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Canvas Tarps: The Solution to Many Pit Masters’ Problems

bbq-canopyWarm weather showers may be perfect for the flowers but they wreak havoc on a pit masters plans. Even a brief shower has the potential to wet seasoned wood not to mention water down the sauce and turned buns into mush. Such things can be corrected if a pit master is at home but what about those all important, barbecue competitions? Who needs the hassle of scrambling for dry, smoking wood or charcoal on competition day?
Tucking canvas tarps into the pit masters barbecue trailer may help avert shower related disasters. The tarps are water-resistant. So, bags of charcoal and bundles of smoking woods will stay competition ready, regardless of the weather. Canvas tarps can also protect the pit master from sudden downpours and offer shade when the sun favors him or her with its presence.
In addition, as long as the pit masters grill or smoker is cold, it may be draped with canvas tarps too. Theyll help keep any exterior logos and paint looking spiffy, which is important for those photo ops with the judges or famously hungry fans. And speaking of photo ops, fire resistant tents marry well with canvas tarps as well. The companion tents are perfect for setting up comfortable, eating or selling areas.
Inside the pop-up tents, pit masters could set aside a corner for cases of their much-loved sauces and rubs. The cases could be temporarily covered with canvas tarps until street teams are ready to sell the barbecue sauces and rubs to waiting patrons. Furthermore, canvas tarps may be treated to serve as portable advertising for the same said products. For example, pit masters could silkscreen their logos on to the tarps so customers would have something memorable to look at while they wait for service. To learn more, please contact our street team savvy agents today.

Canvas Tarps Help Make Sand Boxes Fun Safe Places to Spend the Day

Canvas TarpsWe did it and so did out parents. Now our kids want to do it too. What are we talking about? Playing in the sand of course! Unfortunately, we know a lot more about sand boxes than our parents and grandparents did. Turns out, the boxes have the potential to harbor many dangerous things. And understandably, that has left many of us hesitant to let our kids enjoy the age-old activity.

The good news is using canvas tarps may help make sand boxes safe again. Decades of research have shown that uncovered soil or sand attracts both wild and domestic animals. They in turn, bring pathogens with them. Sometimes the pathogens are on their bodies. Other times, theyre living in the creatures bodily waste and fluids. So clearly, using canvas tarps to keep the animals away from the boxes will go far in preventing the transfer of pathogens.

When selecting sandbox covers, choose military grade, waterproof, canvas tarps. They’ll protect the sand from more than just the animals. Oh, and dont neglect the built-in D rings. After all, animals curiosity will undoubtedly get the best of them. And when it does, theyll try to remove the canvas tarps. Having the D rings in place may keep them from being successful. This is certainly true if you use the D rings to tie the canvas tarps down to the ground.

Securing D ring enabled, canvas tarps to sand boxes is rather simple. The quickest way is to invest in ball bungee ties and eye bolt screws. Attach the eye bolt screws to each side of the sand box frame. Then run one end of a ball bungee tie through the eye bolt and the other to the D ring. Continue doing this until the canvas tarp is completely attached to the sand box. To learn more about covering sand boxes with military grade tarps, please contact us today.

Canvas Tarps: Protecting Picnic Baskets, Dinnerware and Derrieres World Wide

Canvas TarpaulinsA tisket a tasket, no one wants a wet picnic basket but thats exactly what may happen when you plop one down on to the grass. The same may be said for a persons derriere and picnic blankets. So, if you dont want a wet behind or anything else to get damp, wed suggest buying big, canvas tarps. They make excellent ground cover material during summer and early fall picnics.

To avoid potential color transfer, choose untreated canvas and have it waterproofed after purchase. Then simply place the waterproof, canvas tarp down on to the ground wherever you plan on having your picnic. Smooth the canvas tarp out first and then top it with your favorite picnic blanket. Afterward, youll be able to comfortably sit down on the ground without having to worry about moisture, insects or grass stains.

If you dont want to bother waterproofing the canvas tarp yourself, it is possible to buy treated tarps. However, wed only recommend pairing them with inexpensive or old picnic blankets. That way, if any color from the canvas tarp leaches out of the fabric during the picnic it will only end up on to the old or inexpensive blanket. Old, inexpensive picnic blankets are generally easy to launder or replace outright should the stains become too much to bear.

Of course waterproof tarps can do more than keep butts and picnic baskets dry. It is also possible to place them on top of picnic tables. They can double as table linen and protect your dinnerware from grime, especially when the picnic table is particularly grungy. Just make sure that you dont toss the treated, canvas tarps in the regular laundry when you get home. Otherwise, they could cause some problems for the rest of the load. To learn more about these and other fun ways to use canvas tarps while picnicking in the summer, please contact us.

Remember to Choose Canvas Tarp Cleaning Products and Procedures Wisely

Canvas TarpaulinsDid you know that canvas tarps, although extremely practical to have around, are not like vinyl ones? Its true and because of that, they must be chosen, used and cared for properly. So today, we wanted to open up a discussion about how to keep canvas tarps clean, dry and mildew free. Lets start with the appropriate cleaning methods:

What many people dont realize is that canvas is actually pure cotton. As such, it can shrink and lose its shape just like that 100% cotton t-shirt you may have sitting in your bedroom closet. Therefore, they should never be fully emerged into water, stuck into a washing machine or tossed into the clothes dryer.

In addition, it is important to remember that the majority of canvas tarps on the market today are treated with dyes and special chemicals to suit consumers needs. Those dyes and chemicals also happen to be very sensitive to ingredients used in a large number of cleaners and laundry detergents. As a consequence, its vital not to reach for the first cleaner that you see on the store shelves or underneath of the kitchen sink.

What typically produces the best, damage free results are cleaners specifically designed for canvas products. They are manufactured by a number of companies and normally sold through multiple retailers. Some of those cleaners are also capable of gently removing the tough stuff, like mildew and grease.

When sifting through the various rows of canvas cleaners, be sure to read the labels too. Just because the label says that it is safe for most canvas items doesnt necessarily mean that it will be right for your beloved tarp. Because of that, it is wise to test the cleaner in a small, out of the way area of the tarp before going whole hog. Otherwise, you could end up deeply disappointed and stuck with a damaged canvas tarp.

After cleaning the canvas tarp, hang it up outside to drip dry in a partially shaded area. That way, the risk of the tarp sustaining mildew and UV damage will be significantly reduced. To learn more about choosing and caring for canvas tarps, please contact us today.

How You Can Benefit from Canvas Tarps

Many household items can be great to have, even when some items only have one function. However, items with several functions are even better to have, and this is where canvas tarps come into the picture. While you may know the basics ofcanvas tarpsand what they can do, learning about a multitude of uses will all but guarantee an incredible value for your purchase.

Excellent for Camping

Anyone that enjoys camping can really benefit from a canvas tarp. Whether it is to get away from the scorching sun or avoid heavy rainfall, a canvas tarp will protect you and your items from damage. It is an excellent idea to take a canvas tarp along while camping as you never know when it may become useful.

Useful While Painting

While there are various options that you have for protecting furniture and flooring from paint, a canvas tarp can provide you with an excellent solution. It is not a necessity to keep a reusable drop sheet around or purchase a disposable one at the store, and this is because a canvas tarp can give you what you need.

Prevent Rust of Objects

Whether it is building materials, machinery, or wooden objects, anything that must be stored outside and can get damaged by excessive exposure to the sun or rain should be covered properly. Fortunately, canvas tarps do an outstanding job of stopping the elements from causing damage to items that are covered.

Contact usfor assistance with getting a canvas tarp that meets all of your needs.

Becoming Familiar with Your Choices for Canvas Tarps

Designed for a variety of purposes,canvas tarpscan be an excellent choice for use at a party with friends or to use as a way to block the sun from causing damage to your vehicle. In order for you to purchase a tarp that is going to provide the results that you want, it’s important to look into the sizes that are available, the thickness of different tarps, and more details so that your new tarp meets your expectations in terms of durability and performance.

Various Sizes to Choose From

Whether you intend on placing the tarp over your patio furniture outdoors during a party or you need the tarp to use long-term for your vehicle, it’s important that you consider the sizes which are for sale. Available in both 10 oz and 12 oz sizes, you need to take measurements of where you want the tarp laid out so that you can have the results which you need.

Insisting on Durability

Canvas tarps are an excellent choice for outdoor use to the fact that they’re relatively easy for you to clean and can withstand many of the effects that being outside can come with, such as rain and heavy winds. In order for your new canvas tarp to continue impress you with it’s performance, it’s best to look into the thickness of tarps available. Generally speaking, thicker tarps will outlast thin materials, making it a good idea to keep an eye out for tarps that are capable of providing thick protection when used for any purpose that you need.

Assortment of Colors Available

In order for your new tarp to meet your needs best, it’s a good idea for you to consider the color that would work best for your outdoor space. Taking inspiration from the landscaping, furniture, and exterior of your home can help you choose a color that is fitting for your home.

As you compare your options for tarps with canvas material, we urge you tocontact usso that we can help provide recommendations for what you need the most.