and industrial use. Our customers use these portable commercial buildings at construction sites, for animal protection, for long-range storage and to store multiple vehicles.

The waterproof fire-retardant main cover is made of long-life UV-resistant polyethylene material with woven backing. The heavy-duty frame is built of galvanized steel. Plus, it's a portable garage or warehouse building ready to assemble. The doors can be winched up from outside the steel frame. The sides have wind release flaps.

Create a portable commercial, industrial or farm building with a 65-foot by 30-foot by 15-foot portable domed shelter crafted with a woven-back polyethylene fabric that's heat-welded at the seams and designed to resist sun and fire damage.

IF you want to protect heavy equipment from the rain, this shelter prevents water from seeping in through the perimeter. Each portable worksite building has double entry doors and 11 steel frame arches. Like most heavy equipment shelters, these sets come with enough anchors to secure them in place.

With a 40-foot by 60-foot by 18-foot domed portable truss building, you can create a long-term storage site for equipment, animal pens or industrial supplies. Set up a multiple-vehicle storage site. The heavy steel galvanized frame is covered with fire-retardant, no-leaks polyethylene fabric with a durable woven backing. The standard end door is 12 feet wide and 15 feet tall, and it can be easily winched up from outside the building.

These portable shelters have the heaviest frames available in single-tube construction. A unique dual-cover tensioning system allows quick adjustments in positioning your large equipment storage shelter. Just find the right size for your job. If you need help, our expert staff is ready to assist you. They can also help you stay on budget.

A canopy often differs from a portable garage in the number of components, in addition to the strength and weather-resistance factors listed for each. A canopy typically includes a frame, connectors, tarp cover and ties. A portable garage has those components plus panels for the side, front and back to allow you to enclose the structure.

For big jobs in snowy or windy conditions, the 30-foot by 28-foot by 16-foot peak portable garage canopy from Canopies and Tarps is rated at up to 60 pounds of snow and 80 miles-per-hour wind loads. A special baked on powder-coated finish prevents chipping, rust and peeling on this waterproof shelter for large equipment, vehicles or supplies.

These shelters with double-zippered front and back door panels are easy to assemble with slip-fit connectors and trademarked RatchetTite Tensioning Systems. Trademarked ShelterAuger anchors are included to set up on packed soil or grass.

Shelter Tech SP barn shelters from also are engineered to handle extreme weather conditions. Each is made with a heavy-duty 14.5-ounce poly cover that's fire-rated. The framework of these shelters has patented ShelterLock steel stabilizers at each connection. They're rated at 39 pounds per square foot for snow load, and they have a wind rating of 130 miles per hour.

Also shop Canopies and Tarps for truck tarps, insulated tarps and covers and welding blankets and curtains. Chemical resistant tarps are made with nylon coated with neoprene to resist solvents, grease and some acids. When you're ready to place an oversized canopy, browse a ready-to-ship collection of canopy side panel replacements, back door and front door replacements and other supplies.


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