Dog Kennels Keep Senior Dogs Happy and Safe

It’s never too late to get your dog adog kennel. If you’re like most dog lovers, you probably appreciate your best friend more with each year that you spend together. Getting them a dog kennel of their own is one way to help keep them happy and safe.

Keeping Your Senior Dog Happy in a Dog Kennel:

Dogs and people have at least one thing in common. As we grow older, we sometimes develop mobility issues and our senses decline. This can make it difficult for your dog to go on long daily walks like they used to. However, they still need some exercise, especially if they want to eat as much as ever. A dog kennel is a practical way for them to stay engaged and spend time outdoors. For extra comfort, add a bed so they can sleep peacefully without missing those days of jumping up on the couch. Remember that they still need ample room even if they’re moving around less. The crate should be big enough for them to lie down, stand up, and walk around in a circle.

Keeping Your Senior Dog Safe in a Dog Kennel:

A dog kennel gives any dog a little extra protection from the weather and other creatures. However, for senior dogs, it’s important to be especially vigilant about bringing them indoors during cold and hot weather. Depending on the breed, that could be anything under 45 degrees or over 80 degrees. Older dogs are at higher risk for dehydration too so make sure they’re drinking enough water. If mental confusion is an issue, stay in sight and give them a familiar toy or other object. You’ll also need to clean up any accidents promptly and use an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate odors that would draw them back to that spot.

While it may take a little work to introduce your old dog to their new kennel, the results are worth it. Your dog will be able to enjoy spending time outdoors and staying close to you.

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3 Tips for Hosting an Awards Function in a Party Tent

Awards functions are held in many fields. Whether you’re a salesperson, a marketing person, an artist, a singer or an actor, there are probably some awards in your field which you aspire to. Sometimes, companies even havebusiness functionswhere they might present awards such as Employee of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, Best Creative Idea of the Year etc. The bigger the business, the greater the scope of an awards function. And don’t forget that schools and colleges also have awards functions for sports, academics etc. Here are some tips for organizing your awards function:

  1. Party Tent: It will probably be most convenient to hold your awards function in a tent. These come in different sizes and can be decorated any way you like. Your offices or your school may not have rooms big enough to hold the number of people who will be attending. But if you get a tent, you won’t have this problem anymore.
  2. Chairs: At an awards function, you’ll probably need to line up the chairs for the people who are attending. Depending on your budget, you can just go with a plastic folding chair or a metallic chair with leather seats. If needed, you can also get bleachers on rent. These will probably be appropriate if you’re handing out sports awards at a school.
  3. Stage: You’ll definitely need to have a stage for people to climb up on to give out and receive awards. In order to make sure that people can see everything that’s going on, you’ll need spot lights. Plus, it’s always helpful to have a lectern where people can rest their awards or keep the pages from which they are reading out their speeches.

In addition to these things, you might also need stanchions to keep people in line, a red carpet which runs down the middle of the seats and decorative items which will give the venue a brighter look.Contact usfor more great tips to organize an awards function.

Canopies for Shop in Shops

What’s a retailer to do when the holiday sales are over, and you’ve got an empty space where the Santa themed shower curtains used to be? For the price of a canopy, you could bring in new business and make more money by creating a shop in shop.

What is a Shop in Shop?

A shop in shop or a store within a store is an old idea that’s gaining new ground. You’ve probably seen big box stores hosting smaller specialty shops within their walls, but it can work for all kinds of partnerships. Think about those coffee shops you see everywhere from department stores to hotels so you can pick up a latte without having to go outside.

What are the Benefits?

Shop in shops are great for cross promotion to increase traffic and revenue. Older businesses get to offer something new to their customers and take advantage of one more way for brick and mortar stores to prosper in an age of internet shopping. Startups get to break into retail without the high overhead. Consumers win too because they enjoy extra convenience and a chance to discover new favorites.

How Can I Get Started?

With proper planning this can be a great opportunity for a wide variety of retailers. Be sure to sort out the details for tracking inventory, coordinating computer systems, and setting your joint hours. You’ll also need to keep search engines, apps and other tools updated about where you are so your potential customers can find your business when they’re searching online. When it comes to designing your space, the process can be as simple as buying a canopy that will capture attention and help you display your products and services.

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What You Need to Know about Canopies and Fire Safety

Canopies and tents are great for all kinds of entertaining including parties, weddings, and family gatherings. However, it’s important to remember basic fire safety practices whenever you’re hosting guests. Plan ahead so you can enjoy the fun and create nothing but happy memories.

Avoid Open Fires:

Canopies that are labeled flame retardant or flame resistant provide some extra protection, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for you to start an open fire underneath them. The wind can blow embers around and cause a fire. As smoke builds up in any enclosure it could also put you at risk for smoke inhalation or aggravate allergies. If you’re cooking, consider using electric devices rather than grills or open flame stoves. Whatever you’re doing, you can always contact your local fire department to check that you’re in compliance with all relevant local and state ordinances regarding tent location, exit requirements, and other issues.

Prepare to Evacuate:

When you’re making a to do list for your event, include a line for what you’d do in case of fire or other emergencies. Stay within the maximum capacity for your tent. Think about how you’re arranging tables and other furniture so you and your guests will have a clear exit path.

Other Safety Tips:

If you’re unsure about how to set up electrical equipment, call in a professional electrician. Have at least one fire extinguisher on hand, and ask your guests not to smoke under the canopy. You can also find many resources online including theUS Fire Administrationwith more suggestions on fire prevention and other safety tips.

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How Come My Canvas Tarp Smells Funny?

As useful and versatile as canvas tarps are, you should know that they may have a strong odor. If you’re wondering what is making your tarp smell, here are answers to some common questions.

What’s making my canvas tarp smell?If you just bought a brand new water resistant tarp, it’s natural for there to be a strong odor. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just the result of petroleum byproducts that are found in water repellent agents. We recommend using your canvas tarp outdoors where the odor will dissipate after it’s been exposed to outside air and the UV rays in sunlight. If you purchased your tarp a while back and stored it in a vinyl bag, dusty garage or humid attic, you may also discover a musty odor.

How should I store and care for my canvas tarp?Air and sunlight are also the best antidotes for odors that may develop during less than ideal storage. Other prevention tips include treating stains and removing dust before you store your tarp. You also want to make sure that it is completely dry so you don’t wind up with mildew.

Is there anything else I should know?Read the product specifications before using any cleaning product or method on your tarp that could damage its water resistant properties or color. Do not put your tarp in your washing machine as it could stain the tub. Clean it outdoors on the ground or on a floor or use a safe container. Unless the manufacturer’s instructions say otherwise, canvas tarps are durable so you may be able to use a brush to scrub any stains.

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Canvas Tarps Simplify Outdoor Movie Nights

If you’re looking forward to spring and warmer weather, you may want to start watching movies in your backyard. For a simple movie night at home under the stars, all you need is a canvas tarp and a few other simple items.

Setting up your Canvas Tarp Screen:While there are special movie screens that will have better picture quality, a basic white canvas tarp will do the job at far less cost and it will probably be a lot more durable. For a low cost set up you can handle yourself, buy some PVC pipe at a local hardware store to make a frame with legs you can pound into the ground. Then, just pin or tie on your tarp, smoothing out any wrinkles that would get in the way of your viewing.

Other Backyard Movie Night Supplies:If you don’t already have a projector, you may be surprised to find how affordable a good quality model can be these days. Prices range from about $50 on up, and there are many highly rated devices in the $100 to $200 range. You’ll probably need to use outdoor speakers as well so think about your neighbors. You may want to invite them over to share the fun. Even if you’re watching your weight, there are plenty of snacks and beverages to enjoy. Share a bowl of popcorn and brew a pitcher of ice tea with lemon. If you like to indulge, plan a menu to go with your movie title or genre. You could serve chili and barbecue for a western and chocolate and strawberries for a rom-com.

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Greet April Showers with Vinyl Tarps for Rain Catchers

Rainwater harvesting isn’t just for farms anymore. It’s an economical and environmentally friendly source of water for any home or business. Now that spring is returning, you can turn a simple vinyl tarp into a rain catcher. Use the water you collect to water your garden, flush your toilets, wash your car, and many other functions. Even a small tarp can collect many gallons of water. Here’s how to get started.

How to Build a Vinyl Tarp Rain Catcher:

Start out with a new clean tarp. Tie each corner to a suitable support like a tree branch or trellis. Then, place barrels or other containers at the corners to catch the runoff. Make sure your tarp slopes down so the water will flow into your containers where you want it. Be sure to check your state and local laws too because collecting rainwater is illegal in some states or requires a special permit or other conditions.

Additional Water Friendly Garden Ideas:

To save even more water, use your tarp along with other popular strategies. Collect additional rainwater by putting one or more rain barrels underneath your gutter downspouts. When planting your garden, choose native species whenever possible because they’re suited to local conditions and will require less care. When you’re watering your plants, make it as efficient as possible. Less frequent but thorough watering does more good than daily light spraying because you’ll be getting the roots moist enough to support healthy growth. As always, avoid the midday sun so you don’t waste water that will quickly evaporate. Early morning is the best time of day. Educating yourself about drought-tolerant plants and gardening techniques is an effective way to keep your garden thriving during water restrictions or anytime you want to use water wisely.

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Portable Garages for Neighbors who Share Stuff

Would you believe that a portable garage could help you to get to know your neighbors and save money? Think of all the high dollar items you might like to own, but you don’t use them often enough to justify the expense. Maybe you could have nice things if you and the families around you shared your stuff and then stored them in a portable garage.

When was the last time you really needed to borrow a cup of sugar? After all it’s pretty cheap and doesn’t take up much room in your kitchen. On the other hand, there’s plenty of cool equipment that would be tough to manage on your own. Here are some of the things we’d put on our wish list:

Carpet steamers:Did you know that your carpet will last longer if you steam clean it at least once a year? Make this the year you get on a regular schedule.

Pressure washers:Is your patio, driveway or siding not looking as fresh as you would like? Imagine having a pressure washer handy to use at your convenience.

Chippers:If you celebrate Christmas, you may want a chipper at least once a year to make recycling your tree easier. It’s also great for clearing dead tree branches out of your yard.

Snow blowers:Don’t let another blizzard take you by surprise. The whole neighborhood can be prepared when you have the right snow removal equipment.

Party and fitness gear:Are we having fun yet? While your arrangement can help you with many essential home maintenance tasks, you can also use it for entertainment purposes. How about a popcorn machine or a kayak?

Of course, now that you and your neighbors are friendlier, you want to protect those relationships as well as your financial investment. Having everyone sign a written contract is a good idea for protecting your interests.

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Canopies and Tarps Extend the Life of Your Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs look more stylish than ever these days, and they require relatively little maintenance. With the right care, you can extend their life even longer. Here’s how canopies and tarps can help with cleaning and storage, two of the most important elements of proper care.

Cleaning your outdoor rugs:

Dirt, bugs, moisture, and intense sun are just some of the difficult conditions that outdoor rugs have to deal with. Regular cleanings can minimize the damage. An ordinary vacuuming helps, but your rug will benefit from more thorough washings every month or so depending on how much you use it. Most rugs are sturdy enough for a brushing with water and dish soap or vinegar. Then, rinse them with a hose and hang them up to dry to prevent mildew. If you need to cover your floor temporarily during cleanings, use a tarp. You can also use tarps to cover your outdoor rugs when you know messy conditions are coming like muddy days or children’s crafts.

Storing your outdoor rugs:

While you can find outdoor rugs labeled as UV and weather resistant, most floor coverings will last longer if you store them during the harsh winter months or other extreme weather. Portable garages and sheds can provide just the kind of cool, dry environment your rugs need. Be sure to clean any rug thoroughly before storing. Roll them rather than folding them to prevent creases, and leave the more delicate or raised side turned inwards. You may also want to wrap your rugs in a cotton sheet secured with twine as an extra precaution. For those months when your rugs are outdoors, a canopy overhead can obviously add some protection from the sun too.

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Dog Kennels Protect Your Dog From Running Away

Don’t take it personally if your dog keeps trying to run away from home. It could just be the way they were made. Some dogs love to roam no matter how good a pet parent you are. On the other hand, simple steps like getting adog kennelcan help keep your best friend safe.

Why do dogs run away?

Even dogs who are usually homebodies may run off under certain circumstances. They might get scared by a strange noise or they might be trying to find their way back to familiar territory if you moved recently. Unneutered male dogs can be especially prone to looking for love in all the wrong places, and any dog can get restless if they’re not getting enough exercise and attention.

How can a dog kennel help?

A roomy dog kennel allows your dog to enjoy the outdoors on your own property, safe from traffic, wild animals, and other hazards. Keeping your dog under control will also help you to stay on good terms with your neighbors and local law enforcement. Your dog will enjoy their kennel even more if you make sure to give them all the attention and exercise they need, as well as mental stimulation like enriching toys and games.

What else can you do?

Talk with your vet about potential causes and solutions for your dog’s individual wanderlust. Getting your pets micro-chipped is one of the best ways to increase their chances of returning home safely. It’s a very simple procedure that usually costs less than $50 and is no more painful than a vaccination. Training your dog to come on command is another essential. If possible, you may also want to avoid breeds that are more likely to run away, including some hunting dogs, herding dogs, and terriers.

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