Portable Garage: Shelters, Metal Carports, Instant Garage


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Buy a portable garage canopy to cover your car or truck. The portable garage is an enclosed metal carport that includes a heavy-duty cover and protects your vehicle and equipment from UV, rain, snow as well as other outdoor elements. Portable garages are available in a variety of styles including dome, peak and barn style arrangements. Each portable garage is fitted with a high quality 9-10 oz. polyethylene cover, which completely seals out the outside environment and keeps your valuables safe year after year.

Smaller instant garage units are available under our storage-shed category. The storage shed is made of the same heavy-duty materials as the larger portable garage units but is smaller in size. The smaller size is ideal for equipment storage and small vehicle storage such as golf carts and ATV’s.

The dome shaped portable garage features a low profile and is the ideal metal carport for regions of high wind. The round roof shape easily sheds snow and deflects winds safely over the canopy frame without fear of collapse. Extra fabric from the canopy covers lies on the ground and can be used for anchoring by placing sand bags or other heavy objects around the perimeter.

Portable Garage canopies are available in a variety of different sizes and can even be large enough to store an RV. Medium sized instant garages are designed for vehicle storage and have frame sizes for both one and two cars. All portable garage units include front and back double access panels with zipper doors that can be rolled up and down. Shop our entire product line 24 hours a day or contact a sales representative to find out more information about our outdoor protection products.

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