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Do You Know How to Care for Canopy Top Replacement Zippers in the Winter?

Whether its on your snow suit or yourcanopy top replacements, there is perhaps nothing worse in the wintertime than a stuck zipper. So what can be done about it? At Canopies and Tarps, we dont deal with snowsuits but we do know how to handle the zippers on canopy panels. With that said, weve listed the best ways to address a problematic zipper. Read on for our tips:

Do consider adding a lubricant that wont succumb to your regions winter weather. For some of us, that leaves the field wide open for items like olive oil and petroleum jelly. In other areas, it may be best to stick with crayons, candle wax and graphite. Theres also a brand name, dry lubricant to consider. Its calledSlide-Alland comes in a spray can. Youll generally find it where Elmers glue products are sold.

Dont forget that canopy top replacements may be purchased piecemeal. So if a zipper breaks on one of the panels this winter, simply replace it. Our waterproof panels come with backup, button snaps. As such, theyll keep the canopy area sealed even if the zipper continues to fail for unseen reasons.

Do think about placing an approved heat source near the canopy or placing the structure in an area where it gets at least some sun. The sun and snow glare may just generate enough warmth to keep the canopy top panels zippers from freezing shut during the night. If you dont want to buy an approved heat source or relocate the structure, a few quick passes with a household blow-dryer may just work.

To learn more about caring for the zippers and button snaps that are included with canopy top replacement panels, pleasecontact us. We have ready-made, zipper-clad panels for structures that range in size from 10 to 18 feet in length.

What to Look For When Getting Canopy Top Replacements for Your Driveway

Providing shade cover for your car is an essential part of keeping your vehicle in good condition in the years to come. If youre not fortunate enough to have a garage for your car to be parked in, you may have begun using a canopy to provide some essential shade. While these canopies can be quite durable, you will likely still needcanopy top replacementsat some point to ensure that your car gets the protection it needs.

When looking for a new canopy top and wanting something a bit different than your current canopy, its important to look for something thats going to be durable in the years to come. Rather than look for only sun protection, youll benefit by looking for canopies that provide some weatherproofing. Protection from the rain can help keep your car in good shape and can make all the difference if you want to keep your car clean after car-washes.

Along with choosing a canopy that can provide some protection from the elements, you also want to make sure that any heavy wind or hail wont be a problem. The fabric should be durable enough where it wont tear easily and the canopy can move slightly in the wind without being damaged significantly. This extra attention towards canopy tops that will withstand plenty of wear can help lengthen the time between replacements.

Taking your time to look for canopy top replacements that are quality in design will help ensure that your car stays in great shape.Contact usif you need any help picking out a canopy for your driveway.

What to Look for When Shopping for Canopy Top Replacements

If you have a canopy that you use to shade your patio or provide sun protection for your vehicle, you likely know that it wont last forever. Even the most durable canopies will need replacement at some point, especially if you leave it outdoors during the entire year. With the beating that a canopy can receive from the elements, youll need to know what to look for while shopping forcanopy top replacements.


The sizes of canopies can vary greatly, from some that are designed for small areas to others that are large enough to accommodate big yards. If you only need to buy a canopy top and are keeping the frame, it becomes even more important to focus on size. Taking measurements and looking over the options carefully can prevent you from ending up with a canopy that simply doesnt fit and will need to be returned.


The appearance of some of the canopies available can range from basic neutral colors to something a bit more flashy. Keeping in mind the style of your patio furniture and landscaping can help you choose a canopy top that will fit in with the rest of your yard.


If youre only replacing the canopy of your patio and not the entire structure, you can save some money on the purchase. Considering the cost of the original canopy that you bought can help you choose a canopy top that is priced appropriately.

If youre interested in replacing a worn canopy top instead of an entire replacement, pleasecontact us.

Canopy Top Replacements May Help Save Your Carnivals Reputation

party tentLast years summer carnival didn’t attract as many visitors as you and the neighborhood events committee had hoped. Now youre all wondering why that happened and what to do about it. Personally, wed recommend taking a closer look at all aspects of your carnival. The problem could rest with its overall reputation.

Sometimes the equipment used to put on longstanding carnivals starts to look a little shabby around the edges. And that can put off potential visitors and vendors alike. Thats why it is vital to periodically invest in canopy top replacements. Nowadays, there are canopy top replacements that are specifically designed for carnival use.

Case in point, at Canopies and Tarps, we have a broad range of fiesta and carnival top covers in stock. Weve also got matching, replacement side and end panels on hand as well as new tents. Many of them are fire, water and UV ray resistant. Plus, they are made from an ultra durable, 600 denier polyester/oxford blend. As such, they should help to improve your neighborhood carnivals overall look and make the area safer for all involved.

Dont just invest in canopy top replacements either. Consider adding a new layout and other attractive elements to your neighborhood carnival as well. For example, you may want to set up a soft play area for the kids that features a series of sun shade sails and seating areas for the parents. Families may also enjoy a police and K-9 exhibit area. Set up dog kennels for the animals and ask police officers to talk about important issues like child and home safety.

To learn more about improving your neighborhood carnivals reputation with the aid of canopy top replacements and more, please contact us online or by dialing (877) 811-3911 today. Our canopy and tarps experts would be overjoyed to share their advice for setting up stunning, summer carnivals.

Canopy Top Replacements Can Help Keep Four-Wheelers and ATVs Rolling

atv coverNow that the weather has turned warm, have you tuned up your four-wheeler or ATV yet? If not, its time to get busy and take care of all of the outdoor recreation essentials. Wed suggest starting with canopy top replacements.

Canopy top replacements may help protect your four-wheeler or ATV from the elements. And we all know how crucial that is. Dirt can get into inopportune places and cause everything from clogged air and fuel filters to damaged cylinders and episodes of overheating. Plus, the suns UV rays can degrade the four-wheelers plastic, rubber and vinyl components.
In addition to protecting your four-wheeler or ATV, canopy top replacements can protect you from the elements too. So completing routine maintenance tasks wont leave you feeling sunburned or wet and miserable. Speaking of routine maintenance tasks, dont forget to take care of them as soon as you’ve got your canopy top replacement in place.

The list of routine four-wheeler and ATV maintenance tasks that generally need to be completed before the first run of the season is long but fairly simple to complete. It tends to include checking the coolant, oil and fuel levels as well as all of the four-wheelers working parts. In most instances, its also a good idea to wash the four-wheeler or ATV and apply any lubrication as needed. The good news is all of those activities may be completed from the comfort of your canopy covered carport.

At Canopies and Tarps, we’ve got replacement carport covers and canopies that are suitable for use with a wide array of brands. ShelterLogic replacements are one of the most popular. As a ShelterLogic Authorized Dealer, we are intimately familiar with the companys products. So we can help you find the precise match for your existing carport, shed or portable garage. We can also help you pick out an entirely new shelter for your four-wheeler too.

To learn more about the canopy top replacements and other storage solutions that we have in stock for off road enthusiasts, please contact us at (877) 811-3911.

Canopy Top Replacements Should Be a Part of Preparing for Spring

white replacement coverOver time, winter snow, wind and ice can really do damage to canopy enclosures, pop-up tents and valances. So with spring on the distance horizon, you may want to spend at least one snow free day inspecting your outdoor areas. In the process, you may determine that its time to look into canopy top replacements.

If a quick visual inspection of your canopy top revealed normal wear and tear or severe winter storm damage, make a note of it. Then take those factors into account when ordering your canopy top replacements. For instance, if you noticed holes and rust, wed suggest choosing a rust and tear resistant canopy top. The same can be said for damage caused by UV rays, wind, chemicals and other problematic substances.
At Canopies and Tarps, we keep those types of canopy top replacements in stock year round. We also sell replacement canopy sides and doors. Many of them come in different colors, shapes and sizes too. In addition, we are a ShelterLogic authorized dealer. Therefore, you shouldnt have difficulty finding a high quality, affordable canopy top that will leave you 100% satisfied.

Before installing the canopy top replacement, be sure to give the structures framework the once over. Doing so will help you identify and correct any minimal damage before adding the new canopy top. Items to look for are rust spots, loose connectors, unstable support poles, missing and broken caps. Once youve addressed any framework issues, youll be able to quickly install the replacement top, sides and doors. Providing that you measured correctly and ordered the right ones, they should fit like the originals.

To discuss which canopy top replacement would be right for your situation in more detail, please contact us at (877) 811-3911. We are happy to provide both pre and post sale assistance. Our customer service department is open weekdays from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. PST.