Athletic Field Covers

Protect your investment into baseball fields with baseball infield tarps from Canopies and Tarps.

Many people have no idea that baseball dirt is a thing you can buy. Dirt is dirt, after all. But if you know what makes baseball dirt so unique and important for the safety and performance of players, then you also know how expensive it is.

Tarps are an essential part of keeping sporting areas in peak condition. Canopies and Tarps crafts field tarps and field covers made to order, ensuring our customers receive the right size, style and fit of tarp for their sports maintenance needs.

Canopies and Tarps has a large selection of the field covers and tarps to choose from. Our football tarps are made from 12-mil polyethylene fabric that is resistant to outdoor risks such as mildew, rot, mold and UV rays. Reinforced web loop handles make installing and removing the tarp a breeze. The loops are placed every 15 feet for convenient handling. Pick a standardized size between 150' x 80' to 160' x 300' or specify a custom size and we will make it to your specific dimensions. Keep the field dry and mud-free with a football athletic field tarp.

Softball and baseball fields are often in need of protection from outdoor hazards such as rain, UV rays, mildew, rot and snow. To protect the field and the mounds invest in a 12-mil polyethylene field cover. These softball tarps and baseball infield tarps also feature web loop handles to make the covering and removing processes run smoothly. Additional products for purchase include field cover sand bags to secure the cover in place and heavy-duty field cover rollers to keep the tarp neatly stored when not in use. 

If you are looking for lightweight tarps for indoor use, browse our collection of extra-large gymnasium floor covers. Our gymnasium floor covers are constructed of polyester reinforced laminated vinyl sheeting and boast resistance to oils, grease, water chemicals, fungal growth, mildew and rotting. Sizes range from 42' x 74', 50' x 84' and 50'x 90'.

Canopies and Tarps endeavors to protect every part of the field, which means we also offer bull pen covers. Made of 12-mil polyethylene, our bull pen covers are UV-resistant, rot-resistant, mildew-resistant and mold-resistant. Sizes range from 14' x 16' to 16' x 18'. They also feature grommets placed every three feet for fast and easy installation.

You work hard to run your league. For more than 25 years, Canopies and Tarps has been helping Little League and other athletic organizations keep playing surfaces in excellent condition for game day.