15' x 30' Tarps

At Canopies and Tarps we carry 15' x 30' tarps for residential and commercial use. These mid-size tarps are the perfect size for offering protection and coverage around the home. They are large enough to cover a modest amount of surface area, like say a small- to medium-sized construction project or renovation project.

15' x 30' tarps are also the ideal size for protecting your valuables, including items you might be forced to store in a garage, a garden shed or even outdoors. These tarps can provide ample coverage for stacks of chopped wood, tools, sporting goods and equipment, gardening tools and lawn equipment. They can even be used as shading tarps for vehicles.

We carry a huge selection of tarp types crafted from various high quality materials in the 15' x 30' size. A quick look at our inventory will reveal heavy-duty vinyl poly tarps, camouflage tarps, standard blue utility tarps, premium heavy-duty clear tarps, and even fire retardant tarps. Several of these selections are available in a variety of colors so you have complete control over picking out a tarp that satisfies your needs in every way.