Ratchet Tie Downs

CanopiesAndTarps.com has a large selection of ratchet tie downs for all kinds of loads that you'll need to keep securely in place. We have S hooks, J wires and even a 72" x 96" cargo net that comes with 32 hooks. The Ratchet Strap with Double J Wire Hooks comes with 10 sets in a box and has a breaking strength of 4,000 pounds (the working load limit is actually one-third of the breaking strength). The Car Tie Down Lasso Straps and Ratchet with J Hooks comes with two sets in a box and has a breaking strength of 10,000 pounds. The 4" x 30' Ratchet Tie Downs with Wire J Hooks boasts a breaking strength of 15,000 pounds. Whichever ratchet tie down item you need, you'll find it at Canopies and Tents for prices radically lower than what you would pay at a retail store, and Canopies and Tents will usually ship your item the same business day the order is received.