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Canopies and Tarps Extend the Life of Your Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs look more stylish than ever these days, and they require relatively little maintenance. With the right care, you can extend their life even longer. Here’s how canopies and tarps can help with cleaning and storage, two of the most important elements of proper care.

Cleaning your outdoor rugs:

Dirt, bugs, moisture, and intense sun are just some of the difficult conditions that outdoor rugs have to deal with. Regular cleanings can minimize the damage. An ordinary vacuuming helps, but your rug will benefit from more thorough washings every month or so depending on how much you use it. Most rugs are sturdy enough for a brushing with water and dish soap or vinegar. Then, rinse them with a hose and hang them up to dry to prevent mildew. If you need to cover your floor temporarily during cleanings, use a tarp. You can also use tarps to cover your outdoor rugs when you know messy conditions are coming like muddy days or children’s crafts.

Storing your outdoor rugs:

While you can find outdoor rugs labeled as UV and weather resistant, most floor coverings will last longer if you store them during the harsh winter months or other extreme weather. Portable garages and sheds can provide just the kind of cool, dry environment your rugs need. Be sure to clean any rug thoroughly before storing. Roll them rather than folding them to prevent creases, and leave the more delicate or raised side turned inwards. You may also want to wrap your rugs in a cotton sheet secured with twine as an extra precaution. For those months when your rugs are outdoors, a canopy overhead can obviously add some protection from the sun too.

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Windshield Cover Tarps Put an End to Scraping Ice

With more months of wintry weather ahead for much of the country, there’s still time to get some tarps and say goodbye to having to get up early in the morning to scrape ice off the windshield of your car. If that sounds good to you, see how easy it is to create a simple frost guard cover with nothing but an inexpensive tarp.

Benefits of Using a Tarp Windshield Cover:Not having to stand outside in the freezing cold scraping your windshield is probably all the argument you need, but that’s not the only advantage. You’ll also save money because you won’t be running your engine all those extra minutes while you’re trying to get your defroster to warm up. Most important of all, you and your family will be safer on the road because your windshield will be clear of ice, and you won’t have to risk driving dangerously with a smaller window of visibility. You can also use your tarp in the summer to block out the sun, and keep your car cool.

How to Make a Tarp Windshield Cover:Covering your windshield can be as simple as just spreading your tarp across the glass, and securing it in place with bungee cords. If you want to spend a little more time, you could even sew or glue in some magnets instead if you’re concerned that the bungee cords might scratch the surface of your car. There are products on the market that will do about the same job, but most of them cost significantly more than a simple tarp. Plus, you can easily adjust a tarp to any size you need for your car or SUV.

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Tarps for a Construction Theme Birthday Party

The best birthday party themes for children are usually more about using your imagination than spending a lot of money. If your son or daughter is fascinated by construction projects, throw them a party where they can enjoy making and building things. All you need are some inexpensive supplies like canvas and vinyl tarps.

Advantages of a Construction Theme:In addition to being easy on your budget, a construction theme reinforces your child’s healthy interests. Kids who play with construction toys are also learning about engineering and math. They’re also engaging their imagination and improving their coordination.

How to Use Your Tarps:Tarps can be used in many ways. You can spread them out as is for a rugged looking tablecloth or glue on images of trucks, skyscrapers, and bridges. Depending on where you have your party, tarps can also be handy floor mats for protecting against marks and stains, and helping you to clean up faster. Maybe you even want to hang up a colorful tarp as a banner for the birthday child.

Other Party Ideas and Supplies:You can buy mini hard hats at a party or toy store so everyone will feel like they’re on the job. It will go great with their outfits if you include a line in the invitations asking them to wear overalls and work shirts. Plan some hands-on projects like building models or digging in the dirt. In addition to a cake with a toy truck on top, you could serve snacks in little metal lunch boxes that also serve as goodie bags. Along with your tarps, decorate the place with yellow and orange safety tape and signs.

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3 Ways Tarps Can Help You Survive Home Remodeling

Home remodeling can be a great experience, once it’s over with. However, you may be wondering what you got yourself into when you’re still in the dust and demolition stages. It’s easier to hang in there when you remind yourself that better things are ahead. Until then, here are 3 ways that inexpensive tarps can make life a little more bearable for you and your family.

Protect your temporary quarters:Maybe you’re trying to keep your family clean and fed with a temporary kitchen or bathroom while the regular rooms are still being transformed. Hanging up tarps is one cost-effective way to create more privacy and keep some of the debris out.

Camp out in the back yard:Sure, you could go to a hotel and order room service, but that’s going to add a lot of expenses at a time when your household budget may already be stretched out to the breaking point. Instead, maybe you can sleep under the stars in your back yard with a tarp as a tent, if the weather is suitable. As a bonus, your kids may think this is actually a lot more fun. Your dog will also approve of keeping the pack together instead of sending him off to be boarded.

Save money on clean up and hauling supplies:Speaking of your household budget, one smart way to save significant money on home remodeling is to do some of the work yourself. Even if your construction skills are nothing to brag about, you can probably manage cleaning chores and picking up materials and supplies yourself instead of having them delivered. Tarps will help protect your own vehicle or a rented truck if you go this route. is here to provide solutions that can help make home renovations and all your home and business projects run more smoothly.Contact ustoday to start shopping for great values on a wide range of outdoor products.

Tarps Make Your Long Bike Trips Safer and More Comfortable

Long bike trips are a great way to enjoy nature and stay fit. Of course, there can also be some challenges like dealing with nasty weather and other unpleasant facts of life. That’s why versatile and inexpensive tarps can be a cyclist’s best friend.

How many ways can you use a tarp when you’re on the road? Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Protect your valuables.A tarp can be one more safety feature to reduce the risk of theft. If you’re taking part of your trip by van or truck with your bike stowed in back, keep it covered with a tarp when you park. Covering up your valuables makes them less vulnerable.

Collect water.Want to collect rain water to wash your clothes or cook a meal? A tarp makes it fast and easy to get a good supply.

Bask in the shade.When the sun is strong and there are no trees in sight, you’ll always have a shady spot. You’ll feel cooler and protect your skin from premature aging and cancer.

Layer up.It’s always better to travel light, but that can make it difficult to have enough clothes if the weather turns cooler. A tarp can serve as a blanket or top layer to keep you a little cozier.

Take shelter.Want to sleep outdoors? A tarp can be your basic camping gear or use it along with your tent.

When you think about it, tarps are pretty special because there aren’t many accessories that can deliver so many benefits at so little cost. If you want to bring one along for your next bike trip,contact us. CanopiesAndTarps.comp offers a vast selection of canvas and vinyl tarps along with the lowest possible prices and fast shipping.

Canoe-Tarp Shelters That Will Keep You Dry on a Canoe Trip

If you’re on a multi-day canoe trip, and you don’t have room to pack a full-sized tent, you might try using your canoe as a shelter. A shelter made from your canoe and a tarp will keep you warm and protect you from the rain and wind. A canoe-tarp shelter is also useful on a day trip should an unexpected rain shower interrupt your canoeing. Unlike a tent, a tarp is compact, light-weight, and can be quickly turned into a shelter along with your canoe.

Canoe-Tarp Shelter #1

If there’s a nearby stump or low tree branch that’s roughly three feet off the ground, you can use it to prop up one end of your canoe. Prop your canoe in the upside-down position so that its hull faces up. This by itself, provides partial cover from the rain. Drape a tarp over the canoe and anchor the tarp’s sides to the ground using stakes through its grommets or rocks to weight it down. The tarp increases your rain protection, shields you from the wind, and keeps the shelter warm inside.

Canoe-Tarp Shelter #2

This method involves laying your canoe upside-down on the ground. You then prop it up on its side using a couple of wood braces. The braces are roughly 4.5 feet long and notched on one end. Two sturdy sticks with a Y-notch on one end (formed where two branches join together) work well as braces.

The notched end holds up the canoe while the other end is pressed against the ground. Drape the tarp over the canoe and wood braces. Then secure the tarp in place with cord and anchor points in the ground. The canoe can pinch the tarp against the ground on the side opposite the wood braces. It’s best to practice this method in your backyard first.

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Tarpaulins: Unexpected Yet Excellent Holiday Gifts

christams-tarpaulinsWhen you think about shopping for holiday gifts for all of the people on your list, you might think about heading to the local mall. However, believe it or not, CanopiesAndTarps has all sorts of awesome gift options for your loved ones this year. For example, even though they might be an unexpected option, tarpaulins actually make great gifts.

So many people never even think about buying tarps for themselves until they need them. Isn’t that sort of the point of a gift…to buy something that someone probably hasn’t bought for himself or herself but that he or she could use?

The truth is that tarps can be used for all sorts of things. If someone on your list is working on fixing up his or her home, a tarp can be handy for covering up the floor before painting. For the gardener on your list, a tarp can be super helpful for protecting plants from the cold or the elements. For someone who has pets, a tarp is great for covering up an animal enclosure, such as to provide warmth in the winter or to create a quiet indoor sleeping area for a dog that is being crate trained. For someone who is outdoorsy, a tarp can be a useful gift for many reasons. It truly is something that just about anyone can use.

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Why Not Get Crafty by the Yard with Canvas and Vinyl Tarps?

tarps by the yardDid you know that craft stores are not the only places well suited to unleashing a persons creativity? There is plenty for crafters to get excited about at Canopies and Tarps too. Sure, we have portable garages and vinyl tarps to complete a crafty souls work space but theres more. We also currently have canvas and vinyl fabric by the yard.

Whats so special about canvas and vinyl fabric by the yard? For one, the product variations make the creative possibilities endless. There are basic, tan canvas and clear vinyl selections on offer, thats for sure. In addition, crafters are likely to find a number of bold colors in the vinyl tarp category. Examples include, but are not limited to regal blues, sparkling whites, forest greens and sunshine yellows.

Accordingly, they could be fashioned into inexpensive, patio furniture cushions. Weve even seen the colorful, vinyl used to make custom table cloths, outdoor shower curtains, garden flags and DIY slip-n-slides. As for the canvas, it has more applications. For instance, in crafty hands it could be repurposed into accent rugs, placemats, awnings and hanging wall art.

Vinyl and canvas by the yard may be ordered at any time through our staff members. Just bear in mind the material does not feature seams or grommets. As such, theyll need to be purchased separately along with any other crafty accessories needed to complete a project. Weve got a number of them in stock, including plastic tarp clamps and repair kits for those whoopsie moments.

To examine the materials more closely and see what you can come up with, please reach out to us today. As long as weve got the canvas and vinyl material in our warehouse, it should reach you promptly. And special pricing may be available on large, fabric by the yard orders.

Protect your Air Conditioning Unit With a Tarp.

The rainy spring is starting to give way to the warmer temperatures that will usher in summer. We’re sure you’re looking forward to all the summer-time fun just as much as we are. We can’t wait for bbqs, picnics, outdoor sports and time at the lake.
Of course, if your air conditioner goes out on you in the middle of summer you may be singing a different tune. However, there are things you can do to prolong the life of your air conditioning units. Professionals recommend that you have your air conditioner tuned up every year.
Additionally, you can protect your air conditioning unit by hanging a tarp over the A/C unit itself. The tarp will provide shade for the air conditioning unit which will keep it from having to work so hard to cool the air. The energy savings will help your A/C unit last a little longer. The tarp also protects the A/C unit from branches, leaves and other debris that could fall onto the A/C unit, clogging it and causing problems over time.
When you consider that an air conditioning unit can cost around $5000, a tarp is a really affordable way to protect your investment. For the best selection and variety in tarps, you will find that online retailers can offer more options.
We offer vinyl tarps, canvas tarps, and waterproof tarps in both styles. Our tarps are designed to be durable and tear resistant, because a torn tarp isn’t offering you the protection you need.
For more information on purchasing tarps, please contact us.

Use Tarps to Protect Your BBQ Grill When You’re Not Cooking Up Delicious Food This Summer

tarps for furnitureThe weather is finally warming up, and you know what that means. It’s time to start planning some barbecues. Your friends, family and neighbors can’t wait to be invited over for some delicious food, cooked on your grill.
From hot dogs and hamburgers to steak and shrimp, you can keep the budget reasonable or go over the top. You may even want to experiment with different kinds of food cooked on an outdoor grill including lobster, oysters, or various vegetables cooked in aluminum foil packets.
It’s hard to go wrong as long as you are having a great time making food for people you care about. Throw a couple cool drinks in the mix and a little music and you have yourself a party.
Of course, when you’re done entertaining, make sure to treat your bbq grill with a little TLC to extend the life of your grill. Always scrub the grates in your grill down with a grill brush after use.
Cover you grill with a tarp or grill cover when it’s not in use to protect it from rain that could eventually cause rust or hail that could damage the surface of your grill.
If you’re looking for a quality tarp to cover your grill, we over both vinyl and canvas tarps in various sizes. You can select the custom size that will work perfectly for your grill.
If you have any questions about the durability of our waterproof tarps, we would be happy to answer them for you. Please contact us and let us know how we can help.