Super Heavy-Duty Tarps

Super heavy-duty tarps make excellent canopy covers and serve a wide range of other purposes. Made from high-quality HDPE fabric and laminated with LDPE elements for total waterproofing, these 3-ply, 7-ounce, 12-Mil-thick tarps are designed to withstand direct sun exposure while resisting mold, rot and mildew.

Super heavy-duty tarps are abrasion-resistant and acid-resistant. Featuring arctic flexibility and grommets every 18 inches, these tarps are ideal for protecting your equipment and other materials against the elements in any conditions. Super Heavy-Duty Tarps are comprised much the same as conventional poly tarps but have been adapted with added elements to ensure longevity over years of use. The Super Heavy-Duty Tarps are still manufactured using poly yarn but the cross weaved threads are much closer together than that of conventional tarps. In addition, Super Heavy-Duty Tarps are triple laminated to ensure that the entire surface area is waterproof and UV protected. The heat sealed seams and rope reinforced edges and corner guards make these triple layer super heavy-duty tarps the ultimate outdoor cover. Each super duty tarp is UV treated on both sides with added fade blockers, anti-aging and anti-fungal agents. To create this super tarp we stepped up all components including the mil thickness, denier and ounces per square yard. Our Super Heavy-Duty Tarps feature 14 mil thickness, 1200 denier and weigh in at 8.5 ounces per square yard.

All of these added features and upgrades are greatly beneficial over extended use in even the harshest environments. Originally designed for tropical regions, the Super-Heavy Duty tarp has quickly become the popular choice amongst industries including agricultural, construction, commercial and farming. However, these covers are great for residential use as well. The fact that the super duty tarp is comprised the same way as conventional covers with the grommets spaced every 18 inches allows for greater versatility. The super tarps also work great as canopy replacements, camping ground cover, boat covers, patio covers and more. The average life span of a standard conventional tarp is 2-3 years and is greatly affected by the weather related elements. For those living in tropical, sub-tropical or desert like conditions, the Super Heavy-Duty Tarp may serve your coverage needs much better than a conventional tarp cover. For more information on our Super Heavy-Duty Tarps please contact a customer service representative at (877) 811-3911.