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Protect Your Plants through Winter with a Mesh Canopy

mesh canopyGrowing plants that are able to withstand the harsh weather temperatures that happen where you live is an intelligent homeowner choice as it allows you to enjoy a low-maintenance and a beautiful home at all times. However, you could run into issues when winter weather such as rain or snow gets in the way. If you have most of your garden in a specific area or you have a planter garden, you should think about investing in a mesh canopy to keep your plants protected from harm.

Sunshine Penetration

Although you might not get that much sunshine during wintertime, you should still take advantage of the sunlight as your plants will stay healthier when they get plenty of exposure. Protecting your plants and allowing for sunlight penetration might not sound easy, but using a mesh canopy makes it that way.

Flood Prevention

For potted plants, the holes on the bottom of the pots will do everything they can to prevent rainwater from collecting, but you could still have pools of water that can cause a great deal of harm to your plants when the water is not quickly removed. However, with a mesh canopy, while the rain will still get through because of the mesh design, you will get enough protection to prevent your plants from flooding.

Snow Protection

Snowfall is something else that can happen during wintertime. While it is generally the cold that causes most plants to go dormant or die in the winter, you might have perennials that can handle freezing temperatures. However, these plants may not be able to survive through complete snow coverage. Covering your plants with a mesh canopy will prevent them from getting engulfed in snow.

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How to Blend Canopies In With Your Backyard Landscaping

backyard canopyGetting a canopy set up in your backyard can be an effective way to add extra shade and a visual focal point, but it can also look out of place if you arent careful before setting it up. Along with simply choosing a good place for the canopy to be installed, youll need to look into the various ways to have canopies fit in with the rest of the landscaping.



Consider Growing Vines Around the Canopy

An easy way to help the canopy blend in is by growing vines along the sides of the canopy. This could be done either by setting up trellises near the sides of the canopy or actually growing the vinery on the surface itself.

Choose a Neutral Colored Canopy

Canopies vary greatly in colors, allowing you to choose a style that works well with your yard. If you already have patio furniture, for example, youll want to choose a canopy colored similarly or go for a very neutral shade such as light brown or grey. By avoiding bright colors and busy patterns, the canopy can feel like a natural addition to your yard.

Pick the Appropriate Height for the Canopy

Height is an important factor to consider when comparing different canopies for sale. In order for the canopy to be functional, yet blend in nicely, youll want to choose a style that isnt too tall so that it doesnt become the only thing you see when looking into your yard.
With all of our options for canopies that can be used in your backyard, its a good idea to do some research before making a purchase. For any advice regarding our selection, feel free to contact us.

Buy Canopies and Host a National Chip Your Pet Month Event


Each year, thousands of beloved pets go missing. Some break out of fenced in backyards and others unexpected run out of motor-homes or hotel rooms while their families are on vacation. There are even pets that break their leashes or collars and run away. Thats why its so important for pet owners to consider micro-chipping their pets. Inserting a microchip underneath of a pets skin is surprising quick, easy and affordable. It can even be done outdoors at a pet show or other special event. So, why not help spread the word during National Chip Your Pet Month?

We’ve got canopies, dog kennels, raised dog beds, plastic tables and open-sided, canopy-topped tents that would help make any National Chip Your Pet Month go well. The plastic tables are strong enough to hold small and moderate size dogs. Larger canines would probably be better suited for our raised dog beds. They could be placed underneath of one canopy tent where the vet would be stationed. A second set of canopies and tables could be set up for the pet owners to fill out the short forms that generally accompany each microchip. Afterward, pet owners and their beloved animals could take a seat in one of our plastic chairs and wait to be called to the micro-chipping tent.

Of course if youre expecting a crowd, adding additional diversions may be in order. That said, consider setting up the large, chain-link kennels in areas where the pets can play while they wait their turn. Local businesses may want to come down to your National Chip Your Pet Month event too. They could sell the pet owners in attendance an assortment of healthy foods, I Chipped My Pet souvenirs, dog bandannas, customized tags and other items that would appeal to an animal loving crowd. If they dont have pop-up tents of their own, you could refer them to us or buy extra canopies and rent them out to the vendors for a nominal fee. To learn more about purchasing canopies and other supplies for National Chip Your Pet Month events, please contact us today.

How to Use Canopies for Improving Your Upcoming Yard Sale

Hosting a successful yard sale is often about the items youre offering as much as the environment you create for shoppers. Most people wont want to pull over for a yard sale which includes just a blanket spread on the driveway with items on it. In order for you to keep your items in good shape and provide an inviting space to shop at, you should consider the steps involved with using a canopy for a yard sale.

Protect the Most Valuable Items

Sun damage can bring down the value of your items substantially, even if youll only be leaving them outdoors for a few hours during the sale. Setting up a canopy over the more expensive items can keep them shielded from the elements and also make the items easier to view due to the shaded space.

Use Your Canopy to Provide Shade for You

Not only is it nice to keep your items shaded during the sale, it can also be beneficial to keep yourself cool using a canopy. A lot of people overheat during their yard sale due to spending hours outdoors and in the same area. Setting up a canopy can help reduce the risk of getting a sunburnt or becoming overheated.

Secure the Canopy to Prevent Accidents

After youve set up the canopy in the desired space, you need to make sure that it wont blow away and cause damage to your items or injure anyone at your yard sale. Even on days with a light breeze, youll want to stake down the canopy so that the risk of it flying away is minimized.

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Holy Canopies and Carnations! Its National Gardening Month

Guess what. There are two holidays taking place in April 2014 that are perfect for busting out thecanopiesand carnations. The first holiday is National Gardening Month. The second is a special occasion that many Americans may not be familiar with. Its designed to honor Portugals Carnation Revolution, which falls on the 25th. With that said, heres how to celebrate both holidays at the same time:

At Canopies and Tarps, we have canopy tents and pop-up canopies that could be used to celebrate both special occasions. They come in different sizes and colors. So you could host a big celebration or a small one. If you are looking to go big, a10 x 20 Instant Aluminum Pop-Up Tent Canopywould work well. In our opinion, they are rather chic, easy to handle canopies.

What helps to make the canopies so elegant are the Velcro leg-covers and graceful, arched top. They are made with a fire retardant, 300-denier polyester fabric that features a cool silver undercoating and built-in UV protection. Each canopy will give you 200 square feet of shaded space to work with. So that should be enough to at least set up risers or banquet tables.

Once you have the canopies, risers and banquet tables in place, use them to display a variety of carnations. In one area, set up red carnations, which are the hallmarks of Portugals revolution. Then add miniature Portuguese flags to a few of the floral arrangements.

When youre finished setting up the carnations, be sure to provide corresponding information on Portugals resplendentgardens. Among other things, they are known for their abundant camellias, box hedges and water features. Thus, you may want to set-up separate canopies that offer visitors a chance to purchase the items needed to create their own Portuguese-style gardens at home or work.

Wed also suggest setting up canopies where visitors can go to listen to gardening lectures or participate in plant swaps and related crafts. For instance, attendees could make kappa, decorate planters or make their own gardening stakes.To learn more about celebrating National Gardening Month and the Carnation Revolution with our canopies, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911.