60' x 60' Tarps

60' x 60' tarps are available at Canopies and Tarps in most styles and makes. Even in the larger sizes we offer tarps with all of the same features as the small tarps. Big tarps can be used to as roof protectors, field covers, shields for house renovations, painting mats, landscaping covers and more. With so much fabric, big tarps are able to cover a huge amount of surface leaving no area exposed.

We have 60' x 60' tarps in regular duty and heavy-duty. Our regular duty tarps are the blue utility tarps you're probably most used to seeing. These tarps are great for short jobs and can be reused a few times before they need to be retired. Utility tarps are very cost efficient. When you need strength, durability and longevity, turn to a heavy-duty tarp. We stock 60' x 60' heavy-duty tarps in multiple colors. These are poly tarps that have been reinforced and made extra strong in order to last longer and withstand the pressures of outdoor exposure, inclement weather and long-term use. Big heavy-duty tarps are a good choice for protecting seasonal furniture and vehicles like motorcycles, cars and boats.