Pet Products

We know you treat your pets like family, and that's why Canopies and Tarps, your one-stop shop for outdoor coverings, also includes a line of pet products to keep man's best friend safe outdoors. Our selection includes dog kennels with covers; crates and pens; doghouses; and dog beds. We offer a variety of kennels in several different sizes and styles, and although each kennel boasts different features, they're all constructed with sturdy metal bars and wiring that are built to last. Some of our kennels are equipped with covers to keep your dog cool in the hot sun and protected from the elements. The covers can also be purchased separately. If you really want to spoil your four-legged friend, give your pup a home of his own with one of our comfortable doghouses which are handmade in the United States. We also offer a selection of cozy dog beds and pillows to make them feel right at home.