Poly Heavy Duty Tarps

At Canopies and Tarps we go the extra mile to make sure our warehouses are stocked with polyethylene fabric tarps of every color, style, material and size.

Our stock of poly tarps can be divided into a few categories. Among our most popular offerings is the UV tarp. This heavy-duty poly tarp is available in a variety of colors bright, highly visible colors like silver, yellow, white, red, orange, bright green and tan. It also comes in muted, darker colors like brown, woodland camouflage, digital camouflage, and blue. In addition to single-colored and single-patterned tarps, Canopies and Tarps also carries two-toned tarps in blue and black, blue and silver, brown and white, silver and brown, silver and black, and silver and white. All colors are guaranteed not to fade. Our UV-treated tarps provide excellent protection for outdoor projects that involve high amounts of UV light exposure. UV tarps are a great way to minimize exposure to UV rays when staying out of the sun is unavoidable.

Every tarp is fitted with rope reinforced edges, heat-wielded seams, and grommets available in both brass and aluminum. These tarps are also waterproof, acid-resistant, tear-resistant, rot-resistant and mildew-resistant. Flexible-yet-tough, these poly tarps boast a three-ply construction, meaning each tarp contains three layers of polyethylene fabric stacked and woven together to maximize strength and retain flexibility. áPoly tarps can be purchased in any thickness ranging from light and thin at 8-mil, to ultra-strong at 14-mil. Ultimately, a tarp should offer protection and coverage in every circumstance. This is why our tarps are weatherproofed and designed to withstand all the elements at every thickness. Despite their durable construction, expect even our thickest poly tarps to be no heavier than 6 ounces, because a heavier weight does not equal a superior quality.