Machine Covers

Canopies and Tarps stocks five-sided machine tarps to provide ample protection for all of your machinery. These specially designed machine covers are constructed in a unique style that gives your equipment all-over coverage.

When you are working in three dimensions there is more than just the length and the width to consider. Height is an important factor. Our five-sided machine covers take into consideration the three dimension nature of your equipment.


48" L x 48" W x 36" H Poly Machine Cover
List Price: $209.84
Our Price: $104.92
20" L x 28" W x 54" H Poly Machine Cover
List Price: $148.80
Our Price: $74.40
24" L x 24" W x 36" H Poly Machine Cover
List Price: $70.52
Our Price: $35.26

We have two fabric materials available for these types of covers:

The first is the poly machine cover. It features a silver and black polyethylene laminated material that is extremely durable and tough. It can protect your machinery from threats of moisture, rotting, mildew, fungi and UV rays. It is also resistance to tearing, oil, grease and acid. For added security this 7 ounce poly tarp material is fitted with corner and bottom center grommets to ensure a tight seal. Poly machine covers are available in a wide range of sizes, but if the size you need is not available custom machine covers can be made to order.

The second type of machine cover available for purchase is the vinyl cover. The vinyl cover is a heavy-duty cover options weighing 18 ounces. Made of a sturdy vinyl-coated poly fabric, this equipment cover is highly resistant to tearing and abrasion risks. This tarp material is waterproof and can provide protection against UV rays. Grommets are conveniently placed at the corners and bottom center of the cover. The cover can easily be slipped on and off the equipment. These vinyl covers are designed to be used in both outdoor and indoor environments. Their durability makes them excellent for use in all climate types. While there are a range of sizes available these covers can also be made to order in customs sizes. Allow for 20-25 business days for the tarps to be crafted, as they are all made to order. The covers are right after construction is complete.