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Heavy Duty Poly Tarps

Silver Tarps
White Tarps
Blue Tarps
Fire Retardant Tarps
With guaranteed low prices and high quality, CanopiesAndTarps.com offers a wide and varying selection of heavy duty tarps in a large array of colors and dimensions. With colors like silver, white, camo and tan, as well as brighter colors that garner more attention, these ultra-strong three-ply heavy duty tarps come in mesh shade styles and also can be ordered with the fire retardant feature. Check out the prices for comparable tarps at retail stores, and then check out the prices at Canopies and Tarps. The difference may astound you. Resistant to tears and very flexible, these UV tarps are ideal for applications that involve a lot of UV light. These 6-ounce, 12-Mil tarps are fade resistant and feature 18-inch grommet spacing on the rope-reinforced edges. The tarps also are waterproof and resistant to both mildew and acid.
Heavy Duty Poly Tarps
Silver UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Silver UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
White UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)White UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Tan UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Tan UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Clear Poly Tarps<br>(14 Mil)Clear Poly Tarps<br>(14 Mil)
Silver/Black Poly Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Silver/Black Poly Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Silver / White Poly Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Silver / White Poly Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Silver / Brown Poly Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Silver / Brown Poly Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Orange UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Orange UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Green UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Green UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Red UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Red UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Yellow UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Yellow UV Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Brown / White Poly Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Brown / White Poly Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Fire Retardant Poly Tarps<br>(12 Mil)Fire Retardant Poly Tarps<br>(12 Mil)
Blue / Black Poly Tarps<br>(8 Mil)Blue / Black Poly Tarps<br>(8 Mil)
Silver / Blue Poly Tarps<br>(8 Mil)Silver / Blue Poly Tarps<br>(8 Mil)
Camo UV Tarps<br>(8 Mil)Camo UV Tarps<br>(8 Mil)

CanopiesAndTarps, we carry a huge selection of heavy-duty tarps for sale at incredibly low prices. In a variety of colors and sizes, all the poly tarps listed in our catalog are currently in-stock and ready to ship – and we proudly guarantee the lowest price on every item we sell.

You’ll find silver, white, tan and camouflage UV tarps in our comprehensive collection; we also carry clear, two-toned with silver and a variety of other colors (like orange, green, red, blue and yellow) as well. CanopiesAndTarps’ selection also includes mesh-shade tarps, fire-retardant tarps and even privacy fence tarps so you can get exactly what you need at a fraction of what you’d pay in a retail store. For more information on our heavy-duty tarps, please contact one of our customer service representatives at (877)811-3911.

Ordering tarpaulins from CanopiesAndTarps is easy. Simply make your selections from the category pages listed here, click “Add to Cart” and proceed to our secure online checkout once you’re finished shopping. We’ll take down your payment information and shipping address, and once you’ve submitted your order, we’ll package and send it out on the next available shipment.
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