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3 Tips for Hosting an Awards Function in a Party Tent

Awards functions are held in many fields. Whether you’re a salesperson, a marketing person, an artist, a singer or an actor, there are probably some awards in your field which you aspire to. Sometimes, companies even havebusiness functionswhere they might present awards such as Employee of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, Best Creative Idea of the Year etc. The bigger the business, the greater the scope of an awards function. And don’t forget that schools and colleges also have awards functions for sports, academics etc. Here are some tips for organizing your awards function:

  1. Party Tent: It will probably be most convenient to hold your awards function in a tent. These come in different sizes and can be decorated any way you like. Your offices or your school may not have rooms big enough to hold the number of people who will be attending. But if you get a tent, you won’t have this problem anymore.
  2. Chairs: At an awards function, you’ll probably need to line up the chairs for the people who are attending. Depending on your budget, you can just go with a plastic folding chair or a metallic chair with leather seats. If needed, you can also get bleachers on rent. These will probably be appropriate if you’re handing out sports awards at a school.
  3. Stage: You’ll definitely need to have a stage for people to climb up on to give out and receive awards. In order to make sure that people can see everything that’s going on, you’ll need spot lights. Plus, it’s always helpful to have a lectern where people can rest their awards or keep the pages from which they are reading out their speeches.

In addition to these things, you might also need stanchions to keep people in line, a red carpet which runs down the middle of the seats and decorative items which will give the venue a brighter look.Contact usfor more great tips to organize an awards function.

Airbnb Hosts: Get Party Tents for Your Luxury Properties

If you’re an Airbnb host with a luxury property suitable for group events, you probably attract guests who want to use your place for special occasions like their wedding or milestone birthdays. Being able to provide them with a high quality party tent can help you attract more guests and earn higher approval ratings.

Advertise your property:The best kind of advertising helps people to picture themselves enjoying your property for whatever activities they have in mind. With a party tent, you’ll be able to take photos that show what a great spot you have for entertaining. Your guests may even share their personal party photos with you if they have a great experience.

Protect your property:Even the most responsible guests can have accidents, so it’s advantageous for you if they want to do their entertaining outside where they’re less likely to break your vases or stain anything. After all, it’s a lot less hassle if red wine spills on your lawn instead of your carpet.

Make your guests happy:Your guests will appreciate the convenience of having a party tent available, especially if they’re planning an event in a city where they don’t know many people or local businesses. It’s one less arrangement they have to make or worry about. It’s also convenient for you because it’s the kind of amenity that doesn’t require any extra labor on your part. Instead of having to play tour guide, you can stay home chilling and watching Netflix while they enjoy the tent.

Canopiesandtarps.com offers party tents and other products in a wide variety of sizes and colors so you’re guaranteed to find something that will delight your guests and look fabulous with your property.Contact ustoday to start shopping for products that can help make you a more successful Airbnb host.

Alternative Seating for Your Party Tents

Having your own party tent is a great way to save money compared to renting. As a bonus, you may find yourself entertaining more so you get to see your friends and relatives on a regular basis. Still, there may be one downside if you don’t have enough chairs to go around.

You’ve probably discovered that renting chairs is expensive, and keeping them around your home or workplace takes up a lot of space. Stack-able seating is an option, but maybe you prefer a more interesting look. Here are a few of our favorite alternatives to the standard chair.

Hay Bales:Hay bales aren’t just for rustic weddings. They’ll be an amusing touch at any casual event. Keep in mind that unless you have your own hay or have easy access to it, you might wind up spending more than it would take for just regular chairs.

Logs:Some party rental companies even rent artificial or natural logs and stumps, usually with cushions on top for seating. If you live in the city, this may not be easy, but it would be novel.

Benches:Benches are a practical and space-saving idea. You might want to buy them or make your own. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure they’re stable and safe.

Pillows:Many people around the world still sit on floor pillows and cushions rather than chairs. Depending on your imagination and budget, this could be basic or glamorous.

Blankets:Make it a picnic. Your guests might love spreading out a blanket, and dining on salads and sandwiches.

While you’re having fun with your seating arrangements, keep your guests in mind. You may need some chairs to accommodate people who would have difficulty sitting on pillows and logs.

If you’re shopping for party tents or other portable buildings and outdoor products,contact usat CanopiesAndTarps. You’ll love our wide selection, deep discounts, and fast shipping.

Party Tents Help Neighborhood Block Celebrations Continue Through Fall

party tentDont let falls kickoff keep the neighborhood block parties from rolling onward. After all, Oktoberfest is a perfect excuse to call everyone out of their homes and enjoy a few German brewskies as a community. Just set up party tents that have the potential to keep the afternoon breezes at bay. Theyll ensure that the neighbors will continue to raise their steins and munch on German snack foods well into the late hours of the evening.

If the neighbors have children of any age, why not get separate party tents for them? The children, especially the teenagers, will appreciate having celebration space of their own. Also, the German foods, beverages and dcor could be tailored towards age groups. For instance, the teens might like drinking non-alcoholic beer and playing European card games. Authentic games to consider are Skat, Schafkopf and Karnoffel.

Younger children may like to play Sardines, a German form of tag. The list of other German game options for the little kids includes, but isnt limited to Topfschlagen, Verstecken, Schokoladenessem, Dosenfussball and round robin. Of course they could have German-English singalongs and dances inside of the party tents providing that all of the little kids agree.

Oktoberfest block parties could be set up in other ways too. For instance, everyone could gather underneath of one party tent to socialize and a separate one could be used for refreshments. Keeping the alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments stored in a designated area may make some neighbors feel comfortable. This is particularly relevant for families that disapprove of drinking but still want to participate in the neighborhoods Oktoberfest fun.

No matter how the neighborhoods Oktoberfest is expected to be set up, please contact us for help. We can provide white tents as well as ones in Oktoberfest appropriate colors. Plus, we may be able to assist with portable seating and extra serving tables too.

Party Tents: Awesome for Graduation Parties

party-tentSummer’s coming and that means high school and college students will be graduating soon. So if there’s someone in your family that will be a part of this year’s graduating class, you might want to get a head start on the planning process. For an outdoor graduation party, party tents are definitely an awesome way to go.

Protect Everyone from the Sun

The summer is a great time for outdoor parties. However, you would still want to avoid having everyone in direct sunlight for too long. Rays from the sun can cause harmful damage to the skin. Therefore, it’s best to provide shade for everyone attending the graduation party. And it’s easy to do that when the party is being held under the canopy of a tent.

Shelter from Unexpected Rain Drizzle

When having a party outside, there’s always at least a slight chance of encountering unexpected rain drizzle at some point in the day. So rather than leaving it up to chance, why not take some preventive measures? Have the tent already in place so that everyone in the party could easily hide under it to shelter away from any unexpected drizzle of rain.

Have a Covered Area for Serving Food

When serving food at an outdoor party, try to do so in a covered area. That way, you’ll keep the food protected from the direct heat of the sun. Also, it’s simply easier for party guests to find the food when it’s placed right under the tent.

Ready to order your party tent? Contact us today.

Give in to Big Dog Show Envy: Order Party Tents and Host Your Own

Party TentsDid watching the last Westminster Kennel Club or Crufts Dog Shows leave you feeling inspired? If so, maybe you should consider hosting your own local dog show this year. It will undoubtedly require a lot of work, party tents and kennels but the rewards are likely to be great. To help you plan your show, we’ve put together a handful of basic tips:

First, decide how big you want the dog show to be and which pedigrees will be included. Sketch out your categories and choose a venue that is big enough to accommodate your dog show plans. Then order party tents that can be used for the main show, ancillary exhibitions, registration and dog grooming activities. Of course youll want to secure a series of dog kennels too. Just in case the shows participants neglect to bring their own.

Second, make sure that you purchase event insurance. Afterward, arrange for a vet and security guards to be on site during the course of the dog show. Having them there will make sure that both four-legged and two-legged attendees remain safe throughout the day or evenings festivities.
Third, contact a local landscaping crew that is willing and able to clean up after the dogs. After all, wherever dogs roam, there is bound to be little piles of poop and puddles of pee. Yes, we know that responsible dog owners clean up after their own pets but there is a chance that not everyone in attendance will follow the rules.

Fourth, come up with a marketing, advertising and public relations plan for your dog show. Then start executing the plan accordingly. The list of components to consider including in your plans are press releases, live streaming, social media, radio remotes, television and newspaper ads.

Fifth, if you have any concerns about which party tents, dog kennels, safety fencing, portable tables, chairs to buy, please contact us. We have those items on sale, year-round, at our online store. Plus, our Canopies & Tarps staff members are experts at assisting event planners of all types. So, we are more than happy to help guide newbies through the purchasing process and beyond.

Party Tents for Valentines Day Single Ladies & Gents Parties are on Sale Now

10x10-blue-white-instant-carnival-tentValentines Day isnt just for lovers. An increasing number of singles are celebrating the holiday too. Many do so by hosting a special dinner or dance for all of their single friends and family members. If you are looking to do the same in February 2015, wed suggest buying party tents now. That way, there will be no doubt that youll get the tent you need and have plenty of time to set it up before the big day.

Because the holidays roots trace back to Roman times, it may be fun to host a toga party underneath of the tent. Even if you live in a cold climate, this is still possible as long as you also invest in a portable heater. There are several on the market that may be used with fireproof or fire retardant tents. If you do decide to go with a Grecco-Roman theme, consider decorating the party tents interior and exterior with greenery. It was a popular form of decoration during the times. Most craft stores across America sell faux garland that may be conveniently utilized for such purposes.

Of course youll also want to think about buying some extra greenery for the creation of laurel wreaths and crowns. If youve never made one before, theres a great DIY video on Pinterest that may help or you may just want to buy wreaths readymade. Either way, they should add a bit of dramatic flair to your Valentines Day party for single ladies and gents.

At Canopies & Tarps, our knowledgeable staff is prepared to help Valentines Day event planners like you select party tents large enough to accommodate all expected attendees. We can also help you place an order for foldable, plastic banquet chairs and long, rectangular tables. To speak with a staff member and discuss the specifics of your Valentines Day order, please contact us today.

Celebrate Paul Bunyans Birthday with Party Tents and Tall Stacks

Hes a tall drink of water that can really swing an ax and hell be celebrating his 181st birthday on February 12th. Can you guess who were referring to? Its Paul Bunyan, thats who! And we can’t think of better excuse to hold a pancake breakfast than that. So put up theparty tents, get ready to slap down some flap jacks and order that tankard of maple syrup, because theres nothing small about a Bunyan birthday.

Weve got 20-feet by 39-feet, freestanding party tents that should make a great start. You could fill them with tables and chairs to accommodate all of the expected pancake breakfast guests. To drive home the Paul Bunyan theme further, dress the tables up with red-checkerboard, flannel linens. Then use hollowed out, cut logs to hold moonshine jars full of rich, sweet syrups from Maine. After all, thats one of the many places in the United States to have laid claim to the famous logger.

In addition to the pancake party tent, why not set up a few more? Theyre great places to hold a variety of Paul Bunyan themed contests and exhibitions. For example, you could ask everyone to dress up as Paul Bunyan and his long-time girlfriend, Lucette or makeover their pets in the image of Babe, the big blue ox. The person with the best costume or set of costumes could win an axe or a years supply of pancake mix and syrup.

As for the exhibitions, it might be fun to invite chainsaw sculpture artists and axe manufacturers to display their wares. They may even be willing to hold Paul Bunyan themed competitions of their own. For instance, they could give out awards to the best chainsaw sculpture or to the person able to split more wood than everyone else present. Either way, to find all of the party tents you need to throw one gigantic birthday party for Paul, pleasecontact usat Canopies and Tarps today.

Party Tents and Photo Booths May Aid Marketers with Holiday Sales Efforts

party tentThe National Retail Federation and PWCs FY 2014 fourth quarter predictions are in. Have you looked at them yet? If not, you should do so soon. Consumers are on track to spend a respectable amount and they are expected to do so in a predictable manner. Experts widely believe that will include searching online for deals and sharing what theyve found with others. With that said, party tents and photo booths, in conjunction with omni-channel marketing strategies may help drive holiday sales, especially in mall settings.

Despite the proliferation of online stores, more than 89% of all retail spending in our country may be traced back to mall settings. However, todays consumers generally start their search for the perfect deal online. Once they find it, theyre likely to spend close to an hours time checking the item out at their local retailer before closing the deal. So retailers may want to set up a party tent and photo booth that allows shoppers to capture that precise moment, when feel good emotions are running high. Buyers are likely to turn around and share their photos with online friends, which could help to further drive holiday foot and web traffic.

Many high quality, high volume booths feature branded backdrops that may be customized to meet a companys seasonal needs and we have party tents with translucent walls. Together, theyll help attract the attention of passersby. In addition, some photo booth services include valuable social media integration like the ability to instantly broadcast photos over Twitter, FB and e-mail. Customized FB wall messages, special hashtags and a post-event e-mail database can be part of the deal too. Understandably, corporate marketing gurus can take it a step further by tying the photos to their blogging, Google+, newsfeeds and Instagram efforts as well as temporary information sharing apps like SnapChat.

To learn more and setup a party tent big enough to hold a photo session sometime between now and the end of FY 2014, please contact us straightaway.

Deluxe Party Tents with Walls Are Ideal for Healthy Aging Month Events

Nationwide event planners may want to take note. Before long, Healthy Aging Month will be on our doorsteps and there is no better place to host an event than underneath of one of our deluxe party tents. Weve got an assortment of versatileparty tentsavailable that are sure to please.

Event planners looking to host large seminars devoted to pre or post-retirement, fiscal health will appreciate our large, deluxe party tents. They can accommodate a multitude of set-ups and a great number of seminar attendees. For more intimate financial seminars, weve got smaller party tents available too. Plus, we offer mid-size party tents that are perfect for hosting a corresponding, catered meal or cocktail hour.

Senior fashion show and dinner dance event planners will undoubtedly find that our deluxe party tents with side walls will meet their needs as well. Such Healthy Aging Month shindigs could be held in our 14 x 32 x 1-5/8 or 14 x 27 x 1-5/8 party tents.

Our luxurious party tents would also be wonderful items to incorporate into a recreational vehicle or boat show for the soon-to-be or newly retired. Depending on the size of the show, event planners could opt to buy more than just one luxury party tent. That way, they could allow RV and boat manufacturers to hold seminars or additional companion events inside one of the other tents.

Of course the above are not the only Healthy Aging Month events that could be held inside of our wide assortment of party tents. Some of our party tents are also tailor made for health fairs. For example, the health fair could be taking place inside one party tent and participating fitness instructors could offer mini exercise lessons in another one.

To learn more about buying luxury party tents in time for hosting Health Aging Month events this year, pleasecontact ustoday.