10' x 30' Tarps

Mid-sized tarps like the 10' x 30' tarps are a good size for jobs around the home. In our collection, we have tarps that are excellent for landscaping, protecting valuables and goods, covering up wood stacks, creating portable enclosures, building cost effective privacy shields and creating makeshift shelters for vehicles that must be stored outdoors. These tarps can also be used as coverings for vehicles that are used seasonally.

In the 10' x 30' size we offer heavy-duty tarps in various colors and styles. Heavy-duty tarps are typically poly tarps that have been reinforced to minimize the risk of abrasions and tearing. They are waterproof, UV resistant, and some are even fire retardant and certified under the NFPA-701, the California Title 19 and the CPAI-84.

10' x 30' tarps are available in medium duty and regular duty as well. The medium duty is a camo tarp that is excellent for providing coverage in wooded areas. Our regular duty tarps are blue utility tarps that can be used for virtually any job that does not require long-term weather protection.

Finally, we have mesh tarps that are breathable and UV resistant. They offer up to 75 percent sun shading and can be used to create shaded areas on bright, sunny days.