Fire Retardant Tarps

When storing and transporting your valuable goods it is important to keep safety in mind. Investing in quality protective gear will ensure you do not waste time and money replacing goods as a result of emergency situations like inclement weather, flooding and fire. Emergencies are unavoidable, so it is important to plan for every worst case scenario. To keep you and your goods safe, consider Canopies and Tarps' fire-retardant tarps. Weighing in at six to 10 ounces, these fireproof tarps are light in weight but up to the challenge of warding off flames and extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum.


Canopies and Tarps' fireproof tarps are ideal for residential or commercial application. For detailed ordering and shipping information, please visit our website. We provide bulk purchasing discounts and coupon choices for your convenience. We provide the finest offers to our consumers, and our web catalogue is frequently updated. All items are in stock unless noted otherwise.