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Pop up Tents and Golf Courses: A Winning Combo for Fans as well as Vendors

pop-up-tent-golf-courseThe PGA Tour season will be gearing up again after a short, winter break. We expect the action to resume just after the New Year, in Hawaii, with the Tournament of Champions. From there, it will move on to other states, including but not limited to California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Texas and South Carolina. The season will eventually end several months later, in the fall of 2017. As such, better get those pop up tents now.

Pop up tents are perfect for golf tour vendors and spectators alike. Suitable for use on all types of golf course surfaces, they set up and break down quickly. Plus, pop up tents come in colors that mesh well with popular, pro golfing brands. And in some cases, we can add brand logos or golfers names to the pop up tents durable fabrics. In those instances, buyers may need to prove that they have the right to use the brands logo or the golfers likeness. For example, golf fans expect Rory McLlroy, Brian Gay, Graham DeLaet and Billy Horschel to sport bright colors. Miguel Angel Jimenez and others tend to waiver between that and the traditional.

So, wed suggest checking out our collection of Caravan Display Shade Tents. They come in an impressive array of 10+ colors and boast total UV protection. Within the 10+ color palate are bold reds, yellows and blues that match the shirts sometimes worn by many of the pro golfers weve already mentioned. The colorful pop-ups also resist fire, water and wind shear damage. Accordingly, you can expect them to come with a limited warranty that will last carry you through at least through two more golf seasons. To learn more about Caravan Display Shade Tents and the others suitable for golf course use, please contact us now. We may be able to have one to you before North Americas golf tournament season resumes.

Outdoor Pop Up Tents Help Business Owners Promote Major Events

pop up tentGreat Outdoors Month is blowing into view. So as a wise business person, what are you going to do about it? Weve got ideas your welcome to use and they all start with high-quality, pop up tents. Premium, pop up tents are easy to set up and care for, which makes pulling off promotional events easy. With starting prices under $300, the instant canopy kits are undoubtedly an excellent deal. However, for a little bit more you can score pop up tents perfect for food services and festive carnivals. Now on to the Great Outdoors Month ideas that weve already promised you:

Unveil a New Application " Why not use the annual holiday to unveil a new application for peoples mobile devices? Mobile remains hot and apps, believe it or not, can help get them outdoors. For example, it could highlight the outdoor items your business has for sale and explain how to utilize them in any given situation. Cell phone guided tour apps, direction, fitness and history apps all have their place in Great Outdoors Month celebrations too. To celebrate the apps unveiling, just set up an instant canopy and give onsite demonstrations.

Host a Refreshment Stand " If apps arent your thing, you could always set up refreshment stands at recreation sites near the store. Theyre a great way to lure people over to your sales staff. Plus, it offers opportunities to raise funds for conservation related charities or reward people who help clean up local parks. Of course if you choose to open a stand, investing in a 10 x 10 food tent with mesh walls is your best bet.

Offer Opportunities to Play Games of Chance " Finally, you could put up a pop up tent and invite people to play games of chance. The games could be outdoor themed. Winners could receive recycled water bottles and other eco-friendly, recreational related goodies. Any pop up tent would be suitable for a game station but we prefer the instant carnival canopy with colorful, striped skirting. To learn more, please contact us.

Pop Up Tents Help Kids Celebrate Natl. Ice Tea Month with Neighborhood Stands

Back in the olden days, children would beg their parents for an old card table, two chairs, pop up tents and a pitcher of lemonade. Then theyd set it all up in their front lawn in hopes of selling cold drinks to the neighbors. It was a time-honored tradition that taught them a lot about the value of hard work and the complexities of business. So why not encourage your kids to do something similar this June?
It happens to be National Iced Tea Month. As such, you could introduce the little ones to the pleasures and science behind making sun tea. Most discount stores sell plastic, sun tea containers with built-in spigots for less than $5 each. And theyve likely got tagless tea bags in stock for less than $2 bucks a box too. As for the sugar, wed recommend the kids have that on the side. That way, their ice tea stand patrons can sweeten their drinks as desired.
The pop-up tents will help the kids ice tea stands get noticed. Plus, theyll offer much-needed shade to both the kids and the sun tea containers. So you may end up saving on ice and extra sunscreen. And yes, the pop-up tents frame is strong enough to support signage. Therefore, feel free to let the kids use poster board to advertise their ice tea stands hours of operation and prices.
Being we live in the digital, internet age, encourage the kids to snap a picture of their ice tea tent as well. The picture could be shared online to drum up support from the neighbors and other ice tea fans that may be in the area during the month of June. In addition, theyll provide a keepsake to mark the kids attempts at becoming ice tea moguls for the month. To learn more and pick out pop-up tent before National Iced Tea Month arrives, please contact us.

Motor into National Good Car Care Month with Stylish Pop-Up Tents in the Trunk

car canopyNational Good Car Care Month is motoring into view. Traditionally held every May, it marks a time when everyone should pay a little more attention to their four-wheeled friends. What kind of attention? Cleaning those car ports and portable garages are one task. And depending on how well the cleaning goes, maybe thinking about canopy top replacements might be in order too.

Once the car and its storage area are in tip-top shape, there is one more thing to do. Grab pop up tents and hit the road. Why hit the road? Well, May is traditionally the kick off of car show season in all of the cold weather states. Warmer states may start their car show season beforehand. And with those shows come road rallies and other motorsport events that could only be made better with the right pop-up tent at your side.

Which pop-up tents are perfect for motor touring season? Wed suggest ones that fit inside of average size trunks, truck beds or motorhomes under storage areas. They are the type of pop-up tents typically sold as packages. The packages often include a soft-sided case, collapsible walls, valance, poles and stakes. Of course packages arent necessary for those that dont mind buying or toting their pop-up tents piece meal.

Pop-up tents for motor touring should also be visually appealing, so they draw attention at crowded venues. Not only will they draw strangers eyes to your baby, theyll make your tailgate site easier to find in overpopulated sporting events. The list of great tent fabric colors for standing out includes but isnt confined to bold yellows, fiery reds, bright whites and darker colors with contrasting, splashy graphics.

For additional help finding perfect, Good Car Care Month tents, please contact us this week and ask for our auto event experts.

Pop Up Tents Help Push Passionate Crafters into the World of Profitability

pop-up-tentsDo you have a passion for crafting or making gourmet foods? If so, why hide it from the world? Historical look backs show that more than 60 million Americans likely share your passion. And guess what, many are using their love of homemade goods to make money too. How? Theyre selling goods online and at area festivals.

Area festivals are among the best places to reach Millennial consumers. Why? The absolutely crave unique group or one-in-one experiences. Studies conducted by firms like Accenture continually prove those assertions to be true. So, pitching pop up tents at those types of events and showcasing tangible wares are often the way to achieve financial goals. Lets look at ShadeLogics Quick Clamp Canopy as an example.

Designed to be used with a portable picnic or folding table, it attaches with clamps. Once placed over the table, it provides just the right amount of cover for canned preserves and other homemade treats. Plus, it breaks down fast, stores easily and costs less than $80. Consequently, first-time festival venders will likely make their money back rapidly. Afterward, they may want to expand their festival offerings and display them under pop up tents.

Pop up tents offer many of the same benefits as quick clamp canopies. Additionally, they are often fire-retardant and equipped with mesh options. Thus, theyre prefect for venues who are notorious for having stringent booth restrictions in place for their chosen vendors. Price wise, some of the pop ups sell for as little as $110. Thus, one good sales day should cover their initial investment costs too. And yes, that includes any finance charges credit card companies may charge.

To find out how millions of Americans are successfully taking their passions into the world of profit-making, please contact us. We routinely assist festival goers with pop up tents, tables, chairs and storage shelters for their creative wares.

Stay in Business Through the Cold Season with Pop Up Tents

pop up tentsDoes your business require either you or your inventory to remain outside? Do you usually end the season as soon as it starts getting a bit chilly outside? Then you might be interested to know that you can realistically extend your business season this year by investing in a pop up tent or two.

Keep the Cold Out

One of the greatest things about pop up tents is that they’re so great at keeping out the cold. Thus, by owning one, you’ll be able to keep yourself much warmer while selling stuff outside. Also, with your inventory sitting in the pop up tent, your prospective buyers will be much more likely to come by to see what you have to sell. That is because they know they won’t be exposed to much bitter coldness with your pop up tent there to shield them from most of the unpleasantness of winter.

Make More Money

If you’re using the pop up tent for business, then it won’t be long before the pop up tent pretty much pays for itself. By enabling you to extend your business season, you’ll be able to sell a whole lot more of whatever it is that you’re trying to sell. Also, not only will the pop up tent serve to keep out the cold, but it can also keep out the rain as well. Therefore, you’ll be able to stay open for business on the rainy days, earning you even more money in the process.
Contact us to learn more about our pop up tents today.

Get in on the Farmer’s Market Action With Pop Up Tents

pop up tentsThe final month or two of warm weather is always really enjoyable. Everyone tries to really soak in all of the summer joy that is left, as the final days of summer slip away. Like all summers, this one has passed far too quickly. Hopefully you have been able to make the most of it.

The summer may provide exciting business opportunities for you too. One of the best summer marketing events is the local farmer’s market. Farmer’s market’s have been growing in popularity all over the country as more and more people express interest in eating locally sourced food. They love being able to purchase produce from farmer’s markets, and enjoy the natural, healthy alternative to buying food at the grocery store that may have been shipped in from other countries.

Almost every area has a farmer’s market of some kind, and some communities have multiple farmer’s markets. You don’t have to just grow fruits or vegetable to participate in the market. Many farmer’s markets open themselves up to vendors of locally crafted good of many varieties, and some are even more liberal in the kinds of vendors they will accept. Look into your local farmer’s market to see if they would be interested in a business like yours participating in the market.

Remember that pop up tents are an important part of your market presentation. They offer shade to you and your customers, and help protect your products from the intense rays of the sun. They also offer rain protection. For more information on quality pop up tents that are made to last, please contact us.

Pop-Up Tent Package Deals May Help Shine a Favorable Light on Greek Life

southern-cal-trojans-tentIn the 1980’s, Greek life was romanticized in movies but that isnt so much the case nowadays. This year, people are taking a harder look at what Greek life entails and whether or not its something worth promoting. Just take a look at the June 2015 online edition of Bloomberg Business and youll see what we mean. That said, sororities and fraternities should consider putting up the pop up tents and launching a PR campaign before the 2015/2016 Freshman Rush Season begins.

Parents, their children, education leaders and others need to be reminded of the benefits that come from being a part of Greek life. Standing under pop-up tents and handing out copies of two different USA Today articles highlighting those benefits is one way to start the conversation. One article appeared in 2012 and the other was published in 2014. Together, they briefly highlight why fraternities and sororities should be allowed to continue.

Pop-up tents may be used as more than just focal points for literature dissemination too. Greek leaders may want to consider using them to draw people into charity events that instantly show how helpful college students can be in a number of arenas (e.g. healthcare research, humanitarian aid and social justice). At Canopies and Tarps, our products are ideal for all types of Greek life events. So in temperate climates, they may be used for sorority and fraternity PR campaigns all year round.

Many Greek associations love the simplicity and affordable prices associated with our pop-up tent package deals. Others prefer to buy their PR event staples piece meal as fraternity and sorority funds become available. Either way, were happy to help Greek leaders find the pop-up tents they need to put a fresh face on to their organizations. To learn more about our pop-up tent deals for educational groups, please contact us online today.

Pop Up Tents for Motorsports Awareness Month Events: Buy Now, Party Later

pop-up-tentsStatistics show that millions of Americans love to attend motorsports events each summer. And that number is only expected to grow thanks to national observances like Motorsports Awareness Month. It happens every August due to the efforts of groups like the Specialty Equipment Market Association.At Canopies and Tarps, were itching for August to get here so we can celebrate and we know that many of you are too.As such, we wouldnt wait much longer to place those automotive pop up tent orders. Our 10-feet by 10-feet pop-ups have always been big sellers, regardless of which special event is taking place. Consequently, months tailor-made for motorsports events tend to send pop-up tents racing out of our warehouses doors even faster. And thats saying something.

The 10-feet by 10-feet pop-ups are ideal for small displays or gatherings. So, if you plan on going all monster truck for Motorsports Month, wed suggest buying more than one pop-up tent. Otherwise, someone in your pit crew may end up with a badly sunburned head. And why let that happen when the majority of our car crazed pop-ups are priced below $370 each.

For less than $370, you can sit in style throughout National Motorsports Month and use the same pop-up tent at other events during the year. The transportation related events that instantly come toour minds are listed below:

National Truck Diver Appreciation Week (September)
Drive Safely Work Week (October)
Drowsy Driving Prevention Week (November)
National Impaired Driving Prevention Month (December)
International Snowmobile Safety & Awareness Week (January)
Daytona 500 and Diesel Engine Day (February)
National Bio-diesel Day (March)
Car Care Month (April)

Clearly there are other transportation related holidays beside the ones we listed. The point is that small investment in an automotive tent is apt to go a very long way. To learn more about selecting pop-up tents boss enough to pitch near a motorsports race track, please contact us at Canopies and Tarps today.

Have You Bought Tarps and Pop-Up Tents for National Tire Safety Week Yet?

National Tire Safety Week is almost here. In case youre unaware, its an annual observance thats sponsored by the Rubber Manufacturers Association. Each year, they take the opportunity to remind Americans about everything from tire maintenanceand tire threads to inflation. A number of safety related agencies, auto parts and tire manufacturers traditionally join in on the event too. As such, we know that many of you are likely to host a variety of special, National Tire Safety Week events.

At Canopies and Tarps, we have high qualitytarpsand automotive pop-up tents that would be perfect for National Tire Safety Week promotions. Lets start with a look at our discounted and economy tarps. Made with rust-resistant grommets and rope-reinforced edges, they are resistant to water, acid, mildew and tearing. However, they are also priced affordably. That said, we recommend using them as National Tire Safety Week giveaways.

Customers could take theeconomy tarpshome and lay them down on the ground to protect their clothes when changing bald, flat or beat up tires. The tarps would also fit well inside of customers motor vehicles. They could remain in the vehicles trunks until roadside emergencies arise that require the use of a handy, durable tarp. Plus, customers could combine them with our truck tarps and other products to protect bed liners, precious cargo, machinery, roofs, firewood and more.

Now lets talk about theautomotive pop-ups. Each one is perfect enough to take up valuable retail space outside of a tire or automotive parts store during National Tire Safety Week and beyond. Plus, some of them feature names of well-known tire and parts manufacturers. Examples include Firestone and Ford. To learn more about the discounted tarps and great-looking pop-ups weve mentioned in todays post, pleasecontact usnow. Well gladly take your National Tire Safety Week order and have it to you in time for those all-important events.