Brown Mesh Tarps
73% Shade Count

Our multi-use brown mesh shade tarps are made from heavy-duty polypropylene, which provides up to 75 percent shade protection while still allowing air to flow through the fabric. We offer 29 different sizes, ranging from 6' x 8' all the way to 40' x 40', however, once finished, the tarps are between 4 and 6 percent less than the listed size, so keep that in mind when ordering. Since they block out the sun's rays while inviting a nice shaded breeze, these tarps are the perfect solution for protecting your outdoor plants, offering a shaded spot on your deck or keeping you cool at an outdoor event. Our mesh shade tarps are UV resistant, tear resistant and mildew resistant, ensuring years of usage. We strongly recommend not placing excessive pressure on the grommets as we do not accept returns for pulled grommets as a result of misuse. Use tarp ties made of flexible, elastic material, since ridged ties, such as rope or wire, can damage the grommets.