Replacement Canopy Covers

Your car canopy cover or carport cover has given you many great years of protection from the elements: It has kept out the wind, rain and UV rays that would otherwise damage your valuable equipment. Or, perhaps your carport or canopy cover didn't last quite as long as you would have hoped for because you went with a low-quality, cheap canvas carport/canopy cover that faded and rapidly lost its effectiveness and resiliency.



The replacement carport and canopy gurus at Canopies and Tarps know the importance of choosing the highest quality replacement canopy covers: Your home and your belongings are important to you, and you want to keep them safe. So, why should you consider a replacement carport canopy or cover replacement instead of purchasing a brand-new carport/canopy unit?

Save Money

It makes economic sense to purchase replacement covers and replacement carport canopies instead of purchasing entirely new carports. Our high-quality aluminum frames are made to last for years and years, yet often the canvas or vinyl carport or canopy covers take the brunt of the weather conditions and are the first to show their ages. You will be pleased to save money on replacement covers - sometimes hundreds of dollars - as opposed to purchasing new units.

Less Waste, Great Selection

Replacing only what needs to be replaced, such as the covers, is a great way to reduce waste. Canopies and Tarps makes it easy to replace or upgrade your existing canopy covers or carport covers. Our replacement covers are available in many different sizes that will accommodate your standard frame or your carport unit. Choose from a great variety of canopy replacement covers, including standard, vinyl, valance canopy replacements as well as canopy enclosures, canopy side panels, pop-up tent replacements, accessories and more. Browse our large selection of ShelterLogic-brand model replacements as well. Choose from a variety of sizes, such as 12' x 20' through 20' x 40' sizes. We've got the replacement parts and covers you need at great prices.


Canopies and Tarps has over 25 years of experience in the tent, tarps and canopy business. We offer a wide variety of canopy and carport replacement products that will exceed your expectations for performance, design and durability. We keep our inventory stocked with affordable, high-quality items that you will count on for many years!