24 Oz. Insul-Sheild Fiberglass Welding Blanket
Up To 1,100

Get top-quality protection while you're welding by ordering an Insul-Shield fiberglass welding blanket from Canopies and tarps. The medium-weight fiberglass blankets protect against temperatures as high as 1,100°F and are ideal for a variety of high-temperature applications. Use them while welding to protect against sparks and splatter. The blankets are available in 18 oz., 24 oz., 35 oz. and 64 oz. weights and have a white color for easy identification. They are made in the U.S.A. and are 60 mil. thick for superior protection.

Insul-Shield fiberglass welding blankets from Canopies and Tarps are a must-have for any welder. Whether you weld as a hobby or as your profession, a high-quality protective blanket will give you the coverage you need to avoid burns and dangerous accidents. Blankets are available in several sizes and weights to suit your needs and are made in the U.S.A. for quality you can count on. They're even resistant to other shop hazards like acids, alkalines and solvents, making them a versatile addition to any workbench.

Please Note: Welding Tarps are made to order and take up to 20 business days before shipping.