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Canopies and Tarps Extend the Life of Your Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs look more stylish than ever these days, and they require relatively little maintenance. With the right care, you can extend their life even longer. Here’s how canopies and tarps can help with cleaning and storage, two of the most important elements of proper care.

Cleaning your outdoor rugs:

Dirt, bugs, moisture, and intense sun are just some of the difficult conditions that outdoor rugs have to deal with. Regular cleanings can minimize the damage. An ordinary vacuuming helps, but your rug will benefit from more thorough washings every month or so depending on how much you use it. Most rugs are sturdy enough for a brushing with water and dish soap or vinegar. Then, rinse them with a hose and hang them up to dry to prevent mildew. If you need to cover your floor temporarily during cleanings, use a tarp. You can also use tarps to cover your outdoor rugs when you know messy conditions are coming like muddy days or children’s crafts.

Storing your outdoor rugs:

While you can find outdoor rugs labeled as UV and weather resistant, most floor coverings will last longer if you store them during the harsh winter months or other extreme weather. Portable garages and sheds can provide just the kind of cool, dry environment your rugs need. Be sure to clean any rug thoroughly before storing. Roll them rather than folding them to prevent creases, and leave the more delicate or raised side turned inwards. You may also want to wrap your rugs in a cotton sheet secured with twine as an extra precaution. For those months when your rugs are outdoors, a canopy overhead can obviously add some protection from the sun too.

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3 Reasons a Canopy Can Be an Inexpensive Way to Protect Your Motorcycle

After bringing home a motorcycle, one of your first concerns is likely how you will protect it in the years to come. If you don’t have access to a garage or if the garage is already full due to clutter or your vehicle taking up most of the space. If you need a quick way to cover your motorcycle and want it to still be on display, consider the benefits of using a canopy.

Easy to Set Up and Take Down

One of the most appealing reasons to get a canopy to protect your motorcycle is that a canopy is so quick to set up. This means that you can purchase a canopy and have it installed the same day, something that can’t be done for most overhead projects.

If you ever put your motorcycle in storage or putting it in the garage while traveling away from, you can have an easy time taking down the canopy as well.

Protect Against the Elements

If you’re concerned that your motorcycle will be damaged due to rain or leaves and other tree debris, it’s a good idea to have a canopy installed that can add some protection. With a thick canvas or metal top for the canopy, you can have some added protection that will go a long way towards covering the motorcycle.

Won’t Diminish the Curb Appeal

There are so many different styles of canopies available, allowing you have a canopy that feels very personal to you. With a new canopy installed, you can make sure that it matches with the look of the rest of your yard and landscaping so that it won’t be problematic.

As you look for ways to protect your motorcycle, you’ll begin to get familiar with overhead protection from canopies.Contact usif you have any questions over sizes or the different styles available.

Pop Up Canopies to Beat the Heat on Your Patio

patio-canopyYou’ve seen them at tailgate parties, athletic fields and even the beach. Pop up canopies are a great way to provide a respite from the summer sun or spring rains nearly anywhere.
Pop up canopies also make great additions to your patio or deck. They set up and pack up in minutes and store easily when not in use. When the summer sun and heat or a few showers threaten to cut the time on your deck or patio short, these light weight instant canopies make a great way to extend your time and comfort outside.
A pop up canopy is an affordable way to extend the use and enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space at home or on the road. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and many offer features such as side walls or screens to provide even more protection from the elements or those pesky summer time insects.
So while your neighbors are running for cover from the afternoon sun or a springtime drizzle, you can continue to enjoy your favorite cold beverage, or a burger from the grill while relaxing in your outdoor living space.
With a pop up canopy on hand, you have peace of mind in knowing that in just minutes you can turn your sun drenched deck or patio into a shady haven. You can rest assured that you can also pack it up and take it with you in an instant so you always have shade and comfort wherever you go.
For more information and to find the right pop up canopy for you, simply contact us.

Let Canopies Help You Keep One Foot in Front of Copycat Neighbors

residential-canopyTired of having a yard that looks just like the neighbors? Theyve got the same patio furniture, outdoor lighting and barbecue grill. Ugh! Kind of makes you feel like youre trapped in an outdated sequel to the The Stepford Wives, right? And every time you try to change it up a bit, they follow suit. Lousy copycats!
Well never fear. Weve got something that will leave them stunned and unable to continue with their monkey see, monkey do ways. But first, youll need some step or paving stones, paint, brushes, polyurethane and plenty of canopies. Hang several canopies up to temporarily block their view. Use the others as drop clothes and to protect your painting supplies from the elements.
Once youve got the canopies hung and stretched across your work areas floor, grab a stepping stone or paver. Now here comes the fun part, decorating the stone! Spray or roll a background color on to the top and sides of the stone. You can leave the bottom of the stone blank because no one will see it after the installation. After the background color has fully cured, take out those fine-tipped paint brushes and get to work on creating unique designs for each stone.
And paint doesnt have to be your only resource. Consider attaching stained glass, pottery shards, seashells, sand and other materials to the stones with E6000 or another form of outdoor-safe, super strong glue. Let it cure for at least 72 hours before moving the finished stones. Just cover them with the canopies as we suggested earlier.
After all of the original stones are cured, decide where you want to place them. Excavate shallow depressions in those areas and partially fill the holes with play sand. Then add the stones and fill in the remaining gaps with more sand. In hours, youll have a unique walkway that will stand out for all of the right reasons. Take that copycat neighbors!

To learn more about using canopies to beat the neighbors at their own game, please contact us.

Well-Placed Canopies Help Protect Kids Tender Skin from Intense, Solar Rays

kids canopyDid you know that at this time of the year, the sun sends more than 1,300 watts of energy per square meter cascading towards the earth? According to NASAs Earth Observatorys calculations, thats enough energy to cook dinner in an average microwave. With that image in ones head, imagine what that kind of energy would do to a childs skin. Given enough time, chances are the child would walk away with at least a nasty sunburn.
Thankfully, there are easy ways to protect kids from all of that wattage. Installing canopies is one of them. The canopies typically stretch across metal frames suitable for use with a variety of terrains. So it doesnt matter if the kids will be at the beach or hanging out in their grandparents wooded backyard. The tent poles can be firmly placed into or on top of the ground for as long as needed. And if youre unsure of which footers are needed for any given location, just ask us.
Our canopies foot pads typically run from 3/4th-inch in diameter to 1-7/8th. Made from galvanized steel, they are generally outfitted with three mounting holes. On standard models, the mounting holes are located on the pads plates. As such, they are ideal for permanent mounting on concrete surfaces. Of course theyre also suitable for use with wood or composite decking.
And yes, they could be fastened to grassy, sandy or asphalt surfaces too. However, tie-down stakes or cords would likely be needed in those situations to combat slight winds. Speaking of which, there are canopies available that are specifically rated for use in windy environments. Most are listed as full on shelters because they come equipped with side walls and canopy doors. To learn more about canopies ability to protect peoples skin from the sun and wind, please contact us today.

How to Blend Canopies In With Your Backyard Landscaping

backyard canopyGetting a canopy set up in your backyard can be an effective way to add extra shade and a visual focal point, but it can also look out of place if you arent careful before setting it up. Along with simply choosing a good place for the canopy to be installed, youll need to look into the various ways to have canopies fit in with the rest of the landscaping.



Consider Growing Vines Around the Canopy

An easy way to help the canopy blend in is by growing vines along the sides of the canopy. This could be done either by setting up trellises near the sides of the canopy or actually growing the vinery on the surface itself.

Choose a Neutral Colored Canopy

Canopies vary greatly in colors, allowing you to choose a style that works well with your yard. If you already have patio furniture, for example, youll want to choose a canopy colored similarly or go for a very neutral shade such as light brown or grey. By avoiding bright colors and busy patterns, the canopy can feel like a natural addition to your yard.

Pick the Appropriate Height for the Canopy

Height is an important factor to consider when comparing different canopies for sale. In order for the canopy to be functional, yet blend in nicely, youll want to choose a style that isnt too tall so that it doesnt become the only thing you see when looking into your yard.
With all of our options for canopies that can be used in your backyard, its a good idea to do some research before making a purchase. For any advice regarding our selection, feel free to contact us.

Buy Canopies and Host a National Chip Your Pet Month Event


Each year, thousands of beloved pets go missing. Some break out of fenced in backyards and others unexpected run out of motor-homes or hotel rooms while their families are on vacation. There are even pets that break their leashes or collars and run away. Thats why its so important for pet owners to consider micro-chipping their pets. Inserting a microchip underneath of a pets skin is surprising quick, easy and affordable. It can even be done outdoors at a pet show or other special event. So, why not help spread the word during National Chip Your Pet Month?

We’ve got canopies, dog kennels, raised dog beds, plastic tables and open-sided, canopy-topped tents that would help make any National Chip Your Pet Month go well. The plastic tables are strong enough to hold small and moderate size dogs. Larger canines would probably be better suited for our raised dog beds. They could be placed underneath of one canopy tent where the vet would be stationed. A second set of canopies and tables could be set up for the pet owners to fill out the short forms that generally accompany each microchip. Afterward, pet owners and their beloved animals could take a seat in one of our plastic chairs and wait to be called to the micro-chipping tent.

Of course if youre expecting a crowd, adding additional diversions may be in order. That said, consider setting up the large, chain-link kennels in areas where the pets can play while they wait their turn. Local businesses may want to come down to your National Chip Your Pet Month event too. They could sell the pet owners in attendance an assortment of healthy foods, I Chipped My Pet souvenirs, dog bandannas, customized tags and other items that would appeal to an animal loving crowd. If they dont have pop-up tents of their own, you could refer them to us or buy extra canopies and rent them out to the vendors for a nominal fee. To learn more about purchasing canopies and other supplies for National Chip Your Pet Month events, please contact us today.

Use Canopies to Enjoy the Outdoors and Stay Protected from the Weather and Sun

Spending time outside can sometimes be disrupted due to the beating sun or unfortunate weather, which can cause people to reschedule their original plans or attempt to make the best of the situation. A better solution is to usecanopiesto eliminate the sun or weather-related problems by providing plenty of coverage that protects everything and everyone under the canopy.

In Your Backyard

Whether you are working on an outdoor project or simply trying to enjoy the outdoors, a canopy can come in handy to use in your backyard in numerous scenarios. For instance, you may be throwing a family get-together and want to provide your family members with a shady place to enjoy their delicious food.

While Camping

Although you can generally check the weather report to determine what the weather will be like, weather can change quite drastically while on a camping trip, and this is where having a canopy can prove to be extremely helpful for staying protected from the sun and harsh weather conditions.

Canopies are easy to bring along in a vehicle and can be stored in small places, so there is no need to worry about reserving a large amount of space to add this helpful item to your camping experience.

During Events

Oftentimes, special events occur outdoors where the weather can have an enormous impact on the entire event, but having a canopy allows you to stay protected. Instead of dealing with extreme heat, rain, or the chance of getting sunburned, you can use a canopy to avoid these problems and focus on enjoying the event.

If you are interested in getting a canopy for outdoor use,contact usfor more information.

Enclosed Party Tents: Pull Off Happy Birthday Bingo Parties Without a Shiver

With December fast approaching, it wont be long before the world yells, Happy Birthday Bingo! Yes, the beloved game will be turning 484 years young in just a few weeks. So why not bust out the bingo cards and party like it was1530? We can help you prepare for it with one of our fully enclosedparty tents. Theyre a great place to set up banquet tables and host a bingo birthday fete.

To get your Happy Birthday Bingo party planning underway, determine how many people will likely be in attendance. Then determine how many3-feet by 8-feet tablesyoull need to accommodate the guests, bingo callers, refreshments and prizes. Once you have that figure in your head, check out our party tent selection. Since it is December, wed recommend going with aBexley Enclosed Party Tent.

Theyre flame resistant and come in all sorts of sizes. Each one features translucent walls, a scalloped valance, zipper end wall doors and a cathedral style window. Because the walls and cathedral window panes are translucent, theyll help brighten up the tent as well as give the illusion of more space. Plus, they typically include wind ground bars, bungee ball tie downs and areas where you can batten down the party tents leg drapes.

If you dont like the idea of translucent walls, no worries. We have party tents available with fire resistant, solid white walls and tall peaks too. They are great if you want to keep the happy birthday bingo party a private, heated affair. Tent heating equipment is generally available for sale or rent in most parts of the United States.

For bingo birthday party decorations, wed suggest scoping outPinterest. There are several folks that have already pinned everything from free bingo party invitation templates to tablescapes and birthday cakes. As far as the affordable bingo prizes go, dollar stores tend to be a last minute party planners best bet. However, if youve got the time, you may want to see if the local businesses will help you out with a few donations in exchange for sponsorship rights. To learn more about our Bexley Enclosed Party Tents and others, pleasecontact ustoday.

How to Use Canopies for Improving Your Upcoming Yard Sale

Hosting a successful yard sale is often about the items youre offering as much as the environment you create for shoppers. Most people wont want to pull over for a yard sale which includes just a blanket spread on the driveway with items on it. In order for you to keep your items in good shape and provide an inviting space to shop at, you should consider the steps involved with using a canopy for a yard sale.

Protect the Most Valuable Items

Sun damage can bring down the value of your items substantially, even if youll only be leaving them outdoors for a few hours during the sale. Setting up a canopy over the more expensive items can keep them shielded from the elements and also make the items easier to view due to the shaded space.

Use Your Canopy to Provide Shade for You

Not only is it nice to keep your items shaded during the sale, it can also be beneficial to keep yourself cool using a canopy. A lot of people overheat during their yard sale due to spending hours outdoors and in the same area. Setting up a canopy can help reduce the risk of getting a sunburnt or becoming overheated.

Secure the Canopy to Prevent Accidents

After youve set up the canopy in the desired space, you need to make sure that it wont blow away and cause damage to your items or injure anyone at your yard sale. Even on days with a light breeze, youll want to stake down the canopy so that the risk of it flying away is minimized.

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