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5 Ways Canvas Tarps Can Enhance a Garage Sale

5x7-polyester-canvas-tarpsSuccessful garage sales require good planning, andcanvas tarpsmake the whole process run more smoothly. These are 5 good reasons to pick up a supply of tarps before you greet your first customers.

Create a more attractive atmosphere:If you dont happen to have a garage, you may feel like you are stuck with displaying your possessions strewn across your front lawn. Canvas tarps are a quick and inexpensive way to put up a temporary structure that will show off your goods in a better light. People passing by are also more likely to stop and see whats going on.

Organize the merchandise:Retailers put a lot of thought into categorizing their inventory because it makes it easier for customers to browse and buy. Tarps give you a place to hang signs above tables where its easier for customers to see them. You can also divide up the area to create different sections for childrens toys and kitchen wares.

Contain traffic:You may be worried about having strangers wandering around your property. With a designated area you can feel more at ease because there will be less risk of people straying out of sight and harming your property or injuring themselves.

Be prepared for all weather conditions:Our tarps are treated with UV-resistant and water-resistant chemicals so they are suitable for all kinds of outdoor conditions. Everyone will enjoy shelter from sunburn or rain showers.

Encourage repeat business:If everything goes well, it will be easy to put up your tarps again for the next sale. Meanwhile, you can use them for all kinds of other tasks around your house and yard.

Contact usfor an extensive collection of canvas tarps. Ordering is easy, and our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives are happy to help you every step of the way.

Ice Damming Problems? Drainage Tarps & Leak Diverters Can Help

drain tarp

The wintermonths are prime time for reports of ice damming problems. As such, there has never been a more opportune time to stock up ondrainage tarpsand leak diverters. They can really come in handy when such predicaments arise. This is especially true if thesnow meltis backing up and running into your buildings attic or ceilingcrawl space.

Take our drainage tarps and leak diversion covers as prime examples of how effective such products can be in those situations. They are unlike othertarpsin several key ways. For starters, the corners of the tarps are outfitted with sewn in heavy-duty D rings. They help the drainage tarp to remain in place andwithstand the weight of standing water.

So just how heavy is standing water? According to the websiteNH Floodplain, a mere three feet of standing water is so heavy that it can cause catastrophic damage to modern frame houses. That damage includes warped wood, structural collapse, mold formation and wall board breakage.

The heavy-duty D rings are not the only design element worth mentioning either. Each of our tarps also come outfitted with a convenient sewn in drain spout. So you can use them with standard, easy to obtain garden hoses, household size buckets and much more.

To use the drainage tarps in ice damming situations, simply locate the area where the snow melt is entering the building. Then affix the tarps D rings to the surrounding wood with the aid of heavy-duty hooks. Afterward, attach one end of the garden hose to the tarps drain spout and place the other inside of a deep bucket. Of course you could also opt to run the end of the hose outside of the building or into a floor drain too. As the snow melts, the tarp will collect the water and divert it down through the garden hose. Thus, the risk of water damage will be minimized until you can fully repair the roof leak.

For more information about drainage tarps and how they can help in ice damming situations, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911. We would also love to hear about your experiences with our drainage tarps onFacebookandTwitter.

Pop Up Tents and Other Great Holiday Gift Options

dawg e tentNow that the Christmas and Hanukkah shopping season has officially begun, you may be anxiously wondering how to whittle down your gift list. The good news is our Canopies and Tarps team has the answer. So to make it easier on all of you frenzied gift givers out there, we’ve assembled a list of great options. It starts with ourpop up tents.


#1: Pop Up Tents

Our pop up tents would make great gifts forautomotiveandNBA fansalike. Thats because our collection includes pop up tents outfitted with all of the best automotive brands and NBA teams logos. For example, you could purchase a 10 x 10 Built Ford Tough pop up tent and pair it with one of our poly truck tarps and a set of ball bungee cords. You could also combine one of our NBA pop up tents with a matching tailgate folding chair.

#2: Pop Up Tent Kits

While we are on the topic of pop ups, ourTent Kitswould be ideal for the entrepreneurs on your list. The kits include everything savvy salespeople need to set-up a fabulous display at an outdoor flea market, festival or other marketplace style event. So there is no doubt that the entrepreneurs on your list would love one.

#3: Greenhouse Kits

Do you know of someone whos more of a gardener than an entrepreneur? Then ourPortable Greenhouse Kitsmay send his or her heart aflutter. The kits come in various sizes and designs. The largest is 22 x 24 x 12 and comes with a pair of roll-up door kits. You could pair it with gardening supplies like heirloom seeds.

#4: Dawg-E-Tents

We havent forgotten about the four-legged folks on everyones gift list either. The perfect gift for them is ourDawg-E-Tents. They are adorable, lightweight, portable houses made with two-tone, water resistant canvas. The Dawg-E-Tents come in two sizes and would look great as part of large gift combination. Other items to add to the combination are our pet beds, kennels and kennel shade covers.

To learn more about these pop-up tents and other gift items, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911.

Tips for Managing Containment Ponds and Preserving Pond Liners in the Winter

Pond LinerIn a previousposting, we discussed tips for choosing pond liners. Well this week, we wanted to briefly revisit the topic and discuss management issues. After all, it wont be long before containment pond owners will have to deal with snow-melt and migrating waterfowl issues. With that in mind, here are our containment pond management tips:


#1: Use a Depth Marker

One way to get a grip on your ponds snow-melt issues is to use a modified marking system. It will allow you to accurately measure your ponds water level with merely a glance. There are several different types of depth markers available. You will want to select one that will not puncture a hole into your pond liner. In many cases, that may end up being a side-wall or sloping marker system.

#2: Use Protective Padding

While we are on the subject of punctures, it is important to use protective padding when installing pond agitators and pump systems too. Thats because such systems tend to have sharp edges that can sometimes cut into a pond liner with continuous use.

#3: Monitor Bank Erosion

It is also a good idea to monitor the ponds embankment area for signs of erosion. Otherwise, the banks could erode to the point where it disrupts the placement of your pond liner. In instances of significant erosion, pond liner damage could also occur.

#4: Watch Out for Trees

Erosion is not the only thing to look out for around the embankment area. Roots from trees and shrubs as well as loose, vegetative debris can cause problems too. Therefore, it is best to avoid planting in the areas near thecontainment pondand engage in periodic tree limb removal.

#5: Install Waterfowl Netting

Lastly, consider protecting yourpond linerfrom migrant waterfowl with the aid of weather resistant netting. The netting should be ideally place above the pond and on poles. It should also feature large openings and a support cable designed to keep the netting free of wintry debris. Failure to keep the net free of ice, snow and other materials could cause it to collapse and damage your pond liner.

For more information about pond liners and how to use them, pleasecontact us. We have a large assortment of 20 mil pond liners in stock. They feature a puncture resistance of 140 pounds and a tongue tear resistance of 80 pounds. Their Mullen burst strength, hydro-static resistance and grab tensile strength are also quite impressive.