Clear String UV Tarps (14 Mil)

Clear Poly Tarps are similar to other heavy-duty poly tarps and can be used for a variety of outdoor applications, including greenhouse covers, temporary shelter covers and weather barrier covers.

The clear tarp is the primary choice for the agricultural industry for greenhouse protection. The clear polyethylene allows natural light to transmit through the fabric, which promotes healthy growth in plants and flowers. Like all poly tarps, these clear tarps are waterproof and consist of 3 x 3 polyester mesh squares throughout that add strength to the fabric. The clear poly tarp features grommets every 36 inches and is 14 mil. in thickness and 6 oz. per square yard. A clear poly tarp would be great as a temporary outdoor sunroom for plants, flowers and vegetable gardens. The clear poly can be easily attached to any frame structure by using ball bungee ties and is light enough for PVC structures. Furthermore, the clear plastic material can be used as a fence tarp for agricultural gardens to prevent incoming debris. As a weather protection barrier, the clear tarp will keep gardens safe from outside elements but will still allow the sun to penetrate for optimal growth. Best of all, the clear tarp is made of polyethylene and is naturally resistant to mold, rot and mildew. The poly cover can be used outside for protection year after year.