Pop Up Canopies

Portable, lightweight and easy to use, pop-up canopies are the perfect choice for tailgating, yard sales and even posh corporate events. Pop-up canopies are flexible and durable, offering shelter in an instant wherever you need it. The instant-up shelters can be set up in minutes and come in a variety of sizes ranging from petite covers of just 8' x 8' to larger designs spanning 10' x 20'. At Canopies and Tarps, we carry a complete line of fold-up canopy tents that are available at our everyday low prices. Don't let the weather ruin your outdoor plans - put out a pop-up canopy and enjoy instant shade and rain cover when you need it the most.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Designed to be portable, pop-up canopies from Canopies and Tarps are constructed using lightweight aluminum frames and polyester covers. The airplane-grade aluminum is durable enough to support the full weight of the canopy's roof, but light enough to be carried by just a single person. In fact, some of our canopies are so light that they can even be carried in a backpack. Worried about the wind carrying away your canopy? Don't be. Our canopies are compatible with most standard in-ground and sandbag-style anchor kits to make it easy to secure the shelters in place, so they won't blow away.

Pop-up canopies are extremely easy to use. The easy-up design eliminates complicated assembly steps and can be fully extended in just minutes. The covers are pre-attached to the frame and automatically open over the canopy to provide coverage. Once the canopy is in place, just secure it to the ground and you're ready to go. Select pop-up canopies include UV-resistant polyester covers that are capable of blocking up to 99 percent of the sun's harmful rays. Please note before buying that pop-up canopies are designed for fair weather conditions and should always be anchored for safety and security. Some models also include additional safety features like pinch-proof release levers to prevent accidents when setting up or taking down the tent.

Specialty Canopies

Bored with the idea of a plain canopy? Show your support for your favorite NBA team or advertise for the auto brand of your choice with a logo canopy from Canopies and Tarps. Whether you're tailgating or setting up a booth at a show, a high-quality logo on the canopy is sure to get you noticed.

Looking for a canopy for a special event? We carry everything from the carnival striped canopy in iconic red and white stripes to the 10' x 10' canopy with side rail skirting that's perfect for flea markets or public events. With a selection of canopy accessories at your disposal, you can add walls, mesh screens and more at your discretion to create a cover that truly works for you.

Don't sweat over your next outdoor engagement. Order an instant pop-up canopy online today from Canopies and Tarps and enjoy spending time outside without worrying about the weather. Many of our pop-up canopies come with limited warranties and bulk orders may qualify for special pricing. We also offer coupon promotions from time-to-time to help you save even more. For questions or help ordering, please call our expert staff at 1-877-811-3911 and they'll be happy to assist you.