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Canopy Top Replacements May Help Save Your Carnivals Reputation

party tentLast years summer carnival didn’t attract as many visitors as you and the neighborhood events committee had hoped. Now youre all wondering why that happened and what to do about it. Personally, wed recommend taking a closer look at all aspects of your carnival. The problem could rest with its overall reputation.

Sometimes the equipment used to put on longstanding carnivals starts to look a little shabby around the edges. And that can put off potential visitors and vendors alike. Thats why it is vital to periodically invest in canopy top replacements. Nowadays, there are canopy top replacements that are specifically designed for carnival use.

Case in point, at Canopies and Tarps, we have a broad range of fiesta and carnival top covers in stock. Weve also got matching, replacement side and end panels on hand as well as new tents. Many of them are fire, water and UV ray resistant. Plus, they are made from an ultra durable, 600 denier polyester/oxford blend. As such, they should help to improve your neighborhood carnivals overall look and make the area safer for all involved.

Dont just invest in canopy top replacements either. Consider adding a new layout and other attractive elements to your neighborhood carnival as well. For example, you may want to set up a soft play area for the kids that features a series of sun shade sails and seating areas for the parents. Families may also enjoy a police and K-9 exhibit area. Set up dog kennels for the animals and ask police officers to talk about important issues like child and home safety.

To learn more about improving your neighborhood carnivals reputation with the aid of canopy top replacements and more, please contact us online or by dialing (877) 811-3911 today. Our canopy and tarps experts would be overjoyed to share their advice for setting up stunning, summer carnivals.

Have Rodents Been Ardently Chewing on Your Existing Hay Covers?

Hay Tarps

Just because the weather is getting warmer doesn’t mean that the mice and rats will leave your farms supply of hay alone. So now is not the time to get complacent. That said, you may want to take care of the following farming tasks this weekend:

Examine the Hay Covers

Check your farms supply of hay covers for signs of rodent damage and activity first. Then clean and repair or replace the damaged hay covers straightaway. If you decide to clean the hay covers, be sure to use a disinfectant that is capable of killing the Hantavirus. Otherwise, you run the risk of sickening your family, pets and livestock.

Clean and Disinfect the Area

Depending on where your hay is being stored, you may need to disinfect the entire area as well as any farming equipment thats been used nearby too. The Center for Disease Control and U.S. Armed Forces Pest Management Board has a list of specific cleaning instructions that you may find helpful in that regard. Plus, most farm-related disinfectants come with instructions as well.
Trap and Remove Pests

Of course before you go through the disinfection process, youll want to render the area rodent free. Placing a variety of traps, rodenticides, repellents and rodent-eating animals in the area may help in that regard. In some instances, it may also be necessary to call in a professional exterminator.

Put New Safeguards in Place

Once those tasks are complete, youll need to put more safeguards in place than just hay covers. Storing the hay on pallets and keeping the surrounding area free of debris will help. Creating a gravel base for the pallets and sealing up any small openings in the barn may help keep the rodents at bay too.

To learn more about ordering and maintaining hay covers, please contact us by calling (877) 811-3911 toll-free. At Canopies and Tarps, we have a huge collection of rot, mold and mildew resistant hay covers on offer that are perfect for animal husbandry and farming applications.

Athletic Field Covers for Spring Football League Hopefuls Are Available

athletic field coverHave you heard about the A11FL yet? If not, expect to hear more in the months that come. Its a brand spanking, original, professional football league thats set to kickoff next spring. And the games are expected to be broadcast on ESPN2. But right now, the league is in the process of recruiting team players and coaches. So for the moment, football fans will just have to watch crews roll out athletic field covers and sit tight.

Speaking of which, for those of you that may be thinking about training for a role in the new league, dont forget to buy athletic field covers for your practice area. After all, having athletic field covers will help keep your A11FL haven ready to go whenever the leagues powers that be sound the starting whistle.

At Canopies and Tarps, we have made-to-order football athletic field covers that would be perfect for A11FL hopefuls. Each cover sports super strong handles that are constructed out of reinforced webbing. Youll find them running all along the football athletic field covers perimeter at 15-foot intervals. The rest of the USA fabricated, UV resistant cover is crafted out of woven, triple-coated, 12 mil. polyethylene.

So practice field maintenance crews will be able to clean them perfectly with nothing more than regular soap, water, floor squeegees and long-handled, soft-bristled brushes. Due to the athletic field covers excellent construction, roll-up, roll-out and storage tasks are destine to be stress-free too.

On the off chance that field mice and other critters manage to chew a hole through the thick polyethylene, you may want to pick up a roll of HD poly tarp repair tape or a vinyl tarp repair kit. We have them on hand at Canopies and Tarps too. The rolls of athletic cover repair tape are 3-inches wide by 60-feet long and come in different colors. The repair kit, on the other hand, comes with an 18 ounce, 2-inch by 5-inch vinyl patch and a pint-size can of vinyl adhesive.

To learn more about them and our football athletic field covers, please contact us by calling (877) 811-3911. And remember, made-to-order athletic field covers may take longer to receive than premade ones. But the premium materials and vigilant attention to details that goes into the manufacturing process makes them well worth the wait.

Plan on Playing Paintball? Dont Forget the Camouflage Tarpaulins

camo-tarp-paintballPaintball is a recreational activity that has been gaining in popularity for years now. Some people like to play paintball at indoor venues. Others opt for a more rustic experience by taking the game to the great outdoors. If you are one of the paintball enthusiasts that love a good outdoor war, dont forget to stock up on camouflage tarpaulins.

Camouflage tarpaulins are positively perfect for paintball applications. They are made from heavy-duty, abrasion and tear resistant, 18-ounce vinyl. The waterproof, 22 mil. vinyl has obviously been dyed to look like camouflage. What paintball fans might not realize is that the tarpaulins have also been coated with chemicals to make them acid, oil, mildew, UV ray and grease resistant.

In addition to those features, our camouflage tarpaulins sport heat-sealed seams, hemmed edges and grommets. The grommets on our camouflage tarpaulins are typically placed along the edges every 24 inches. So the tarpaulins may be easily converted into makeshift shelters or used to secure spare firepower.

As it stands now, our camouflage tarpaulins come in actual finished lengths and may be made to order. Standard sizes tend to start at 5-inches by 7-inches and run up to 20-inches by 30-inches. The small tarpaulins are perfect for individuals whereas the super-sized ones are ideal for staging areas. The other tarps are well suited for moderate-size and large paintball parties.

If you do plan on ordering camouflage tarpaulins for your next paintball outing, you may want to pick-up a few more items. Products that would pair well with the camo tarps are plastic tarp clamps, UV rope, ball bungees, emergency survival sleeping bags and survival kits. You may want to toss a first aid kit into your shopping cart too. After all, a solid hit from a paintball has been known to cause an injury or two.

To learn more about tarpaulins that would make ideal paintball shelters, please contact us at Canopies and Tarps. Our camouflage tarpaulin experts may be reached by calling (877) 811-3911.

High Quality Pond Liners Make Creating Frog Habitats Easy and Affordable

Are you looking for a fun, fabulous way to teach the kids about nature and create a certified wildlife habitat at the same time? If so, you may want to think about investing in pond liners and creating a habitat for frogs. With knowledge and the rightpond liner, its a lot easier than many people imagine.

At Canopies and Tarps, we have pond liners that are perfect for creatingfrog habitatsof all sizes. Plus, we can custom design pond liners to accommodate whatever shape you have in mind for your certified wildlife habitat. On top of that, the liners have an average mass of 9.3 ounces and are 20 mil thick. So even young children can help carry small sections of pond liner around without breaking a sweat.

The liners happen to be tear and puncture resistant too, which makes them ideal for supporting certain types of aquatic and terrestrial plant life that frogs need to thrive. For aquatic plants, wed suggest using water lilies, sedges, pennyworts and grasses. Frogs seem to love using them for nesting sites and protection from natural predators.

As for the terrestrial plants to put around the outside of the pond liner, wed recommend looking into oak leaf hydrangeas, toad lilies, ferns, Jack-in-the-Pulpits, trilliums and wild ginger. They can easily be established with the aid of rip-rap, soil conditioners, no-float mulch and sand. Plus, they tend to look attractive and require little maintenance too.

We should also note that our durable pond liners are suitable for use with soaker hoses. They are normally placed at the bottom of frog ponds and attached to rain barrels as an eco-friendly way to help replenish any water lost due to normal evaporation. However, if not paired with high quality liners like ours, they could end up creating leaks and jeopardizing the frog ponds eco-system over time.

Once the frog pond is established, certifying it as a wildlife habitat is easy. Just go on the National Wildlife Federations website and fill in the appropriate form. For more information on creating a frog pond, certified or otherwise, with our high quality pond liners, pleasecontact ustoll-free at (877) 811-3911. We love to provide people with the pond liners and other supplies they need to better their environment.

Portable Garages Can Protect Families Summer Cycling Gear from Harm

An increasing number of todays families are opting to bust out the bicycles and go cycling together. And considering all of the health benefits involved, who could blame them for donning those cycling shorts and helmets? Of course taking up cycling as a recreational hobby or professional sport requires an investment in equipment. One item that proves to be invaluable in that regard is aportable garage.

Portable garages are ideal places to store cycling gear. Think about it. Todays bicycle frames are made from materials like aluminum, titanium, steel and carbon fiber. Despite being durable, none of those materials are totally immune from weather damage. The same may be said of bicycles wheels, drives, gears, braking and steering systems. They have the potential to rust, fade and degrade from exposure to the elements as well.

Todays portable garages and sheds are uniquely designed to protect cycling equipment and more from damage. They typically feature heavy-duty frames that have been treated with DuPont thermoset powder-coated finishes to stand up to the wind and rain.They also sport triple-layer, rip-stop, heat-bonded, waterproof, polyethylene covers and Rugged Ratchet Tite Tensioning Systems. The covers tend to be treated with antifungal agents, sun damage and anti-aging blockers too. So they will hold up all summer long in a variety of different climates.

To further strengthen portable garages and sheds ability to hold back Mother Natures fury, most come complete with steel foot plates and auger tie-downs as well. Thus, the chances that portable sheds and garages will blow over and leave a familys cycling gear exposed to the elements are slim.

At Canopies and Tarps, cyclists have a wide variety of portable garages and sheds to choose from too. Some of the items in our collection, like the8 x 8 x 8 Portable Storage Shed, are immediately available for shipping. Other portable garages and sheds are custom made and thus require additional leeway when it comes to calculating shipping dates.To learn more about protecting your familys cycling gear with portable garages and sheds, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911. Wed love the opportunity to help satisfy your familys cycling equipment storage needs.

Considering the Numerous Benefits of Vinyl Tarps for Your Patio

vinyl tarpsHaving comfortable pieces of furniture on your patio can be a great way to improve the ambiance of your yard and to also create a space to relax with friends and family. While having patio furniture set up when you spend a lot of time outdoors, it could be frustrating to maintain during the winter and when you’re not outside much due to being busy or away on vacation. In this case, it’s a great idea to look into the benefits of vinyl tarps that can be easily set up to cover your furniture.

Sizes vary greatly for vinyl tarps we carry, allowing you to choose the dimensions that make the most sense for your furniture. If you want to protect your patio set and other pieces from sun damage and other harmful elements from the weather, it’s helpful to look into the sizes of tarps that can be laid over the furniture when not in use. This can help maintain the condition of your furniture quite drastically so that your patio continues to look great.

Along with considering the sizes of vinyl tarps that are for sale, it’s important to note how durable these tarps are. Many people opt for vinyl tarps over standard patio covers because of how thick they are and the protection that they can add from all kinds of debris that may fall onto your patio.
These tarps can vary in appearance quite drastically, from neutral colors to bright shades that can stand out. The options allow you to choose a cover which looks great and can work great for any yard.

If you’re interested in purchasing a vinyl tarp to use for your patio furniture, we invite you to contact us so that we can recommend some options for you to order and begin protecting the condition of your furniture.

Party Tents and Planning Tips for Parents of June 2014 Grads

enclosed--fiestaIn most places across America, June is high time for hosting graduation parties. So before everyone grabs their party tents and diplomas, we wanted to offer up a trio of tips for planning the perfect graduation shindig at home:

Choose Party Tents That Keep it Simple

Remember, graduation parties should be fun for the host and hostess too. So keep the festivities simple by selecting luxury party tents that are versatile and easy to set-up. An excellent example of a luxury party tent that meets those specifications is our 14 x 32 1-5/8 model. The fire rated, luxury tent comes with sidewalls that are attached with Velcro fasteners. So theyll go up and come down faster than any share on the stock market exchange. In addition, the party tent may be placed up against the house or deck too. That will make it much easier to expand the party area as needed. And unlike rentals, this easy-to-store, durable, luxury party tent will be yours to keep. Thus, you can use it for additional graduation parties, Fathers Day celebrations, anniversary shindigs and other holiday fetes as needed.

Save Money with Electronic Invites

Next, why not save money by sending graduation party invites via online sources? For example, you could use Red Stamp, Evite, RightGift, standard e-mail or Facebook to contact family and friends. Red Stamp offers the option of sending snail mail invites and RightGift serves multiple purposes as well.

Go Cookie Cutter Cool

Thanks to the brilliance of party planners like Debi Lily, you could always choose to go cookie cutter cool too. Lily suggests using cookie cutters to create graduation party dcor and menu items. You can find some of her best tips for using the cookie cutters on the SC Johnson Right@Home website. As for the cookie cutters, you can grab them from just about anywhere, including dollar stores and flea markets.

To learn more and select the perfect tent for your loved ones graduation party, please contact us online or by calling our staff toll-free at (877) 811-3911. We have a huge variety of graduation party tents available as well as portable chairs and tables.

Pop Up Tents Can Help People Host Cancer from the Sun Month Events

Do you know which medically important holiday takes place each June? No? Well, its Cancer from the Sun Month. And according to the Skin Cancer Foundationsfigures, two in every 100 Americans will contract the disease over the course of their lifetimes. Of those diagnosed, two are expected to die roughly every two hours. So why not purchase apop up tentand help spread the word?

Consider setting up a pop-up tent at the beach or another area where people are apt to be catching some rays. Then encourage everyone you see to wear sunblock clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats. If someone you know sells these types of items, ask them to set-up a pop up tent nearby too. That way, people may have an opportunity to purchase sun protection materials on the spot.

While you are doing so, remind them that all it takes is five badsunburnsto increase the likelihood that theyll be one of the people diagnosed with skin cancer. And offer to provide them with information on how to recognize the early signs of skin care. Perhaps an area dermatologist or oncologist would be willing to set-up a pop-up tent at your Cancer from the Sun Month event too.

At Canopies and Tarps, we have several items in stock that would be perfect for hosting Cancer from the Sun Month events. Among them are pop up canopies,sun shade sails, party tents, emergency first aid kits, banquet tables and fold-up chairs. The pop-up canopies, party tents, sun shade sails, chairs and tables could be used to set-up your display area. As for the emergency first aid kits, theyll come in handy if someone develops a bad sunburn or starts to show signs of heat related illnesses.

To obtain all of the items that weve mentioned above for your upcoming, Cancer from the Sun Month events, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911 today. Wed love to help you spread the word about this deadly, and far too common, disease.

Becoming Familiar with Your Choices for Canvas Tarps

Designed for a variety of purposes,canvas tarpscan be an excellent choice for use at a party with friends or to use as a way to block the sun from causing damage to your vehicle. In order for you to purchase a tarp that is going to provide the results that you want, it’s important to look into the sizes that are available, the thickness of different tarps, and more details so that your new tarp meets your expectations in terms of durability and performance.

Various Sizes to Choose From

Whether you intend on placing the tarp over your patio furniture outdoors during a party or you need the tarp to use long-term for your vehicle, it’s important that you consider the sizes which are for sale. Available in both 10 oz and 12 oz sizes, you need to take measurements of where you want the tarp laid out so that you can have the results which you need.

Insisting on Durability

Canvas tarps are an excellent choice for outdoor use to the fact that they’re relatively easy for you to clean and can withstand many of the effects that being outside can come with, such as rain and heavy winds. In order for your new canvas tarp to continue impress you with it’s performance, it’s best to look into the thickness of tarps available. Generally speaking, thicker tarps will outlast thin materials, making it a good idea to keep an eye out for tarps that are capable of providing thick protection when used for any purpose that you need.

Assortment of Colors Available

In order for your new tarp to meet your needs best, it’s a good idea for you to consider the color that would work best for your outdoor space. Taking inspiration from the landscaping, furniture, and exterior of your home can help you choose a color that is fitting for your home.

As you compare your options for tarps with canvas material, we urge you tocontact usso that we can help provide recommendations for what you need the most.