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How Come My Canvas Tarp Smells Funny?

As useful and versatile as canvas tarps are, you should know that they may have a strong odor. If you’re wondering what is making your tarp smell, here are answers to some common questions.

What’s making my canvas tarp smell?If you just bought a brand new water resistant tarp, it’s natural for there to be a strong odor. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just the result of petroleum byproducts that are found in water repellent agents. We recommend using your canvas tarp outdoors where the odor will dissipate after it’s been exposed to outside air and the UV rays in sunlight. If you purchased your tarp a while back and stored it in a vinyl bag, dusty garage or humid attic, you may also discover a musty odor.

How should I store and care for my canvas tarp?Air and sunlight are also the best antidotes for odors that may develop during less than ideal storage. Other prevention tips include treating stains and removing dust before you store your tarp. You also want to make sure that it is completely dry so you don’t wind up with mildew.

Is there anything else I should know?Read the product specifications before using any cleaning product or method on your tarp that could damage its water resistant properties or color. Do not put your tarp in your washing machine as it could stain the tub. Clean it outdoors on the ground or on a floor or use a safe container. Unless the manufacturer’s instructions say otherwise, canvas tarps are durable so you may be able to use a brush to scrub any stains.

If you’re looking for the best prices and fast shipping for canvas tarps,contact us at CanopiesAndTarps.com. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available 24/7 to answer all your questions or you can use our easy online ordering.

Canvas Tarps Simplify Outdoor Movie Nights

If you’re looking forward to spring and warmer weather, you may want to start watching movies in your backyard. For a simple movie night at home under the stars, all you need is a canvas tarp and a few other simple items.

Setting up your Canvas Tarp Screen:While there are special movie screens that will have better picture quality, a basic white canvas tarp will do the job at far less cost and it will probably be a lot more durable. For a low cost set up you can handle yourself, buy some PVC pipe at a local hardware store to make a frame with legs you can pound into the ground. Then, just pin or tie on your tarp, smoothing out any wrinkles that would get in the way of your viewing.

Other Backyard Movie Night Supplies:If you don’t already have a projector, you may be surprised to find how affordable a good quality model can be these days. Prices range from about $50 on up, and there are many highly rated devices in the $100 to $200 range. You’ll probably need to use outdoor speakers as well so think about your neighbors. You may want to invite them over to share the fun. Even if you’re watching your weight, there are plenty of snacks and beverages to enjoy. Share a bowl of popcorn and brew a pitcher of ice tea with lemon. If you like to indulge, plan a menu to go with your movie title or genre. You could serve chili and barbecue for a western and chocolate and strawberries for a rom-com.

Enjoy spending the evening outdoors watching your favorite movies without having to stand on long lines or pay for expensive concessions.Contact us at CanopiesAndTarps.comto shop for high quality tarps and other outdoor products with discounted prices and fast shipping.

Three Reasons to Bring Canvas Tarps on Your Next Camping Trip

vinyl tarpsWhen camping in a tent, it is important to be prepared for unfavorable conditions. Using tarps is a great way to protect both you and your tent from the elements. There are three important reasons you should consider bringing a few tarps on your next campout.

1. Protect the Bottom of your Tent

Even when you are vigilant about clearing out rocks and debris before pitching your tent, the bottom of the tent will be susceptible to rips and tears once a little weight is placed on it. Laying a heavy-duty tarp on the ground before setting up the tent will provide a much-needed layer of protection. The tarp’s corners can be folded in if needed to allow for stake placement. The simple step of placing a tarp on the ground will allow you to enjoy your tent for years to come.

2. Keep Water out of your Tent

Most tents are not designed to withstand substantial rainfall, which is why securing a tarp over the top of the tent is often necessary when precipitation is expected. Placing a large tarp underneath the tent and pitching the tent on a slight incline will allow the water to run off as opposed to pooling around the tent.

3. Create Wind Blocks for your Campsite

Anyone who has camped at Northern California beaches knows what a nuisance wind can be. To keep everything from blowing away in windy areas, you can easily set up vertical wind blocks using tarps and some rope.

The use of canvas tarps is the best way to preserve your valuable gear and keep you from being rained out or blasted by wind on your next camping adventure.

Canvas Tarps: The Solution to Many Pit Masters’ Problems

bbq-canopyWarm weather showers may be perfect for the flowers but they wreak havoc on a pit masters plans. Even a brief shower has the potential to wet seasoned wood not to mention water down the sauce and turned buns into mush. Such things can be corrected if a pit master is at home but what about those all important, barbecue competitions? Who needs the hassle of scrambling for dry, smoking wood or charcoal on competition day?
Tucking canvas tarps into the pit masters barbecue trailer may help avert shower related disasters. The tarps are water-resistant. So, bags of charcoal and bundles of smoking woods will stay competition ready, regardless of the weather. Canvas tarps can also protect the pit master from sudden downpours and offer shade when the sun favors him or her with its presence.
In addition, as long as the pit masters grill or smoker is cold, it may be draped with canvas tarps too. Theyll help keep any exterior logos and paint looking spiffy, which is important for those photo ops with the judges or famously hungry fans. And speaking of photo ops, fire resistant tents marry well with canvas tarps as well. The companion tents are perfect for setting up comfortable, eating or selling areas.
Inside the pop-up tents, pit masters could set aside a corner for cases of their much-loved sauces and rubs. The cases could be temporarily covered with canvas tarps until street teams are ready to sell the barbecue sauces and rubs to waiting patrons. Furthermore, canvas tarps may be treated to serve as portable advertising for the same said products. For example, pit masters could silkscreen their logos on to the tarps so customers would have something memorable to look at while they wait for service. To learn more, please contact our street team savvy agents today.

Why Not Get Crafty by the Yard with Canvas and Vinyl Tarps?

tarps by the yardDid you know that craft stores are not the only places well suited to unleashing a persons creativity? There is plenty for crafters to get excited about at Canopies and Tarps too. Sure, we have portable garages and vinyl tarps to complete a crafty souls work space but theres more. We also currently have canvas and vinyl fabric by the yard.

Whats so special about canvas and vinyl fabric by the yard? For one, the product variations make the creative possibilities endless. There are basic, tan canvas and clear vinyl selections on offer, thats for sure. In addition, crafters are likely to find a number of bold colors in the vinyl tarp category. Examples include, but are not limited to regal blues, sparkling whites, forest greens and sunshine yellows.

Accordingly, they could be fashioned into inexpensive, patio furniture cushions. Weve even seen the colorful, vinyl used to make custom table cloths, outdoor shower curtains, garden flags and DIY slip-n-slides. As for the canvas, it has more applications. For instance, in crafty hands it could be repurposed into accent rugs, placemats, awnings and hanging wall art.

Vinyl and canvas by the yard may be ordered at any time through our staff members. Just bear in mind the material does not feature seams or grommets. As such, theyll need to be purchased separately along with any other crafty accessories needed to complete a project. Weve got a number of them in stock, including plastic tarp clamps and repair kits for those whoopsie moments.

To examine the materials more closely and see what you can come up with, please reach out to us today. As long as weve got the canvas and vinyl material in our warehouse, it should reach you promptly. And special pricing may be available on large, fabric by the yard orders.

Protect the Childrens Favorite Ride-On Toys with Colorful, Canvas Tarps

Canvas TarpaulinsAlthough theyve been around for centuries, ride-on toys continue to capture the attention of young children. In the early years, the ride-on toys were largely self-propelled. So the riders were able to practice their coordination skills. In the later years, ride-on manufacturers started adding motors and electronic components to their wares. And as we all know, whether or not ride-on toys have motors or manually operated pedals, they may sustain damage if left outside for too long. Enter canvas tarps:
Canvas tarps come in two main varieties. They are either 100 percent polyester or cotton duck fabric. Both types are excellent at protecting childrens ride-on toys as long as the chosen fabric has been treated with paraffin wax. Widely popular among waterproof professionals, paraffin wax not only prevents water from accessing stored goods, it offers other protection too. For example, it is capable of withstanding a barrage of hail, wind, flying debris, intense sunlight and other outdoor elements. As such, the kids toys are not likely to sustain damage during seasonal storms.
Canvas tarps also come in at least 10 different colors. So families arent stuck with drab green. They can cover the kids ride-on toys with bright yellow, blue, gold, white, green and brown tarps instead. And we have to say, the various colors make it easy to distinguish one childs ride-on toy from another. For instance, the boys in the family could be assigned the blue, canvas tarps and the girls could make use of the white ones. In addition, the canvas tarps are easily recyclable.
Once they outlive their usefulness as ride-on covers, the canvas tarps could be used for a number of other purposes. Examples include childrens craft project materials and covers for two-wheel bicycles or ATVs. To learn more about protecting the kids ride-on toys with colorful tarps, please contact us today.

Canvas Tarps Help Make Sand Boxes Fun Safe Places to Spend the Day

Canvas TarpsWe did it and so did out parents. Now our kids want to do it too. What are we talking about? Playing in the sand of course! Unfortunately, we know a lot more about sand boxes than our parents and grandparents did. Turns out, the boxes have the potential to harbor many dangerous things. And understandably, that has left many of us hesitant to let our kids enjoy the age-old activity.

The good news is using canvas tarps may help make sand boxes safe again. Decades of research have shown that uncovered soil or sand attracts both wild and domestic animals. They in turn, bring pathogens with them. Sometimes the pathogens are on their bodies. Other times, theyre living in the creatures bodily waste and fluids. So clearly, using canvas tarps to keep the animals away from the boxes will go far in preventing the transfer of pathogens.

When selecting sandbox covers, choose military grade, waterproof, canvas tarps. They’ll protect the sand from more than just the animals. Oh, and dont neglect the built-in D rings. After all, animals curiosity will undoubtedly get the best of them. And when it does, theyll try to remove the canvas tarps. Having the D rings in place may keep them from being successful. This is certainly true if you use the D rings to tie the canvas tarps down to the ground.

Securing D ring enabled, canvas tarps to sand boxes is rather simple. The quickest way is to invest in ball bungee ties and eye bolt screws. Attach the eye bolt screws to each side of the sand box frame. Then run one end of a ball bungee tie through the eye bolt and the other to the D ring. Continue doing this until the canvas tarp is completely attached to the sand box. To learn more about covering sand boxes with military grade tarps, please contact us today.

Canvas Tarps May Go Far in Increasing the Comfort Level of Winter Campsites

Canvas TarpsOne may not normally equate camping with this time of year but it is actually a perfect time to grab the canvas tarps and get outside. The trick is to properly prepare ones campsite for cold, wet weather. Having the right canvas tarps may help adventurous campers do that. Heres how:

It is important to keep ones sleeping area protected from moisture, wind and cold. Waterproof tarps make excellent tent footprints and wind breaks. So be sure to bring at least one for ground cover purposes and four that are large enough to create a barrier around the tent. Extra canvas tarps and rope are also helpful to build a barrier near pit toilets or port-a-potties.

The sleeping area and makeshift bathroom are not the only things that must be shielded from the elements. Firewood, food, potable water and camping equipment (e.g. cookware) should be protected with canvas tarps too. May we suggest choosing ones that have built-in grommets for those key applications? The grommets tend to work well with hooked bungee cords.

The bungee cords serve many winter camping needs. For example, lets say that the food cache needs to be suspended from a tree to discourage animal activity. The food could be tucked inside of canvas tarps and the cords could tie them shut. Afterward, additional cords could be used to hang the tarps in convenient, safe locations. Just make sure that the bungee cords and tarps are rated for winter use. Otherwise, the cold may cause them to snap or tear under pressure.

To learn more about making winter campsites comfy with the aid of canvas tarps, please contact us. Let our staff know where you plan on camping and for how long. They can use that information to help you select the best canvas tarps and bungee cords for your winter destinations.

Canvas Tarps: Don’t Overlook these Versatile, Natural, and Rugged Tarpaulins

Canvas TarpaulinsHigh quality canvas tarps, or tarpaulins, are as versatile as they come, and are made from durable, natural materials that are often coated in a waterproof urethane. This means that, in spite of other manufacturers’ claims, not all tarps are the same quality, nor do they provide equal user experiences for all people.

Many times, as we have heard consumers say they have experienced, the grommets and stitching from lesser quality tarps break off and come undone, rendering the tarp useless for most practical purposes.

When looking for a canvas tarp for your next painting project, tenting, boat covering, and so on, look for these signs of excellence:

  • Made from 100% cotton canvas material.
  • Rust-resistant grommets that outlast through decades of use.
  • Hems that feature double-stitching for rugged durability.
  • Large thread shaft.

Unsure if a canvas tarp is what you need? Here are 5 aspects of canvas tarps that you may not have known, making it easier to decide that you need a canvas tarp for your next project, camping experience, vehicle cover, and so on.

1. Canvas tarps are durable but resistant to abrasiveness.
2. Made from breathable yet resilient, natural materials, yet water-resistant.
3. Canvas, when used as a drop cloth, absorbs paint better than plastic.
4. Constructed from 100% cotton and are safe for the environment.
5. More so than plastic, canvas tarps have a classic, rustic look.

Canvas tarps are useful, adaptable, and made from recognizable ingredients so you know that they are safe and not harmful to the environment. We recommend picking up a few canvas tarps to have available around your home.

For additional information on tarps of any kind, please contact us via email. Or, for those who prefer telephones, we invite you to call our customer service representatives at (877)811-3911 and learn how we can provide for your needs today.

Canvas Tarps: A Fun Way to Decorate the Kids College Dorms in School Colors

Canvas TarpaulinsIts no secret that the time you have left with your college-age children is quickly slipping away. Before long, theyll be away at school decorating their own dorms. So why not help them get a head start on that with our canvas tarps? Our blog is full of great ideas on how to convert canvas tarps into a wide range of interior design elements. Heres one more and its perfect for the kids dorm rooms:

Remember how important school spirit was when you went to college? Well, this canvas tarp project harkens back to those days. It involves making a bunting flag, lamp shade and matching memory wall hanging for the kids dorms. Youll need one untreated canvas tarp for each project as well as the following items:

  • Paints, Rit Dyes and Fabric Markers in School Colors
  • Sewing Machine or Needles and Thread
  • Wooden Clothes Pins
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Tape Measure or Yard Stick
  • Carpenters Square
  • Pencil
  • Plastic Buckets or Pails
  • Clothes Iron and Board
  • Inexpensive Lampshade
  • Scissors
  • Jute Twine

To make the bunting flag, trace a series of matching triangles on to the untreated, canvas tarp. Then cut them out and dye them using the schools colors. When the triangles are dry, clothes pin them to a stretch of jute twine and youre done. The kids can use the ends of the twine to hang the flag up when they get to the dorm.

The lamp shade covering is made in a similar way. Simply cut the canvas tarp up into matching strips. Dye the strips and when theyre dry, hot glue them to a cheap lamp shade in the design of your kids choosing. After the glue cures, they can add the shade to their favorite desk or floor lamp. It will look stunning next to the bunting flag and the rest of their dorm room dcor. We promise.
Finally, lets talk about the memory wall hanging. Cut the canvas tarp into a long rectangle and dye it to match the other dorm room projects we mentioned. Later, fold over the top edge of the tarp and sew a pocket for the wooden dowel. Run the wooden dowel through the pocket and attach a piece of jute twine to each edge. It will serve as a hanging loop.

Afterward, give the kids a coffee can full of fabric markers to take to college with them. Tell them to hang the wall hanging up in their respective dorms and let their friends draw on it with the fabric markers throughout the school year. And yes, the wall hangings are simple enough to make year after year. So the kids will be able to have a unique one for each year they attended college.
To learn more about decorating college dorm rooms with treated and untreated, canvas tarps, please contact us today.