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Canopy Top Replacements: Understanding Snow Loads and Other Factors

Brrrr! Baby, it’s getting a bit nippy outside in certain parts of the United States. So, we’re sure that some of you are already thinking about canopy top replacements. After all, canopy tops are what protect family vehicles from the elements, year-round. Unfortunately, many people forget this fact and purchase tops that can’t withstand their area’s climate.

Oh No, Snow!

So how do you know whichcanopy top replacementis tough enough to protect your family’s vehicles the whole year through? We’ll tell you. The first thing you need to look at is the top’s load bearing capacity. Remember, canopy tops in general must be strong enough to hold accumulated snow and ice, which can exert a lot of downward pressure on the entire structure. How much pressure?

According toFederal Emergency Management Guidelines, it will likely be in excess of 5 pounds per every square foot of canopy top space. And the strength of the canopy top replacement isn’t the only factor to consider. The type of ground that it’s sitting on plays an important role too. For instance, a patch of frozen dirt will generally withstand less downward pressure than a well-built, concrete pad or stretch of asphalt. Therefore, it’s important to select the right area for your carport as well.

Check Its Resistance Capabilities

Once you’ve got the load bearing capacity straight, look for other factors that will help determine the top’s longevity. Ones that come to mind are its resistance to wind, sun, rain and chemicals. Remember, chemicals are not just found in those oil cans you may have stored around the house. They are also found in natural substances such as tree sap, animal droppings and insect saliva. Can anyone say, “love bugs?”

Just in case you’re not from the south, love bugs are insects notorious for causing damage to certain finishes. It’s not their droppings that cause the problems but their acidic innards. You can read more about them through theUniversity of Floridawebsite. And no, love bugs aren’t the only insects that have the ability to destroy the finish on a canopy top. There’s more and the list varies by region of course. So to learn more about which canopy top replacement is best suited for your home or business environment, pleasecontact ustoday.

Canopy Top Replacements Save You Money

canopy replacement coverDoes your canopy top have holes in it? Is it ripped or faded? Just not the color you want? Maybe you just want a spare. A canopy top replacement can be the perfect solution if your canopy frame is still in good condition but the top has seen better days. Whether your top is worn or you just want to change the color there is often no need to buy an entirely new canopy. Just replace the canvas. There are replacements available for a wide variety of frames that can save you money and extend the life of your canopy.

When replacing a canopy top you want to make sure you are getting a replacement top made with top quality materials at a great price. You also want to make sure you get exactly what you need and the service you deserve. There are canopy top replacements for a variety of canopy frames including carports, carnival tents, pop-up canopies and more. In addition to replacement tops we also offer replacement sidewalls, ends and screens for many frames and manufacturers.
We offer an illustrated guide to help you measure your canopy and assure you get exactly what you need.
Don’t throw that good frame away just because the top has a little wear and tear. We can help you find the right solution for a replacement top that will keep you cool and dry this summer.
Visit our website or contact us for more information on how we can help you save money and extend the life of your canopy, whether for work or play.

Extend the Paint Job on Your Car with Canopy Top Replacements

replacement canopy carport coversWhether youve recently give your car a new look with a fresh coat of paint or youve just bought a car, its likely that you want to do everything in your power to keep your cars paint job looking good for years to come. While a garage may be the best solution, this may not be an option due to a lack of space or another car taking up room in the garage.

If youre relying on a canopy to keep the sunlight off of your car when its parked at home, you will need to someday take advantage of canopy top replacements.

Large Enough Canopy for Plenty of Shade

One of the most enticing reasons to rely on a canopy top to protect your car is the variety of sizes that are available. In fact, you should be able to find a canopy top that is large enough to fit your entire car, or even another one if needed.

Paint Fading Can Lead to Other Problems

Allowing your cars paint finish to fade may seem like only a cosmetic issue, but it can often lead to other preventable problems. The biggest example of this is the paint being worn done to the point where raw metal is exposed. The reason this should be avoided is due to rusting that can begin to occur.

Canopy Replacements Inexpensive, but Essential

A good reason to never allow your canopy top to stand with holes and other wear and tear is the gaps that could lead to problems with your car. Since a canopy replacement top should be fairly cheap, theres no excuse for letting it deteriorate.

As you look into how canopies can protect your cars paint job, feel free to contact us to learn more about what we offer.

Canopy Top Replacements: For Those Times When Cleaning Urges Get Out of Hand

tarp-cleaningIts happened to all conscientious Americans at one time or another. We get an urge to spring clean the canopies covering our cars, motorcycles boats and other gear. So we drag out scrub brushes, strong chemicals, buckets, sponges and hoses. Then get busy scrubbing the life out of the canopies, literally. Afterward, we realize that our over zealousness for a clean covering has rendered the fabric absolutely useless.

At that point, there is only one thing for the super clean to do and thats hunt for canopy top replacements. Canopy top replacements come sparkling clean right off of the delivery truck. So after setting the tops up, its simply a matter of keeping them that way. The easiest way to keep the tops clean actually starts with the fabric selection process.

For example, if you live in a notoriously wet or humid area of the United States, chances are canopy tops will get covered in fungus of all sorts. Therefore, its smart to choose tops that have been treated with anti-fungal products. Theyll frequently retard colonization long enough for sunlight and other materials to kill off the fungi for good. However, even the anti-fungal treatments wont be enough for some areas.

Leaves and other organic matter contain dyes that will leave marks on canopy tops too. Thus, treating the tops with stain resistant products should be on Americans short lists as well. Good thing many canopy top replacements already come with treated fabrics! Treatment options generally include the two we mentioned plus others. The list of others typically includes water, chemical and abrasion resistant treatments.

Also, we should note that there are cold climate options too (e.g. arctic flexibility). Theyre needed in areas where the temps tend to drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit and stay there for extended periods. To find out about them or the temperate climate options, please contact us before you get the urge to clean. That way, we can have a replacement sent to you just in case.

Maintain the Condition of Canopy Top Replacements with 3 DIY Tips

canopy top replacementsReplacing the top of your canopy can be a costly part of keeping your yard looking its best, but it is necessary if the canopy is in poor shape. After investing in canopy top replacements, you should take the time to get familiar with what kind of maintenance is needed to extend the lifetime of the replacement.



Clean Thoroughly After Each Season

The weather can do a lot of damage to a canopy top, making it important to clean the top of the canopy after each season.

To clean the canopy, remove it carefully from the frame and wash it using a mild soap and water. Allow the canopy to dry in the sunlight and avoid leaving it wadded up where mildew could grow.

Tighten the Frame Periodically

The frame of the canopy could begin to get loose after regular use, making it important to tighten the screws and fasteners from time to time. This could be done after you wash the canopy top or whenever you notice that the legs seem wobbly. With this quick bit of maintenance, the canopy can continue standing strong and reduce the need for repairs later.

Check for Any Damage After Storms

Similar to the kind of damage that could occur after each season, your canopy top could be damaged due to heavy wind or rain from storms. Climbing onto a ladder and inspecting the top of the canopy can help you can catch if there any holes that need patching.
Contact us if you need any assistance with maintaining your canopy or need a replacement.

Do You Know How to Care for Canopy Top Replacement Zippers in the Winter?

Whether its on your snow suit or yourcanopy top replacements, there is perhaps nothing worse in the wintertime than a stuck zipper. So what can be done about it? At Canopies and Tarps, we dont deal with snowsuits but we do know how to handle the zippers on canopy panels. With that said, weve listed the best ways to address a problematic zipper. Read on for our tips:

Do consider adding a lubricant that wont succumb to your regions winter weather. For some of us, that leaves the field wide open for items like olive oil and petroleum jelly. In other areas, it may be best to stick with crayons, candle wax and graphite. Theres also a brand name, dry lubricant to consider. Its calledSlide-Alland comes in a spray can. Youll generally find it where Elmers glue products are sold.

Dont forget that canopy top replacements may be purchased piecemeal. So if a zipper breaks on one of the panels this winter, simply replace it. Our waterproof panels come with backup, button snaps. As such, theyll keep the canopy area sealed even if the zipper continues to fail for unseen reasons.

Do think about placing an approved heat source near the canopy or placing the structure in an area where it gets at least some sun. The sun and snow glare may just generate enough warmth to keep the canopy top panels zippers from freezing shut during the night. If you dont want to buy an approved heat source or relocate the structure, a few quick passes with a household blow-dryer may just work.

To learn more about caring for the zippers and button snaps that are included with canopy top replacement panels, pleasecontact us. We have ready-made, zipper-clad panels for structures that range in size from 10 to 18 feet in length.

Canopy Top: Replacement or Repair?

canopy replacement coverCanopies are a wonderful way to keep vehicles, tools, and a variety of other items protected. If you already have a canopy, you know how great they can be. One drawback of canopies is that they are not designed to last forever. The good news is that you will not likely need to buy an entirely new canopy kit. We have canopy top replacements!

1. Which parts need replacing?

Most often the actual canopy fabric needs to be replaced, as it is the part that is most exposed to the elements. Sometimes a zipper on a side panel of the canopy might have gone bad. Other parts you might need to replace are stakes, tie downs, bungee ties, grommets, etc.

2. If its the canopy, does it need replacing or patching?

Perhaps it is many years old or it was damaged, and needs to be completely replaced. But maybe you can fix it with a patch kit. We sell grommet repair kits, poly tarp repair tape, and vinyl tarp repair kits.

3. The entire canopy needs to be replaced.

In this case, you can choose which the parts of the canopy you need. Side panels, zippered panels, and top canopies are all sold separately. It is important to measure the length, height, and width of the canopy you will be replacing. Here is a guide to getting the proper measurements for your canopy replacement.

Once you have determined what you can replace, contact us. We will be happy to help you with replacing the parts you need.

Keep Multiple Canopy Top Replacements on Hand to Get the Most Usage

canopy replacement coverCanopies are excellent to have because there are so many uses for them, including camping, car storage, garage sales, outdoor events, backyard use, and much more. While canopies are sturdy and should not sustain major damage over a short period of time, severe weather could cause unexpected damage.Either way, purchasing multiple canopy top replacements to keep on you is a smart choice.


Change Them Depending on the Occasion

If you have a fairly worn out canopy top in your backyard that you use regularly, you may not want to use the same canopy top when you have family, friends, or colleagues coming over for a get-together.Having a replacement top can give you a brand-new looking canopy in no time at all.

Avoid Buying a New Canopy

Some people might think that once their canopy top sustains substantial damage or wears down to the point where it needs to be replaced, that the entire canopy must go. Making sure you always have a replacement canopy top can remind you that you can use the same canopy frame for many years.

Be Ready at Any Time

Since ordering a canopy top online can require you to wait a few days for its arrival, you might not be prepared for a short-notice event or a canopy top that was suddenly damaged.
When you have an extra canopy top in storage, you do not have to worry about not being prepared for any situation that requires or benefits from the use of a canopy.

With new canopy tops, you can also get different colors to match better with the occasion.
Contact us with any questions you may have about canopy top replacements.

Reduce the Frequency of Canopy Top Replacements with Routine Cleaning

white replacement coverIf you have a patio that you enjoy spending time in, you probably already have a patio cover that helps provide some much-needed shade. While patio covers are designed to be quite durable and weather-proof, there still comes a time where canopy top replacements may be necessary. Thankfully you can reduce the need for replacing the canopy top as often by focusing on proper maintenance.

Pick a Sunny Day for Cleaning

Keeping your canopy cover looking great is simply a matter of doing a deep clean from time to time. In order for the canopy fabric to dry properly, its recommended that you pick out a warm and sunny day in advance. This way, the canopy will dry entirely and moisture wont be able to lead to mold.

Check for Any Fabric Stains

Stains can occur on a canopy from sources such as grass, tree sap, and even mildew. In order for you to treat these stains, youll want to avoid using bleach since this can cause discoloration. Instead, look for fabric cleaners designed for outdoor furniture.

Use a Laundry Machine if Possible

If your canopy is small enough to fit into a washing machine, this can help cut down on a lot of time cleaning. The short cleaning time also makes it easier for you to do more routine cleanings.

Keep an Eye Out for Any Damages

When cleaning your canopy, its a good idea to use this opportunity to look for any tears in the fabric. If you see any significant damage, it may be time to purchase a canopy replacement.
Contact us for help choosing a new canopy top that fits in perfectly.

Canopy Top Replacements and Kits Are Cost Effective Ways to Resolve Leaks

Last weekend, when you pulled the ATV trailer into your outdoor enclosure, you noticed that the rafter area was stained. Upon closer inspection, you realized that they werent just run of the mill stains. They were actually the result of a severe leak and you know that with all of the bad weather coming, thats just not going to do. So do you try and pull money out of thin air and spring for a brand new enclosure or invest incanopy top replacements?

Wed suggest taking a critical eye to the outdoor enclosures frame. If its still in excellent condition, you may want to save some bucks by buying areplacement carport kitfrom us. Our replacement carport kits not only come in a wide array of sizes, they also include five pieces. There are two side panels, a top cover, back door panel and zippered front door. Consequently, you could sock the extra panels away for later and only replace what you need before the next big storm is due to blow into town.

Speaking of which, our enclosure replacement panels are designed to be waterproof. As such, there is precious little chance that youll come home to a leaky carport in the months to come. Just make sure that once youve replaced the top, you pull all of the corner ties tight and check for gaps. Otherwise, water, sleet and snow could find its way inside and give the appearance of a leak or security breach.

If you are concerned that youll have a hard time finding the right enclosure replacement panels for your homes carport, dont be. Our outdoor enclosure experts can help you calculate measurements of your models rafter length, door width, leg height and overall length. They should be enough to help you hone in on the precise size canopy top replacement and companion pieces needed to repair your homes carport. To learn more, pleasecontact usat Canopies and Tarps today.