20' x 40' Tarps

Canopies and Tarps features 20' x 40' tarps that are great for mid-sized projects. They can be used around the home for securing your valuables, covering landscaping, protecting gardens, covering vehicles and protecting renovation projects. This size covers a relatively large amount of surface area that's more than enough to provide protection for home use and even commercial use in some cases.
20' x 40' Brown/White Tarps (19' x 39'4")
List Price: $250.00
Our Price: $125.00

Our 20' x 40' tarps are offered in a polyethylene make and a vinyl construction. We have all levels of thickness and durability available, including heavy-duty, medium duty and regular duty. For extra tough protection we also have fire retardant heavy-duty tarps.

In an effort to offer our customers many choices, we've bulked up our collection with a wide range of colors including orange, blue, clear, tan, white, silver, green, red, yellow and brown. We also have camouflage tarps for when you need to make sure your valuables are not highly visible. This option is great for campsites, wooded areas and hunting grounds.

Tarps are primarily used as coverage shields, but they can also be used as shading tools. We have mesh tarps in particular that are designed to offer plenty of sun protection without restricting air flow. Such tarps are also great for creating cool spaces outdoors on hot days.