Economy Tarps

A good quality tarp should not cost your business an arm and a leg. At Canopies and Tarps we stock a huge selection of high-quality tarps at the lowest prices to ensure you get the most out of your money.

Our economy tarps are lightweight and multipurpose. They can be used for project around the home or for commercial needs. The tarps are made of a high-quality polyethylene weave, which makes them relatively light compared with other types of tarps. Here at Canopies and Tarps our cheap tarps are made be durable and cost efficient. Despite their low cost, our economy tarps boast high-end features like, acid resistance, rot resistance, mildew resistance and limited water repellent capabilities . These incredible features make these tarps affordable and versatile. They can be kind used in a wide range of environments for any type of application even in areas where acid splatters and flooding are real concerns. Unlike our competitors' products, even our economy tarps can withstand the daily pressures and chaotic environments of industrial and commercial areas.

Economy tarps can be purchased in single colors including blue, green and white. They can also be purchased in two-toned colors like brown and green or in our thicker model, silver and black. These tarps range in thicken from 5-mil all the way up to 8-mil. A mid-range thickness of 6-mil is also available. On average every tarp features a 900 denier and a 3-ply tarpaulin construction. Both the front and the back of every tarp is coated with UV resisting components making them an excellent choice for outdoor projects. Some tarps can be purchased as singles white other tarps are sold by the case for your convenience. Every tarp is fitted with rust-resistant aluminum grommets conveniently spaced every 3 feet.

Their lightweight nature makes them excellent for travelling and outdoors projects. Use them to cover up camping gear, bundle up firewood against dampness, lay them out in the yard for collecting fallen leaves and mulch or use them to line interior of a camping ground.