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Party Tents for Valentines Day Single Ladies & Gents Parties are on Sale Now

10x10-blue-white-instant-carnival-tentValentines Day isnt just for lovers. An increasing number of singles are celebrating the holiday too. Many do so by hosting a special dinner or dance for all of their single friends and family members. If you are looking to do the same in February 2015, wed suggest buying party tents now. That way, there will be no doubt that youll get the tent you need and have plenty of time to set it up before the big day.

Because the holidays roots trace back to Roman times, it may be fun to host a toga party underneath of the tent. Even if you live in a cold climate, this is still possible as long as you also invest in a portable heater. There are several on the market that may be used with fireproof or fire retardant tents. If you do decide to go with a Grecco-Roman theme, consider decorating the party tents interior and exterior with greenery. It was a popular form of decoration during the times. Most craft stores across America sell faux garland that may be conveniently utilized for such purposes.

Of course youll also want to think about buying some extra greenery for the creation of laurel wreaths and crowns. If youve never made one before, theres a great DIY video on Pinterest that may help or you may just want to buy wreaths readymade. Either way, they should add a bit of dramatic flair to your Valentines Day party for single ladies and gents.

At Canopies & Tarps, our knowledgeable staff is prepared to help Valentines Day event planners like you select party tents large enough to accommodate all expected attendees. We can also help you place an order for foldable, plastic banquet chairs and long, rectangular tables. To speak with a staff member and discuss the specifics of your Valentines Day order, please contact us today.

Put Up the Party Tents During Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month

Head to the slopes, then break out the portable heaters and party tents. Its once again time to celebrate Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. The annual frosty holiday is due to begin on January 1st and end on the 31st. So that gives winter sports enthusiasts and the businesses that serve them a full 31 days and nights to get their party on. For the utmost in comfort, visual beauty and safety, wed recommend choosing a pop up orparty tentmade from arctic flexible, waterproof materials. Theyll be better suited to hold up to slope side snow squalls.

Of course if the weather is expected to be mild, having a party tent with built-in arctic flexibility may not be paramount to your Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month event. It may be more important to choose one made with UV resistance fabric that features zippered doors, large windows, powder-coated legs and ample ceiling height to accommodate peoples extra long skis and snowboards.

In addition, it may be advisable to stock up on anchor kits too, just in case the winds gust a lot around the lifts or lodge. Weve got a four piecePC PVC Tube and Strap Anchor Kitthat should do nicely in that regard. The tubes are airtight and may be filled safely with a wide range of materials. Consequently, event planners and vendors that invest in our PVC anchors shouldnt find themselves on the wrong side of the ski resort or snowboard parks rules. Furthermore, because the anchors are designed to work on hardpan, it wont matter how frozen or snow covered the event site is during setup. Theyll go into place without a hitch.

To order your party tents in time for Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, pleasecontact ustoday. We offer quantity discounts and only charge sales tax on party tent purchases being shipped within our home state. Speaking of which, expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.

Party Tents and Photo Booths May Aid Marketers with Holiday Sales Efforts

party tentThe National Retail Federation and PWCs FY 2014 fourth quarter predictions are in. Have you looked at them yet? If not, you should do so soon. Consumers are on track to spend a respectable amount and they are expected to do so in a predictable manner. Experts widely believe that will include searching online for deals and sharing what theyve found with others. With that said, party tents and photo booths, in conjunction with omni-channel marketing strategies may help drive holiday sales, especially in mall settings.

Despite the proliferation of online stores, more than 89% of all retail spending in our country may be traced back to mall settings. However, todays consumers generally start their search for the perfect deal online. Once they find it, theyre likely to spend close to an hours time checking the item out at their local retailer before closing the deal. So retailers may want to set up a party tent and photo booth that allows shoppers to capture that precise moment, when feel good emotions are running high. Buyers are likely to turn around and share their photos with online friends, which could help to further drive holiday foot and web traffic.

Many high quality, high volume booths feature branded backdrops that may be customized to meet a companys seasonal needs and we have party tents with translucent walls. Together, theyll help attract the attention of passersby. In addition, some photo booth services include valuable social media integration like the ability to instantly broadcast photos over Twitter, FB and e-mail. Customized FB wall messages, special hashtags and a post-event e-mail database can be part of the deal too. Understandably, corporate marketing gurus can take it a step further by tying the photos to their blogging, Google+, newsfeeds and Instagram efforts as well as temporary information sharing apps like SnapChat.

To learn more and setup a party tent big enough to hold a photo session sometime between now and the end of FY 2014, please contact us straightaway.

See-Through Party Tents Are Perfect for Christmas Bird Count Events

Each December, the Audubon Society puts on a special event designed to monitor the activities of Americas vast bird population. Known nationally as the Christmas Bird Count, its a great time for residents and businesses alike to get together, pitch a see-throughparty tentand lend a helping hand. Well in this case, perhaps its more important to lend them your eyeballs. Thats because everything that participants witness during the three week event is used to help protect Americas feathered friends and their environments.

If you decide to pitch a see-through party tent for the event, consider utilizing it in one of two ways. First, think about letting your local bird watchers andcount compileruse the tent as a home base for event operations. It would be a great place for everyone to compare counts, fill in paperwork and warm up throughout the day. Second, why not kick around the idea of hosting a Christmas Bird Count fundraiser?

Christmas Bird Count fundraisers can be a lot of fun when theyre held inside of see-through party tents. For instance the shindig could be held in an area known to attract wintering birds or on the grounds of a raptor rescue center. The tables could be decorated with mistletoe, which is known to attract certain birds. On the list are mistle thrusts, mourning doves, Coopers hawks, bluebirds andAmerican robins. Party favors could consist of tulle bags filled with bird treats, seed or suet appropriate for feeding wintering birds. And as for the menu and party activities, see-through tents will help to ensure that the skys the limit.

To select a see-through or standard party tent in time for the 2014 Christmas Bird Count, pleasecontact ustoday with an idea of how big your group is expected to be. That way, we can help you order the right number of tables and chairs too.

Why Not Host a Vegetarian Awareness Month Event Inside of a Party Tent?

Vegetarian Awareness Month is in full swing throughout the nation. As such, why not throw an impromptu dinner inside of a first-classparty tentand join in on the special occasion? We know of a few tips that will help make planning the event even easier than shelling peas:

Do remember to print off some complimentary pledge cards and posters from the North American Vegetarian Society. They make great additions to environmentally friendly goodie bags. Plus, you might want to include a list of the vendors participating in your local, winter farmers market with the pledge cards. That way, attendees may be encouraged to go shopping for farm fresh produce once the holiday party ends.

Dont forget to incorporate eco-friendly tablescapes, linens and decorations into your Vegetarian Awareness Month plans. For example, you might want to use placemats decorated with vegetable dye block patterns or table clothes that feature images of seasonal produce. Good places to look for such items are online sites like Etsy, Zazzle and Rakuten. There are also soy candles, zero waste lunch trays and drinkware made from recycled products available for purchase through many of the same shopping sites.

Do think about downloading a few songs about vegetarianism and playing them at your holiday party too. A few fun ones to consider are the Beach Boys tune,Vegetablesand Frank Zappas song,Call Any Vegetable. Both are a little on the silly side. So even the youngest children in attendance are likely to enjoy singing along to the two songs.

Dont stress yourself out by trying to cook up a bushel basket full of vegetarian dishes or make crudits platters for a crowd. Instead, opt to contact a local restaurant and have the event catered. Many should have plenty of vegetarian options available to fill your holiday table. Among those to consider are veggie rolls, edamame dumplings, various salads, tofu and gluten-free rice.

To learn more about hosting vegetarian approved events using our highly sought after assortment of first-rate party tents, pleasecontact usonline now.

Party Tents Make Perfect Natl Hispanic American Month Celebrations Possible

party tentGet ready to set up the colorful party tents and dance floors. Its almost time to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. Its been taking place each year, from mid September until mid October, since 1988. Prior to that, it was only a weeklong celebration. So here are a few fiesta planning ideas to help you keep the party going all month long:

The extended event, in part, is designed to recognize Spanish speaking cultures found in North America, South America, Europe and the Caribbean Islands. As such, a great way to keep the fiesta going is to highlight a different country each day. At present, there are 21 countries that recognize Spanish as their national language and many more where it is simply spoken.

Given that, dividing the countries up into groups by continent or hemisphere and setting up booths under one large party tent may simplify that planning process. Another option would be to set up more than one tent and highlight different areas inside of each one. If you do decide to go with the multiple, party tent option, consider choosing ones that match the various countries flags.

For example, the flag of Cuba is known to contain sections of white, red and blue. We have decorative party tents that feature solid blue tops as well as those with blue and white stripes. The blue and white stripes are similar to those found on the countrys flag. Once those tents are set up, you could decorate their perimeters with replicas of the flag or white star lights and red, triangular shaped flags. The party tents interiors, on the other hand, could be outfitted with matching chair and table linens.

To uncover more party tents that could be used during National Hispanic Month celebrations, please contact us today. Custom models are available. Just make sure that you allow for enough advance notice.

Benefits of Using Party Tents for an Upcoming Event


Party tents can prove to be very beneficial if you’re planning a party for your children or for an upcoming wedding. Regardless of the event that you’re planning for, it’s best to look into the sizes and styles of these tents that are available for sale. Making your arrangements early in advance can help ensure that you’re able to get a tent that provides shade and helps ensure that you’re able to enjoy the numerous benefits that one of these tents can offer.

Pulling Together a Party Theme

With the different styles of tents that can be bought to use for parties, you’ll likely notice that some of the styles fit in best with the other accessories and details of your party. From very classic tents that work best for formal events to a simple tent that is priced reasonably due to its plain design, you should be able to find a tent that complements the other decorations for your party.
Considering the Sizes of Tents Available

In order for your party to go off without a hitch, it’s best to choose a tent that provides ample space for your guests. If you have a seating area for dining and are throwing the party in the middle of the day, you may want to consider purchasing a large tent that will provide plenty of shade underneath. Asking questions regarding the tents that are available and the sizes that make sense for your needs should help ensure that you’re able to get a new tent that provides plenty of shade underneath.

Easy to Assemble and Store

Many of the tents that are available should be quite easy for you to use time and time again due to the durable design. In order for you to have the best experience with your new tent once it’s arrived, it’s best for you to look into the specific design so that you can be confident that the tent is capable of being set up without any problems and disassembled with ease.

If you have any questions regarding the different tents that can be purchased for use at parties, we invite you to contact us so that we can provide the helpful information that you need.

Celebrate National Craft Month with Carnival Canopies and Party Tents

party tentMarch 2014 will mark the arrival of more than just shamrocks and spring vegetables. It will also signify the start of National Craft Month. The holiday has been around since the late 1990s and is a perfect time to host a sidewalk sale or special promotion. Our carnival canopies and party tents can help you do both.

Our eye-catching carnival canopies feature strong, 8 foot by 8 foot steel frames that would fit into a small, medium or large size space. So you can feel positive that it will last for several National Craft Month celebrations to come. The amount of space provided by the 8 foot by 8 foot frame should give you enough space to set-up a banquet table, dump table, stackable shelving or a series of trade show pedestals. You could feasibly hang lightweight items from the frame itself too.

The sturdy frame is topped with a 500 denier polyester top and rail skirts that sports show-stopping, red and white stripes. Besides being quite enticing, the fabric is fire retardant, water repellent, rot and mildew resistant. Thus, youll be ready to for any spring rain storms as well.
If you have a lot of crafts to display, you may want to go with a medium or large party tent instead. To give you an idea, a 20 foot by 20 foot party tent will typically accommodate four to six 8 foot banquet tables and room for customers to walk around. Weve also got party tents that are much bigger than that. So you could always buy those and add more tables.

Another option is to buy one of the largest tents that we have in stock and host your own craft show. That way, you could recoup the cost of the large party tent quickly by renting out space to fellow craft vendors. A few of the large party tents that would be ideal for National Craft Month shows are the 30 foot by 40 foot Eureka and the 20 foot by 50 foot Elite.

To learn more about our canopies and tents prior to the National Craft Month kickoff, please contact us toll-free at (877) 811-3911. We are typically in the office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. PST.