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Vinyl Tarps and Childs Play: 5 Ways to Improve Backyard Fun

With the kids out of school, there is no doubt that many of you are ardently looking for ways to keep the rug rats entertained. And believe it or not, vinyl tarps might just prove to be the answer to your, what do I do with the kids now? prayers. What follows are five ways to turn our fabulous, top-notch,vinyl tarpsinto childs play:

1.) Souped-Up Sand Boxes" If your rug rats love to play in the sand, consider building a souped-up sand box with our vinyl tarps. Build the sand boxs frame out of treated 2 x 4s or railroad ties. Next, line the frames interior with one of our vinyl tarps. Then use another tarp to create as a shade-producing roof. Add the play sand and then cover it with an additional vinyl tarp when the kids are finished playing. The third vinyl tarp will help keep the local wildlife from using the sand box as an outhouse.

2.) Makeshift Slip-n-Slide" When its time to get wet, use our vinyl tarps and foam pool noodles to make a cool slip-n-slide. Use the foam pool noodles to create the sides of the slip-n-slide and the vinyl tarps as the base. Then add water from the garden hose and let the kids have at it.

3.) Fun Fort 101" Our vinyl tarps may also be used to build a series of fun forts. For a super easy variation, hang one or two of our tarps over a clothes line, tree limb or picnic table. Youll have a kid-approved fort in an instant. For more elaborate set-ups, consider busting out the tent poles or frames.

4.) Good Morning Picnic" Most folks associate picnics with afternoons and early evenings. But with our vinyl tarps, the kids can have one in the mornings. The vinyl will keep their little butts from getting soaked with dew. Just spread one out onto the ground and send the kids outside with portable breakfast foods. Ones that come to our minds are refrigerator oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, fresh fruits, bagels with spreads and hardboiled eggs.

5.) Picasso Perfect Art –Lastly, why not hang one of our vinyl tarps up outside and let the kids unleash their inner Picassos. Give them a box of grease pencils, washable tempera paints and wet chalk that they can use to decorate the tarps. Then afterwards, hose down the vinyl and let the fun begin all over again.

To discuss these ideas further and find the perfect vinyl tarps for creating backyard fun, pleasecontact usby dialing (877) 811-3911. We have an abundance of vinyl laminated, coated, mesh and fire retardant tarps to choose from and well ship them fast.

Whats Eating Your Pond Liners? 5 Creatures that May be to Blame

For the most part, ponds make beautiful, constructive additions to a property. However, there are times when homeowners may find that their best laid plans run afoul thanks to Mother Nature. Thats because ponds attract more than just humans and livestock looking to cool off. They also attract wildlife that prefers nothing more than chewing onpond liners. Heres a look at five such critters and what you can do to quell their appetites:

1.) Gophers" One of the gnawers-in-chiefs to look out for are gophers. They will often burrow underneath of ponds and chew through pond liners in a New York minute. In addition, they can cause serious pond erosion, which is a problem all unto itself.To keep them at bay, consider using gopher wire. Yes, they are such voracious pests that companies actually produce first-rate, super strong wire to stop the creatures teeth in mid bite. You have to install it properly though. Otherwise, these crafty creatures will just find a way to work around it.

2.) Muskrats" Right behind gophers in their pond liner destruction capabilities are muskrats. These creatures feed on pond vegetation, shellfish, amphibians and small reptiles that are attracted to the water. So they tend to put down roots within 150-feet of a homeowners pond. They are particularly drawn to areas that offer some form of cover, steep earthen embankments and immediate access to deep water.That said, to control them consider building 3:1 side slopes complete with riprap and keeping the surrounding vegetation to a minimum. Floating dock barriers, predator urine markings, and live traps may help. You might also want to think about cutting down on, or totally eliminating, their favorite food sources. Favored food sources include cattails, water lilies, ferns, bulrush and pondweed.

3.) Chipmunks" Dont let their cute appearance fool you. Despite their small, precious appearances, chipmunks can really destroy pond liners. What typically draws them to the waters edge is the promise of insects. They love to eat them along with their other dietary staples. The pond liner damage comes about from their incessant chewing and burrowing.To thwart their attempts at making your pond their beloved dining spot, think about setting live traps and using hardware cloth to seal tempting, embankment openings. Keeping the sides of your pond free of wood and brush piles may help as well.

4.) Rats" On the not so cuddly side of pest line are water and terrestrial dwelling rats. While hunting for small fish and natural grains, theyll happily chomp onto pond liners too. Thwarting their efforts typically calls for chicken wire, roofing felt, live traps and heavy-gauge hardware cloth. However, in extreme situations you may need to bring out the big guns like galvanized sheet metal and concrete to block their preferred den sites.

5.) Waterfowl" Okay, so we all know that waterfowl dont chew. But they will puncture holes in pond liners and attract other undesirables (e.g. gators). So weve tossed them onto our list too. Ways to keep waterfowl from turning your pond liner into Swiss cheese include the use of decoys, netting and landscaping that makes the ponds embankment less appealing to feather-clad snackers.

To learn more about pond liners and how to protect them from the local wildlife, pleasecontact us. We offer customers access to first-rate pond liners that are resistant to punctures, tears and everyday wildlife damage.

First-rate Pond Liners May Be Used to Create Private Swimming Beaches

With the heat of summer on its way to reaching critical mass, you may be thinking about using your homes pond as a swimming area. Although it is appropriate to do so, youll need to do a bit of housekeeping first. Start by assessing your ponds liner. It should be porous enough to prevent incidents of beach sand leaching and resist damage from chemicals as well as heavy swim traffic.

At Canopies and Tarps, ourpond linersare extremely strong and customizable. So as long as your swim pond already has one in place, you should be good to go. If it doesnt, you may want to think about replacing your current pond liner with one of ours.Should your pond liner already be in tip-top shape, the next step is to focus on creating a sandy beach area.

Wed suggest using an additional pond liner to create the sandy beach area. The liner will help to prevent plant growth and keep the sand from leaching into the soil. Once the pond liner is into position, cover it with mortar sand until you have a 3:1 side slope and reach a depth that is somewhere between 6 to 18-inches. Then rake the sand until it is spread evenly and build a retaining wall to help prevent shore erosion.

Afterward, turn your attention towards issues related to water clarity. Youll want to consider using products like blue pond dye, manmade aerators, oxygenating plants, water pumps, biological filters and algaecides to get the job done. Some of the plants that may help are water hyssop, swamp ludwigia, ribbon grass, water ribbons and water milfoil. You can generally find these types of plants and supplies at aquatic supply stores and select garden departments.

To learn more about our pond liners and how they may be used to help create a swimming hole for your family this summer, pleasecontact ustoll-free. Our pond containment liner specialists may be reached by dialing (877) 811-3911.

Pop Up Tents and Beach Parties: An Ultra Cool Combination

Surfs up along Los Angeles beaches, so shouldnt yourpop up tentsbe in place too? After all, LAs beaches are perfect places to party during the summer and early fall. Los Angeles County officials have a great, freebeach guidethat can help you pick the coolest pop up tent spot. And weve got a few beach party tips of our own:

Check the Beach Permit Rules

The majority of Los Angeles public beaches are under government rule. As such, officials tend to require moderate to large-size groups to secure abeach use permitbefore pitching pop up tents onto the sand. The good news is most of the government entities have online application systems, which makes applying for beach permits quick, easy and convenient.

Beach Grilling Made Easy

To reduce the amount of stuff that you’ll have to carry to the beach and back, choose your location wisely. Pick a Los Angeles beach that already has public use barbecue grills, restrooms, picnic benches and nearby concession stands in place. That way, all you have to do is select a pop up tent that comes in a convenient carrying bag, grab your beach towels and go.

Have Pop Up Tent, Will Party Safely

Speaking of pop up tents, choose one that can be set-up safely onto the sand. Ideally, you should be able to secure it from blowing away during strong sea breezes. And that may take purchasing extras like ball bungee cord ties, slope fittings and specialty fittings. Another option is to outfit a wooden pallet or 2 x 4s with foot pads. They could be partially buried in the sand and used to weight the pop up tents down too.

To learn more about which pop up tents and supplies would help make beach parties in LA ultra cool, pleasecontact us. Our beach party tent pros may be reached online or by calling (877) 811-3911 today.

10 Reasons to Celebrate with Party Canopies in July

Siss Boom Bah! Before long, the month of July and all of the great holidays that come along with it will be here. So pull out the Solo cups, paper plates and citronella candles. Its time to set up the partycanopiesand celebrate the following 10 awesome events:

1.) Make a Difference to Children Month" Welcome Make a Difference to Children Month by setting up party canopies at the local park and hosting a picnic. Let the kids enjoy face painting, summer crafts, outdoor movies, old-fashioned taffy pulls and anything else you think would keep them entertained.

2.) National Recreation & Parks Month" Pitch a party canopy and rent out summer sports equipment to celebrate National Recreation & Parks Month. Invite families on a nature hike, host a park clean up or hand out one-day park passes to the needy.

3.) Independent Retailer Month" Recognize Independent Retailer Month by putting up party canopies and holding a sidewalk sale blow-out extravaganza or a shopping themed street fair. And be sure to prime the pump for back-to-school sales in the process.

4.) Womens Motorcycle Month" Holy hog! We certainly cant forget about Womens Motorcycle Month. So invite the ladies to gather under party canopies for a motorcycle run after party or introduce the uninitiated to the joys of hog riding by holding an outdoor sale.

5.) National Ice Cream Month" I scream, you scream, lets all scream under party canopies during National Ice Cream Month. While youre at it, toss one of those ball shaped ice cream makers around or teach everyone how to hand-churn their own sweet, cool treats.

6.) National Hot Dog Month" Okay, so maybe you dont own stock in Nathans. Thats still no reason not to pitch a party canopy and celebrate National Hot Dog Month by holding a hot dog eating contest or dog fest. Who knows, maybe you can even get the town powers that be to agree to let you host a hot dog dachshund costume parade.

7.) National Grilling Month" Its National Grilling Month too. So after your homage to the hot dog is through, keep those coals hot. Because party canopies are perfect places to pop open those folding chairs for a bit of chillin and grillin. And if youre feeling bold, challenge your buds to a Bobby Flay style throw down or make your ownMan vs. Foodepisode.

8.) Smart Irrigation Month" Whether youre a business owner, gardener or just love to run through the sprinklers, it doesnt matter. Party canopies are perfect for Smart Irrigation Month events too. Host lectures on water conservation and hand out rain barrels or promote your firms wares. How you celebrate is ultimately up to you.

9.) Family Reunion Month" Dust off the old record player and cue up the Sister Sledge. Its Family Reunion Month and nothing goes better with it than party canopies. Invite the whole brood over to gather under the canopy and swap memories. Then celebrate with a bit of family made foods and drinks.

10.) Family Golf Month" Lastly, grab your putter and put up the party canopies for Family Golf Month as well. Let the kids play miniature golf or set up a small driving range and serve refreshments under the canopies. Your favorite family duffers will love you for it.

To receive assistance in choosing party canopies for your next July shindig, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911. We have party canopies in stock that come with assorted top options and enclosure kits as well as folding chairs for sports fans. Shipping is fast and available nationwide.

How You Can Benefit from Canvas Tarps

Many household items can be great to have, even when some items only have one function. However, items with several functions are even better to have, and this is where canvas tarps come into the picture. While you may know the basics ofcanvas tarpsand what they can do, learning about a multitude of uses will all but guarantee an incredible value for your purchase.

Excellent for Camping

Anyone that enjoys camping can really benefit from a canvas tarp. Whether it is to get away from the scorching sun or avoid heavy rainfall, a canvas tarp will protect you and your items from damage. It is an excellent idea to take a canvas tarp along while camping as you never know when it may become useful.

Useful While Painting

While there are various options that you have for protecting furniture and flooring from paint, a canvas tarp can provide you with an excellent solution. It is not a necessity to keep a reusable drop sheet around or purchase a disposable one at the store, and this is because a canvas tarp can give you what you need.

Prevent Rust of Objects

Whether it is building materials, machinery, or wooden objects, anything that must be stored outside and can get damaged by excessive exposure to the sun or rain should be covered properly. Fortunately, canvas tarps do an outstanding job of stopping the elements from causing damage to items that are covered.

Contact usfor assistance with getting a canvas tarp that meets all of your needs.

Party Tents and Permits: Two Key Elements of Every Neighborhood Block Party

Block parties are a great way to bring everyone together and foster a feeling of community. If you hope to host one in the weeks ahead, there are several tasks that must be taken care of sooner rather than later. And the list starts with permits andparty tents.

Most cities, towns and municipalities require block party planners to secure at least one permit prior to an events kickoff. Take the City of Redondo Beach as an example. If you want to hold a block party there, you will likely need the following documents:

  • Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Certificate of Insurance(For Alcohol Events)
  • Neighborhood Approval Petition
  • Alcohol Beverage Control License
  • Amplified Sound Permit
  • BBQ Rental Agreement
  • Block Party Permit

Party tents are an essential part of block parties too. They help bring excitement to the event as well as provide shelter for event attendees and organizers. Oftentimes, block party organizers will need to obtain tent permits too. In Redondo Beach,tent permitsare generally classified as a fire department related affair. So its vital that you select a party tent that meets or exceeds city, county and state fire regulations.

At Canopies and Tarps, we have party tents that are outfitted withfire retardant tops. The party tents tops meet California Title 19, Canvas Products Association and National Fire Protection Association standards, which is a good thing. Many cities in California require that any party tents used at outdoor, public events meet or exceed those standards. So its infinitely better to find out which certifications your local government requires prior to placing a party tent order

To learn more about choosing party tents for neighborhood block parties, pleasecontact usat Canopies and Tarps. We are a California based business and ship party tents nationwide. Plus, California residents are welcome to stop by and pick up their pre-ordered party tents in person. For more information, please call (877) 811-3911.

Pop Up Tents are Perfect for These 5 June Events and More

For those looking to host a special event in June, we cant think of a better way to get things done that orderingpop up tents. Pop up tents are compatible with many national holidays already scheduled to take place. So piggybacking onto those holidays by hosting a local or regional event should be a breeze. Here are five ideas:

1.) Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

One of the national holidays taking place is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. So setting up pop up tents outside of an animal shelter or pet shop would be ideal. The pop up tents could be used to help display cat toys, cat food, litter boxes and any cats that may be up for adoption.

2.) Georgia Blueberry Month

It also happens to be Georgia Blueberry Month. Thus, using pop up tents to establish a blueberry stand would be a great idea. Farmers, produce purveyors and chambers of commerce could also hold blueberry muffin or pie eating competitions under pop up tents too.

3.) National Soul Food Month

In addition, June is also widely recognized as National Soul Food Month. Therefore, restaurants, private chefs and food truck owners may want to set-up pop up tents and provide samples of their wares. The pop up tents could also be used to provide shady shelter for those patrons hoping to dine on soul food al fresco.

4.) National Ice Tea Month

Guess what, its National Ice Tea Month too. So why not forgo the classic lemonade stand and sell ice tea by the bottle or glass? Depending on local ordinances, areas near neighborhood parks, playgrounds and office complexes would be perfect places to set-up the tents. Other superb places to pitch an ice tea promotional tent are in front of restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets, flea markets and sports courts.

5.) National Rose Month

Finally, pop up tents could also be used to celebrate National Rose Month. Simply place the pop up tent in front of a florist shop, home improvement store or other heavily trafficked area. Then sell live rose bushes, cut flowers, rose perfume, rose petals and other related items to passersby.

To find the perfect pop up tents for these June promotional opportunities and more, pleasecontact usby calling (877) 811-3911. At Canopies and Tarps, we have portable tents, greenhouses, mesh shade tarps, carports and more for insanely affordable prices.