Red UV Tarps (12 Mil)

When you purchase a Red UV Poly Tarp from Canopies and Tarps, you'll be getting a durable, heavy duty product that is ideal for covering cars, trucks, boats or recreational vehicles.

Red heavy duty poly covers have aluminum grommets spaced every 18 inches around all four edges. Red Poly tarps can serve as handy canopy covers as well as boat or truck covers, or even for storing hay. The material used to make these tarps will protect RVs all year round from the elements. Even when you are not using it as a protective cover, the red tarp is easy to fold up and use in the event of an emergency, which is enhanced by the bright tone of red, making it easily visible. And that bright red won't be fading any time soon, because it has been UV treated on both sides to protect it from the sun's harshest rays. The edges have been reinforced with rope. In addition to its protection from UV rays, the Red poly tarp is water proof and mildew resistant.

*** The Finish Size Of All Tarps Is 4 - 6 Percent Less Than Cut (Listed) Size. It is strongly recommended that excessive pressure is not placed on the grommets. Tarp ties should be of flexible, elastic material. We advise against using any ties that are ridged, such as rope or wire. We do not accept returns for pulled grommets as a result of mis-use.

There are many different colors of poly tarps available for purchase. Red tarps are one of many colors that are made with heavy-duty polyethylene. Other popular tarp colors include silver, white, tan, blue, green, orange and yellow. All heavy-duty poly covers are comprised of similar construction and include aluminum grommets spaced every 18 inches around all four edges. Red Poly tarps have several uses but some of the most common include canopy covers, boat covers, truck covers, hay storage as well as, for use with portable instant shelters. Red tarps are often the preferred color choice in instances where high visibility is an important factor. For example, emergency response agencies have long used the red tarp as part of their triage kits when on scene at multi-casualty incidents. The red tarp is used in conjunction with the yellow, green and black mesh covers, which allow medical responders, to prioritize injuries on scene. The poly red tarp is the ideal protective cover for long-lasting, outdoor use. As with all polyethylene tarps, each red poly cover is 100% waterproof, rot proof, mildew proof and provides full UV protection from the suns harmful rays. The red tarp is the perfect outdoor cover for boats, cars, trucks and RV's. The heavy-duty material will protect recreational vehicles year round from the elements. When the red tarp is not in use as a protective cover, it can be folded and stored in case of emergency. The red tarp is an excellent tool to help emergency responders find your location immediately. Furthermore, the red tarp can help provide shelter until medical and rescue personal have arrived. There are so many uses for tarps but the red cover is the best choice for high visibility covers.