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Athletic Field Covers: Protect Skinned Infields and Avoid Skinned Knees

When the weather outside is frightful, town and municipality workers have a lot to worry about. There is road clearing that must be done of course, but that’s not all. There are also skinned infields to consider. A skinned infield is an important part of anybaseball fieldand must be maintained year-round. Otherwise, the field won’t be ready for players come spring and summer.

Skinned Knees and Broken Bones

Although there are variations, mostskinned infieldsare composed of fine silt, natural sand and red or brown clay. Of course, if the soil ratio is off or the area is poorly maintained, players could end up with a variety of injuries. For example, driving rain could cause the infield to become uneven in spots, which could lead to skinned knees, broken ankles or busted hips. Understandably, such injuries could also lead to civil suits and missed baseball championships.

And what town or municipality wants to deal with those things? We can’t think of any. Thankfully, such problems may be avoided with due diligent and that starts with choosing the best athletic field covers. They’re designed to protect skinned infields and other heavily traveled areas from damage. But which ones are ideal for America’s best, hometown fields?

Be Mindful of Layout and More

First, let’s look at the average baseball field. It’s likely to have grassy areas as well as skinned ones. Some areas may receive heavy traffic and others, not so much. There’s also likely to be a variety of permanent and temporary structures in place, namely bullpens and base plates. Each one would likely benefit from some type of athletic field cover being in place, especially during the off season. We say “some type” because not all covers are right for skinned infields.

Unlike their grassy counterparts, skinned infields can withstand heat, which tends to build up under high quality, athletic covers regardless of the season. As such, covers placed in those areas tend to be heavier and may remain in place year-round, if the situation warrants it. To learn more about selecting the right athletic cover for your area’s skinned infield or other play area, pleasecontact usdirectly.

Athletic Field Covers: Helping Keeping Hot Yoga Cool

The last thing anyone wants to pick up at hot yoga is a fever. However, getting sick is a strong possibility, especially if the facility doesn’t take care of their floors. Fitness magazines and major newspapers have been reporting about this situation for years. It’s simple really. Germs attach themselves to people’s bodies, including their feet, and are ultimately transferred everywhere. So routine cleaning, sanitation and athletic field cover use is a must for fitness facilities of all sizes.

Athletic field covers designed to protect indoor environments are crafted from a number of materials and come in a myriad of sizes. Our vinyl models start out at 42′ x 74′ and go up to 50′ x 94′ in size. Vinyl is excellent at keeping germs at bay because it’s strong enough to withstand anti-fungal chemical use. As such, many are treated with anti-fungals that keep gym floors relatively germ-free in between uses. In addition, the covers themselves are clean.

Because the athletic field covers are designed to stay clean, hot yoga students could actually perform their maneuvers on top of them. Accordingly, some gyms use the covers to keep classes going without interruption. For example, let’s suppose that an aerobics class is taking place from 9 am until 10 am and it’s slated to be followed by a hot yoga glass. There’s no time to clean the floors in between sessions so what’s an instructor to do?

Lay down vinyl covers and mats of course! The athletic covers would protect the students’ yoga mats and bodies from making contact with the germy floors. And that, understandably, would help prevent illnesses from spreading throughout the center’s member population. In addition, most anti-fungal covers are also resistant to other undesirables, including grease and road salt. To learn more about these great covers, please contact us today.

Daycare Centers, Camps and Preschools May Benefit from Athletic Field Covers

athletic field coversAt first blush, athletic field covers may seem like something only recreation departments, large universities and stadiums could use. However, they have much wider applications. This is frequently the case when it comes to the indoor variety. They are of exceptional benefit to day care centers, preschools and summer camps. Heres why:


Athletic field covers for indoor use provide just as much protection as their outdoor contemporaries. As such, they can protect summer camps recreation halls, day care centers and preschools floors from the elements. Plus, theyll keep the floors clean when any indoor renovations have to be done. And speaking of clean, lets talk about how athletic field covers may benefit small children. As we all know, toddlers and infants have a tendency to crawl or otherwise spend a lot of time on floors.

Accordingly, daycare centers and the like must spend a lot of time sanitizing hard surfaces. Indoor, athletic field covers could help keep the floors germ-free longer. For example, the floor could be cleaned after hours and then covered until the children return to the facility. The same athletic covers could be placed on to the floor during parent-teacher meetings and other events where the kids may not be present.

And yes, athletic field covers are small enough to accommodate privately owned centers too. As a matter of fact, the covers start at 42 x 74 but may be customized to fit any summer camp, day care center or preschools needs. Just allow at least 10 business days for processing and shipping to any U.S. based location. To learn more about the covers and how theyre helping the types of facilities we mentioned protect flooring, please contact us today. Wed be happy to provide real life examples of athletic covers in action and discuss related costs.

3 Reasons to Consider Athletic Field Covers

athletic field coversThough the weather outside may be frightful, athletic field covers are a necessity if you want to keep your investment on the right side of the fence.

As winter weather continues its unpredictable sweep across the US, park and city officials who haven’t already done so, need to invest in field covers to protect their football and baseball fields.

An athletic field open to the harsh weather of winter turns foul by the end of the season.
In years past, if you have let your fields sit in the open winter air completely unprotected — but you wish you hadn’t — then this post is for you.

Here are three reasons that an athletic field cover can save you money and time.
– Snow, ice, and sleet kill grass and inhibit natural spring growth. While not covering your athletic field won’t permanently ruin all of your groundskeeping work, covering it will save you from unnecessary maintenance.

– The spring rains can spell disaster for your pristine and well-kept athletic fields, often rendering them a soggy and unusable mess. An athletic field cover, on the other hand, will enable you to begin the season on the right (and dry) foot.

– Though athletics is the last thing you want to inhibit, an athletic field cover keeps unwanted visitors from using your field during bad weather. If you want to protect your field during the bad times and make it more valuable and pristine during the good times, an athletic field cover is your new best friend.

We have the latest and greatest canopies, tarps, tarpaulins, tents, and field covers available with just a click. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Athletic Field Covers Keep the Excitement of Spring Soccer Season Going

field coverStatistics show that each year, more than 3,000,000 children and their parents take to a soccer field somewhere in the United States. And there are solid reasons why they do so. For one, it teaches the kids valuable life lessons. Second, it helps them stay fit in a world where sedentary activities vie for peoples attention and often win. Of course we applaud those involved with the sport for that and are pleased to offer access to the finest athletic field covers.

Athletic field covers help ensure that springtime soccer seasons go off without a snagged cleat or a missed game. What more could youth soccer players, their parents and fans ask for from a season than that? How do athletic field covers keep the soccer ball rolling game after game? Plainly speaking, they prevent fields from turning into mud pits after spring. And it doesnt take a soccer star to know how much mess a little rain can make.

Muddy fields arent just messy either. They have the potential to contribute towards childhood slips and falls. As countless medical journals have attested over the years, the sport has inherent dangers, especially if the field isnt deemed safe for use. The same may be said for cleats, nets and the other equipment used to help kids get their respective games on. They can be protected by other means, including canopies and portable garages.

In addition, the covers discourage divots and other damage caused by in-between game use. For example, stray cats and dogs will be less likely to dig up recreational areas protected with athletic field covers. Furthermore, people may be less apt to walk through covered field with their high heels or similar footwear too. To learn more about protecting soccer fields and sports equipment needed for spring, please contact us today.

Can Your Athletic Field Covers Withstand Winters Full Range of Abuse?

athletic field cover snowAthletic field covers are durable enough to get past being buried underneath of snow and ice. Alas, thats not all theyre likely to come into contact with each year. Theres also road salt, sports equipment and perhaps the edges of wayward snow blowers to deal with throughout the winter. So how should field managers protect them from damage?

Posting signs that identify the athletic field covers boundaries definitely helps to keep damaging foot and machine traffic at bay. Generally, placing warning markers on each corner of the field connected by high-visibility rope or chain should suffice for most urban recreation areas. Rural areas, on the other hand, may require reflectors or dusk-to-dawn lighting to keep people and their machinery off of the fields at night.

As for the road salt, it can be hard to keep it off of athletic field covers; particularly those positioned near parking lots and heavily used thoroughfares. Therefore, it may help to speak with road crews in the area about sodium or chemical free alternatives. Perhaps theyd be willing to switch to products less likely to degrade the covers.

If not, maybe theyd be willing to temporarily defer area road maintenance to athletic field owners. Then the field owners could invest in chemical free solutions and have their in-house team apply them to nearby roadways. If no chemical free products prove to be effective, there is one other solution to consider, specialty covers.

Some athletic field covers are specially treated to resist standard landscape chemicals, including sodium. So they tend to last winter after winter. Many are available for sale alongside of other replacement covers meant to protect recreational areas. Examples include covers for bleacher seats, dug outs, and open ticket booths. To find out more about them and tips for keeping athletic field covers in excellent shape, please contact us.

Using Athletic Field Covers This Fall Will Improve Outcomes Next Spring

athletic field coverField maintenance tasks take on a whole new sense of urgency in the fall. Theres much to accomplish and the hours of light in a day just keep on getting shorter. Crews must tend to the soil as well as the turf grasses. Plus, there is the constant threat of early frost and the muddy mess that comes along with it. As such, thoughts of athletic field covers begin to take shape too.

It is not enough to simply buy the best athletic field covers online and plop them down on to a newly, top dressed field. Sure, the 12-Mil PE covers are meant to go over top of the turf grass. But its vital that field maintenance crews do their proverbial due diligence. If they dont, fungi and assorted insects may start to attack the fields soil and root systems. Clearly they are not the types of outcomes that any sporting areas management team would want for their respective properties.
How can crews keep management from losing their cool? Periodically treating and monitoring the areas underneath of the athletic field cover will go a long way in improving springtime outcomes. Also, facilities would do well to invest in helpful tools that make performing those fall field tasks easier. For example, supportive back belts, field cover rollers and training on how to move large tarps would certainly benefit employees.

Theyd surely feel more confident rolling athletic field covers back and forth with those aids in place. And it would undoubtedly make the job go quickly, leaving time for other fall tasks. Plus, taking a preventive approach to field cover care could reduce incidents of employee back strain as well. So, buying athletic field covers and the other items weve mentioned would unequivocally be a win-win. To learn more about caring for fields in the fall with heavy-duty covers, please contact us.

Unusual Rainfall a Reminder of the Importance of Athletic Field Covers

Athletic Field CoversMany parts of the country struggled with enormous amounts of rain in the late spring and early summer. States that aren’t used to flood warnings and rain delays were suddenly struggling with weather based cancelations of all kinds of activities. It is easy to assume that all the rain was a fluke, but the truth is, you can never really predict the weather, and investing in athletic field covers makes way more sense than canceling events and risking damaged fields.

Even when you don’t have scheduled sporting events planned for your athletic fields, they can be at-risk after heavy rains. If your fields are open to the public when the ground is wet, and not covered, it is possible for people to unknowingly cause a lot of damage to your field simply by walking or running on the field when it is muddy.

Field covers are also a great way to enforce field reservations. If you want your athletic field to work on a reservation system, you can keep the field covered, and only uncover it for reserved dates and times.

When you make a habit of covering your athletic field anytime it is not in use, you will find that you extend the life of your field and require less routine maintenance. Small maintenance issues add up quickly and an athletic field cover will pay for itself. Once you have a cover, you will wonder why you ever put it off. For more information on quality athletic field covers at reasonable prices, please contact us.

Why Athletic Field Covers are Worth the Investment despite the Initial Cost

athletic field coverWhen you are responsible for managing an athletic field that is home to scheduled sports events, you should do your very best to keep it in good enough condition to be used whenever it needs to be.
Unfortunately, severe weather can lead to sudden cancellations, and not being able to protect athletic fields in the first place can lead to major problems such as damaged fields that require costly repairs.
Investing in athletic field covers is a valuable investment, even with the initial cost required.

Avoid Field-Related Problems

With an athletic cover to put over a sports field, you do not have to worry about weather having a negative impact on the sports that are scheduled to occur on your field. For instance, certain weather conditions can lead to a field being unsafe to play on for several days, which forces cancellations and leads to scheduling problems that only worsen the longer that an athletic field is out-of-service.

Enjoy Years of Protection

When you invest in an athletic field cover, you to get enjoy years of high-quality protection. Also, you do not have to stress about a wasted investment as these covers are designed to be extremely resilient.Mold, rot, water penetration, and tearing are all problems that you will not have to worry about.

Provide High-Quality Sports

An athletic field cover is ideal because it protects your fields in such a reliable and effective manner. Instead of having sports played out on a field that is not in the best condition, you can almost ensure it will be in good condition by investing in an athletic field cover to use for protection when not in use.

Stop Cancellations that Bring In Money

Athletic field covers are also helpful because they stop cancellations from happening, which means you do not have to worry about canceling sports events that would bring in money.
If you have any questions about these covers, feel free to contact us.

Athletic Field Covers Help Get Employees Moving During Health & Fitness Month

athletic field coverGlobal Employee Health & Fitness Month is coming and athletic field covers can help you prepare for it. The annual observance was partially designed to get people from around the world to temporarily walk away from their sedentary jobs and get their blood flowing. Consequently, its possible to host a wide variety of fitness and health events throughout the month, including those that are best suited to take place outside.

Our athletic field covers will help keep both indoor and outdoor fitness areas in pristine condition. For example, lets say that your company wants to host a baseball game during Global Employee Health & Fitness Month. One team will be composed of employees and the other will consist of upper management. Our collection of athletic field covers includes products that will protect both teams bull pens equally. We also have athletic field base covers, pitching mound covers and windscreens.

The windscreens are made from 8.2-ounce vinyl and feature evenly spaced grommets. So, you could use the grommets to hang up vinyl signs that support both the employee and management teams. The screens also come in colors that may just match one of the hues used in your companys logo. Some of the popular colors on offer are gray, white, forest green, Carolina and navy blue. As for the bull pen covers, they come in shades of black and white, which pair well with our silver and white base covers.

The gymnasium floor could be used during Global Employee Health & Fitness Month too. The come in various sizes and colors like yellow, red, black, white, royal and blue. Put them down to protect the floor before company basketball games, indoor aerobics or early morning yoga. The polyester reinforced, laminated vinyl will stand up to whatever your employees can dish out. To learn more about them and the other covers that we mentioned, please contact us.