Insulated Tarps & Covers

Canopies and Tarps carries the best and the toughest in insulated tarps. Use it for a variety of industrial and commercial applications including as a blanket for concrete curing. Our insulated tarps feature a quarter inch thick foam center and an 18-mil thickness that works to block out the cold and preserve heat. While this tarp is definitely heavy-duty, it still manages to keep the weight at a manageable 7 to 10 ounces.

There are many situations that call for an insulated tarp. In a construction and industrial environment, concrete curing and scaffolding protection are the most commons uses that require heavy-duty coverage in the form on an insulated tarp. When the temperatures plummet concrete curing is impossible. The thick form centers of our insulated tarps will ensure the cold is kept far away from the concrete, allowing the curing process to take place even in sub-zero conditions. The 18-mil thickness of these vinyl-coated tarps provides and additional protection against threats to temperature regulation like tears and abrasions. The durability of the tarp sheet is essential to ensuring the foam is protected and its insulating effect remains intact. The tarp is also resistant to other threats like oil, chemical, water, mildew, rot and UV rays.

For easy installation these tarps feature press snap fasteners and D-ring attachments. These unique securing features allow you to reliably connection several tarps together to maximize the available surface area. The hemmed edges ensure the seams remain strong and leak-proof just like the center of tarp. There are poly tarps and vinyl tarps to choose from, each with their own benefits. The poly tarps are available in a two-toned silver and black, while the vinyl tarps can be purchased in a highly-visible blue. Both tarps can be ordered in a large range of sizes from 3' x 12' to 12' x 25'.

Avoid delays and damage to your construction projects. Pick up an insulated tarp and secure your project sites against the harsh conditions brought on by cold weather.