Why Dog Kennels Need Both Air Flow and a Tarp Cover

Having a secure, safe kennel for your dogs is essential if they’re going to be outside, especially as winter starts. If you’re not sure what to look for, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

What’s the right way to set up a dog kennel?

Dogs need protection from the elements if they sleep outside, but keeping their kennel stifling is just as bad for their comfort and health. That’s why a metal kennel with thin bars on all for of the walls and the top is essential: they need the air flow to help regulate their temperature. But all of that open air leaves them exposed to rain and snow; even early morning dew in the summer can be unpleasant. So make sure your dog’s kennel is supplemented with a tarp roof that extends over the edges of the kennel for water runoff. This cover keeps your dog safe from precipitation without blocking visibility or the air.

What are other essential features for keeping your dogs safe and comfortable?

Make sure the bedding is raised off of the ground. Not only are metal bars stiff and uncomfortable, but bedding that’s directly on the ground doesn’t protect them from the cold. Add a platform for the bedding so there’s a layer of separation to ward off the worst of the winter chill.
Size the kennel appropriately for your dog or dogs. The size and breed of your pets impact what the dimension of the kennel should be. You should also consider whether the kennel is predominantly for sleep, or to house the dogs for recreation and day-to-day living, as well.
No matter what size kennel you need, or if you want a modular fence that allows for continual adjustment, CanopiesAndTarps can help you find what you need.

Three Reasons to Use a Vinyl Tarp at Your Trade Show Booth

Vinyl tarps can be a useful tool in every part of your day-to-day operations, but they’re absolutely essential if you travel to trade shows and take your business on the road. Here’s how:

Three Reasons to Use a Vinyl Tarp at Your Booth

Dyed vinyl has great coloring and detail. The last thing you want new customers to see is faded marketing supplies; it implies that your company is old or isn’t turning a profit. Instead, use a vinyl banner to show your logo and contact information. Because the color lasts for several years, using vinyl as your main banner material can establish your branding while you use other signs and banners for more temporary and seasonal information.

Vinyl tarps store easily. Whether you’re moving from site to site and visiting different trade shows in the region or you go to local events, your car space is at a premium. Vinyl tarps and banners can be folded into compact, flat packages that leave plenty of your trunk space for inventory, tables, and other supplies. They can also be folded without permanent fold lines, wrinkles, or cracks in the coloring.

Vinyl tarps are multipurpose. Sometimes you might need something to hang around the edge of your supply table that prominently displays your business name and helps you stand out from the crows. On other occasions, you might need quick rain cover to protect your wares from a brief storm or a quick roof for your lot. No matter what you need, vinyl’s durable, watertight weave can help.
For more business ideas and to find the right vinyl tarp to have on hand.

Athletic Field Covers: Helping Keeping Hot Yoga Cool

The last thing anyone wants to pick up at hot yoga is a fever. However, getting sick is a strong possibility, especially if the facility doesn’t take care of their floors. Fitness magazines and major newspapers have been reporting about this situation for years. It’s simple really. Germs attach themselves to people’s bodies, including their feet, and are ultimately transferred everywhere. So routine cleaning, sanitation and athletic field cover use is a must for fitness facilities of all sizes.

Athletic field covers designed to protect indoor environments are crafted from a number of materials and come in a myriad of sizes. Our vinyl models start out at 42′ x 74′ and go up to 50′ x 94′ in size. Vinyl is excellent at keeping germs at bay because it’s strong enough to withstand anti-fungal chemical use. As such, many are treated with anti-fungals that keep gym floors relatively germ-free in between uses. In addition, the covers themselves are clean.

Because the athletic field covers are designed to stay clean, hot yoga students could actually perform their maneuvers on top of them. Accordingly, some gyms use the covers to keep classes going without interruption. For example, let’s suppose that an aerobics class is taking place from 9 am until 10 am and it’s slated to be followed by a hot yoga glass. There’s no time to clean the floors in between sessions so what’s an instructor to do?

Lay down vinyl covers and mats of course! The athletic covers would protect the students’ yoga mats and bodies from making contact with the germy floors. And that, understandably, would help prevent illnesses from spreading throughout the center’s member population. In addition, most anti-fungal covers are also resistant to other undesirables, including grease and road salt. To learn more about these great covers, please contact us today.

Can Truck Tarps Help In Hurricane Conditions?

Hurricanes seem to be hitting the area more and more every year and trucking companies like you are likely to suffer. Hurricane wind and water is likely to cause damage to your trucks that can be expensive to repair. However, is it possible that truck traps and canopies could help protect your vehicles from damage?

The short answer to this question is “yes.” A great tarp or canopy placed over your truck would help protect it from much of the damage of wind, rain, sleet, and hail. Tying it down to fully cover your vehicle will provide you with even more comprehensive protection that can keep your vehicles running great.

However, the longer answer suggests that trucks and canopies are not a miracle solution. For example, a poorly-tied tarp is likely to blow away in hurricane winds. This will leave your trucks helpless against all that hurricane damage. That’s why it’s so important to carefully store your trucks and tie your tarps down.

It is also a good idea to get multiple tarps to ensure total coverage of your vehicle. A single tarp may be good enough to cover most trucks. However, multiple ones help cover any potentially exposed areas and may prevent the kind of serious damage that hurricanes can cause.

So if you think your trucking company would benefit from high-quality tarps like these, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more. Our experts will work hard to get you the great tarps that you need and provide you with the comprehensive service that you deserve.

Three Ways to Use Vinyl Tarps to Protect Your Yard During Winter

Vinyl tarps are a useful all-purpose tool year-round, but they are particularly useful during the winter. Tarps provide a water-resistant, portable barrier that has unlimited uses. Here’s how to make use of them in the coming months:

Three Ways to Use Vinyl Tarps to Protect Your Yard During Winter

  1. Use vinyl tarps to protect weather sensitive plants during short freezes.Not all of your plants are strong enough for a heavy winter. Whether you have trees from other regions and climatic zones, new plants with vulnerable roots, or plants with out-of-season growth after a short warm period, cold weather can be damage your yard’s long-term growth. Wrap a tarp around the trunks of vulnerable trees and cover sensitive plants to repel icy rain and insulate some of the plants’ heat.
  2. Keep rain and plant debris away from your wood pile.Wood piles are already attractive targets for critters and insects looking for shelter from the winter weather. Even if you’re already taking preventative steps like stacking the wood tightly and stripping branches of leaves, the wind can still push leaves, dirt, and decaying organic matter into the cracks. Rainstorms will push moisture deep into the pile, creating the perfect environment for an infestation. Keep your wood pile sealed from the elements with a vinyl tarp and rope.
  3. Protect ongoing projects from sudden weather shifts.While many homeimprovement projects take place during thespring and summer, some projects just work out for winter. Whether your pouring cement to secure posts or digging trenches for deck repair or a hedge border, you need a way to protect ongoing work from sudden snowfall. Vinyl tarps provide a waterproof barrier that stopsyour work from being erased.

Winter weather can be harsh on your yard and exterior projects. No matter what you’re in the middle of, have a few tarps on hand for surprise weather and to keep outside supplies safe.Go to CanopiesAndTarps herefor more tips.

Tarps Make Your Long Bike Trips Safer and More Comfortable

Long bike trips are a great way to enjoy nature and stay fit. Of course, there can also be some challenges like dealing with nasty weather and other unpleasant facts of life. That’s why versatile and inexpensive tarps can be a cyclist’s best friend.

How many ways can you use a tarp when you’re on the road? Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Protect your valuables.A tarp can be one more safety feature to reduce the risk of theft. If you’re taking part of your trip by van or truck with your bike stowed in back, keep it covered with a tarp when you park. Covering up your valuables makes them less vulnerable.

Collect water.Want to collect rain water to wash your clothes or cook a meal? A tarp makes it fast and easy to get a good supply.

Bask in the shade.When the sun is strong and there are no trees in sight, you’ll always have a shady spot. You’ll feel cooler and protect your skin from premature aging and cancer.

Layer up.It’s always better to travel light, but that can make it difficult to have enough clothes if the weather turns cooler. A tarp can serve as a blanket or top layer to keep you a little cozier.

Take shelter.Want to sleep outdoors? A tarp can be your basic camping gear or use it along with your tent.

When you think about it, tarps are pretty special because there aren’t many accessories that can deliver so many benefits at so little cost. If you want to bring one along for your next bike trip,contact us. CanopiesAndTarps.comp offers a vast selection of canvas and vinyl tarps along with the lowest possible prices and fast shipping.

Keep Your Dog Feeling Secure and Happy With a Dog Kennel

dog-kennelYou may have noticed that your dog likes sleeping or napping in enclosed spaces such as under a table, a bed, or behind a couch. If this puzzles you, there’s no need for concern because it’s common dog behavior. Dogs, as well as wolves, coyote, and foxes are denning animals who shelter and bring up their young in small dens. Just as you might find security at the end of a trying day by sitting on a favorite couch, your dog most likely has its favorite spot in your home that makes it feel safe and secure.

A properly sized dog kennel with comfortable bedding inside, is the perfect den for your pet to retreat to when it needs some rest time for “recharging its batteries.” Unlike the underside of a table, a dog kennel is strictly your dog’s personal space, and it should be treated as such. Beyond serving as a resting and sleeping space, a dog kennel has other beneficial uses:
Preventing an Excitable Dog From Jumping up on Guests
Some dogs can’t contain their excitement when the doorbell rings and guests arrive. Not all your guests will appreciate being jumped on by your dog, especially if they’re wearing expensive clothing or are very young or very old. If this describes your dog, place it in its kennel just before guests arrive and leave it there with the gate closed until it gets used to the company and calms down.
Providing Reassurance to an Anxious Dog When Company Arrives


The above routine works especially well for dogs with an anxious temperament. Never force company on an anxious or shy dog. Instead, allow it to retreat to its kennel where it feels secure. Explain to your guests that your dog needs some time to get used to their presence and that it shouldn’t be distur

Canoe-Tarp Shelters That Will Keep You Dry on a Canoe Trip

If you’re on a multi-day canoe trip, and you don’t have room to pack a full-sized tent, you might try using your canoe as a shelter. A shelter made from your canoe and a tarp will keep you warm and protect you from the rain and wind. A canoe-tarp shelter is also useful on a day trip should an unexpected rain shower interrupt your canoeing. Unlike a tent, a tarp is compact, light-weight, and can be quickly turned into a shelter along with your canoe.

Canoe-Tarp Shelter #1

If there’s a nearby stump or low tree branch that’s roughly three feet off the ground, you can use it to prop up one end of your canoe. Prop your canoe in the upside-down position so that its hull faces up. This by itself, provides partial cover from the rain. Drape a tarp over the canoe and anchor the tarp’s sides to the ground using stakes through its grommets or rocks to weight it down. The tarp increases your rain protection, shields you from the wind, and keeps the shelter warm inside.

Canoe-Tarp Shelter #2

This method involves laying your canoe upside-down on the ground. You then prop it up on its side using a couple of wood braces. The braces are roughly 4.5 feet long and notched on one end. Two sturdy sticks with a Y-notch on one end (formed where two branches join together) work well as braces.

The notched end holds up the canoe while the other end is pressed against the ground. Drape the tarp over the canoe and wood braces. Then secure the tarp in place with cord and anchor points in the ground. The canoe can pinch the tarp against the ground on the side opposite the wood braces. It’s best to practice this method in your backyard first.

Contact ustoday at Canopies and Tarps to get the right tarps for your outdoor needs.

Dog Kennels Let Old Dogs and Low Energy Breeds Chill Out

Some dog lovers fall for Border Collies and Jack Russell Terriers, and others prefer the low energy breeds. If your dog is your best friend, but he’s not exactly a real go getter, you might want to keep adog kennelhandy. While any dog can appreciate having a place to call their own, it’s especially important for low energy breeds.

Protect your dog’s health:Many low energy breeds like bulldogs and pugs have flat faces that can make it difficult to breathe and cool off. A kennel is one way to help keep them from overexerting themselves outdoors if they’re tempted to chase too many squirrels. On the other hand, an older Newfoundland might look like he’s trying to set a world record for the longest nap, so you want a shelter to protect him from the sun.

Build your dog’s confidence:Many toy dogs tend to be fearful around strangers and other dogs. After all, most creatures are like dinosaurs towering over them, and they don’t have the endurance to take long walks so they might not become very familiar with the world beyond their own home. When they’re safe inside a kennel, they can get used to feeling more secure in a busier environment.

Keep your dog engaged:Whether your dog was born a couch potato or slowed down as he aged, he still needs some exercise to stay mentally and physically fit. He’ll probably get more stimulation outside in his kennel so you may extend his life and have more years to spend with him.

At CanopiesAndTarps.com we want to make our four legged customers just as safe and comfortable as the two legged ones.Contact ustoday for a wide selection of top quality dog kennels and accessories.