Drainage Tarps

At Canopies and Tarps we offer two different types of drainage tarps made from two different kinds of materials. Our poly drainage tarps feature a polyethylene material, while our vinyl leak diverters are constructed from a vinyl fabric. Protect your valuables and equipment from overhead leaks that threaten to contaminate your work area.

The poly drainage tarps boast a variety of special features. They provide consistent coverage against overhead leaks. Durable and resistant to splitting, they are extremely resilient and standup to demanding environments that might otherwise give way to tearing and abrasions. These tarps rely on their smart design as opposed to thickness, which is only 12-mil, to lend them their strength. They remain lightweight at only 6 ounces and easy to transport. A clever design diverts water and leaks away from the protected area. As the center of the tarp is a -inch waterspout connector. This tarp is available in silver and black.

The heavy-duty version of the leak diverter can be found in the vinyl version of this tarp. It is constructed of a 13-ounce vinyl fabric that has a thickness of 22-mil. The thickness of the fabric ensures a surface that is unchanged by risks of tearing. This tarp is also fire retardant unlike the thinner poly version. This tarp is available in a translucent finish.

Both tarps are fitted with waterspout connectors. These waterspouts are sized to fit directly with a standard garden hose. The both also have metal D-rings to be used to secure the tarp in your desired location in a hanging mount. Sizes for both types of tarps range from the smallest size at 5' x 5' to the largest size at 20' x 20'.

Allow an interval of 15-20 business days for the constructing of a tarp. Drain tarps, like most products sold by Canopies and Tarps are made to order. The tarp will be shipped directly to your door once construction is complete.