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Liners Arent Just for Backyard Retention Ponds and Water Gardens

pond linerWhen you hear the words, pond liners, what comes to your mind? If you are like many people in America, retention ponds and water gardens are the first two images that appear. While it is true that pond liners are used for such things, there are other possibilities.

For instance, pond liners are perfect for creating backyard streams. Building a backyard stream typically starts with excavation and the purchase of supplies. In addition to a pond liners and gardening tools, youll also need river stones, a water pump system and foam sealant. Depending on the streams size, the entire project may just take you a weekend or two to complete.

Of course manmade streams are not the only water feature that may be created with the aid of pond liners. They can also be used to create manmade waterfalls in 16 hours or less. To build one youll need basic hand tools, rolled mesh, a pond liner, water pump and stones.

And if you are not particularly savvy at plotting out water feature designs, dont worry. Simple-to-read project blueprints for both manmade streams and waterfalls are readily available online. Just a quick search should turn up more than enough design options to make your head hurt.

As far as choosing the right pond liner for your backyard stream or waterfall, feel free to pick our experts brains. Weve been custom manufacturing and selling first-rate pond liners for well over 25 years now. So there is a 100% chance that well have time tested answers to all of your pond liner questions and products that youll be able to rely on through and through.

To learn more and get your questions answered straightaway, please contact us online or toll-free today. Well be near the phone, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Our number is (877) 811-3911.

Intense Solar Rays in August Make Shade Tarps a Necessity

Mesh TarpAccording to the Sun Safety Alliance, August is one of the months when the suns rays are most intense. And that can spell disaster for our skin, outdoor furniture and lawns. Thats why wed like to remind everyone to seek cover under our mesh shade tarps or sun shade sails whenever possible.

At this point, you may be curious as to why August tends to be one of the worst times of the year to be caught without a shade tarp. Simply put, during the month of August the earths axis is severely tilted. As a result, the suns rays are more concentrated and dont have to travel far to reach the ground.

Hence why we make sure that our mesh shade tarps are designed to keep up to 75% of the suns UV rays at bay. Our sun shade sails, on the other hand, will stop much more than that. In our experience, theyll prevent up to 90% of the rays from reaching the ground. Given how intense the rays are, thats an excellent start. But we wouldn’t suggest stopping there.

Although there is no doubt that our mesh shade tarps and sun shade sails are very effective at blocking the suns rays, it doesn’t take much for sunburns and other related problems to arise. So we would like to encourage everyone to take additional precautions as well.

For example, try and cover outdoor furniture with UV resistant tarps before and after use. Putting them underneath of our mesh shade tarps and sun shade sails is obviously advisable too. Taking both actions will help prevent the paint and fabrics from fading. It should also help minimize the deterioration of any plastic furniture.

As for lawns and plant life, water them during the early evening hours and consider putting them underneath of a mesh shade tarp during the hottest parts of the day. Such actions should reduce incidents of burnt leaves and wilting stalks. To learn more about how our mesh shade tarps and sun shade sails can help everyone get through the hottest days of August in comfort and style, please contact us.

Dos and Donts for Cleaning Heavy Duty Poly and Vinyl Tarpaulins

12x25-insulated-poly-tarp-coverAt this time of year, its not uncommon for heavy duty poly and vinyl tarpaulins to need a little sprucing up. After all, dust and dirt happen. Good thing both types of tarpaulins are easy to clean. Here are few dos and donts to keep in mind before you grab that scrub brush:

Dont clean the tarpaulins with harsh commercial or household cleansers. Doing so could cause any waterproofing or other special coatings to deteriorate. In some instances, the chemicals could stain and degrade the vinyl or poly too.

Do consider making tarpaulin cleaning projects easy on your back and knees. The best way to do that is to reach for a long-handled push broom and squeegee. If you do need to get on your hands and knees to clean a stubborn spot, remember to use knee pads and proper posture. They may help keep the post-cleaning aches and pains away.

Dont allow wet, heavy duty or vinyl tarpaulins to fold over or sit in the shade. Otherwise, your tarpaulins could end up developing mold or mildew spots in no time. Instead, hang the wet tarpaulins up on a clothes line that will allow them to be bathed in sunlight until they are completely dry.

Do give vinyl and heavy duty tarpaulins the once over before putting them back in use or away for the season. If any damage is present, go ahead and get it taken care of straightaway. Most vinyl and heavy duty tarpaulins are easy to repair and our experts would be more than happy to walk you through the process. Though we dont expect that need to arise very often because our tarpaulins are renowned for their incredible durability.

To learn more about cleaning or maintaining heavy duty poly and vinyl tarpaulins, please contact us. At Canopies and Tarps, we make selling high quality products and assisting valued customers our first priorities.

Vinyl Tarps and Covers: Tools in the Battle Against Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

vinyl tarpsBy now, most folks have already heard about, or encountered, Asian tiger mosquitoes. The -inch long, seeming insatiable blood suckers are making their way around the world like a bad, B, sci-fi movie from the 1950s. And they are doing so rather quickly too. Thats because each female may produce up to 150 offspring a week and all her eggs need to hatch is standing water that is 60 Fahrenheit or more! Good thing there are vinyl tarps and machine covers that may help keep the biting bane of the world at bay.

Well-fitting machine covers and vinyl tarps help to keep rainwater from pooling in areas around a home. So that, in turn, helps to make properties less attractive to Asian tiger mosquitoes. At Canopies and Tarps, we have both 5-sided machine covers and waterproof vinyl tarps available for purchase. Thus, finding tarps and covers capable of minimizing a home or business standing water problems shouldn’t be difficult.

It is widely believed that the Asian tiger mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors and may deposit their eggs in very little water. That said, wed strongly recommend choosing a light color tarp or silver machine cover. Some of the chief colors to avoid are red, black, forest green and navy blue. Colors that may prove to be most successful at deterring the winged creatures are white, translucent and tan.

At present, our 5-sided machine covers come in two types, polyethylene and fire-resistant vinyl. Depending on which machines are present on a property, custom sizes may be necessary. Remember, the goal is to eliminate little pools of water, not create more with ill-fitting covers. As for our vinyl tarps, they come in a wide range of weights, colors and sizes. To learn more about them and receive assistance in choosing the right ones for your battle against Asian tiger mosquitoes, please contact us today.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Next Big Convention Meeting with Party Tents

Are you looking to boost attendance at your next big convention meeting? If thats the goal, you may want to pause long enough to read todays blog post. Weve got the low down on five ways to make your big convention meeting shine with the aid of ourparty tents:

1.) Golf Ball Bingo Night

Betting on a big business win isnt all about providing attendees with stacks of poker chips and beer nuts. Think about hosting a golf ball bingo night inside one of our party tents instead of the standard casino night. Use afree bingo card generatorto create golf themed cards and order golf balls with your companys logo on them. The golf balls can serve as the bingo chips.

2.) Golf Auction and Cocktail Hour

Hosting an evening golf auction and cocktail hour underneath of a colorful, commercial party tent is a great idea too. Consider auctioning off golf caddy wine bottle holders along with vintages produced by famous golfers. A few to think about adding to the auction are Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Ernie Els and Greg Norman Estate Wines.

3.) Garden Party Foraging Fete

For the foodies in your group, muse over the idea of hosting a tented garden party that includes a lecture on foraging. Explain that foraging for wild edibles is a lot like looking for sales leads. Then treat everyone to a meal that includes a light and lovely salad display, dipping station and cold reception selections.

4.) Morning Yoga Breakfast

Our Eureka party tents and Royal Pavilion Pop-Up Gazebos are also a wonderful place to host a morning yoga breakfast. We promise, the comfortable nature of our party tents and pop-up gazebos will really help attendees relax before their convention meeting. Consider giving everyone that attends a promotional yoga mat or towel. And allow a nearby catering team to serve them either a sunrise sampler, continental or good start breakfast.

5.) Book Signing Luncheon

Lastly, think about inviting an author to your company meeting and holding a book signing luncheon in one of our luxury party tents. The largest ones are roomy enough to accommodate theatre, plated and buffet style set-ups.To learn more about these or other ways to improve the results of your next convention center meeting with party tents, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911.

Deluxe Party Tents with Walls Are Ideal for Healthy Aging Month Events

Nationwide event planners may want to take note. Before long, Healthy Aging Month will be on our doorsteps and there is no better place to host an event than underneath of one of our deluxe party tents. Weve got an assortment of versatileparty tentsavailable that are sure to please.

Event planners looking to host large seminars devoted to pre or post-retirement, fiscal health will appreciate our large, deluxe party tents. They can accommodate a multitude of set-ups and a great number of seminar attendees. For more intimate financial seminars, weve got smaller party tents available too. Plus, we offer mid-size party tents that are perfect for hosting a corresponding, catered meal or cocktail hour.

Senior fashion show and dinner dance event planners will undoubtedly find that our deluxe party tents with side walls will meet their needs as well. Such Healthy Aging Month shindigs could be held in our 14 x 32 x 1-5/8 or 14 x 27 x 1-5/8 party tents.

Our luxurious party tents would also be wonderful items to incorporate into a recreational vehicle or boat show for the soon-to-be or newly retired. Depending on the size of the show, event planners could opt to buy more than just one luxury party tent. That way, they could allow RV and boat manufacturers to hold seminars or additional companion events inside one of the other tents.

Of course the above are not the only Healthy Aging Month events that could be held inside of our wide assortment of party tents. Some of our party tents are also tailor made for health fairs. For example, the health fair could be taking place inside one party tent and participating fitness instructors could offer mini exercise lessons in another one.

To learn more about buying luxury party tents in time for hosting Health Aging Month events this year, pleasecontact ustoday.

5 Ways to Recognize Hunger Action Month with Large Party Tents

Every fall, our country recognizes National Hunger Action Month in an attempt to draw attention to the millions of Americans that go to sleep hungry each day. Thats why we are encouraging event planning professionals to consider hosting a Hunger Action Month event inside one of our largeparty tents. They are perfect places to get people engaged in the cause, increase awareness, show appreciation to food bank volunteers and fund raise. Here is a pantry full of event ideas to get everyones blender blades turning:

1.) Hole in One Fundraiser

Why not work with a local PGA member and catering team to host a hole in one event under a tent at a parkland golf course? Let participants make their rounds through the course and then serve refreshments inside of our grand party tents. Some of them may accommodate anywhere from 400 to 500 guests and could be set up to offer attendees spectacular views of the 9th hole.

2.) Live Musical Event Food Drive

Purchase some of our extra large party tents and hold your own Feed the World style, live musical event. Invite local musicians to participate, generate social media buzz and request that attendees bring donations in lieu of charging an admission fee.

3.) Food Bank Workers Getaway

Sponsor a food bank workers getaway. It may include a relaxing lunch in our party tents and a golf clinic with experts or, you could hire outside entertainment. If you decide to go with outside entertainment, consider booking a mobile spa service to come in and provide relaxing treatments under a climate-controlled party tent.

4.) Celebrity Chef Dinner Extravaganza

For more glitz and glam, you may want to use our large party tents to host a celebrity chef dinner extravaganza. Invite area chefs and cookbook writers to serve as guest speakers. Then treat everyone to a fabulous chefs plated or grand buffet style meal.

5.) Silent or Public Culinary Auction

Finally, think about hosting a culinary themed silent or public auction event under one of our party tents. Auction off a private dinner with a mobile chef or hand out tickets to an upcoming, food and beverage industry event. An event to consider is the Annual Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show. In 2015, it will be held just at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

To discuss these and other National Hunger Action Month events that would match perfectly with our grand party tents, pleasecontact ustoday.

Host an Intl Beer Day Event in One of Our Beautiful Party Tents

If you are looking for a great excuse to entertain business associates, friends or family, consider hosting an International Beer Day event in August using one of our beautifulparty tents. The official holiday falls on the first Friday of the month but that doesnt mean you have to regulate your festivities to just one day.

Consider using our party tents to host a weekend long event or transform your local arboretum into a beer garden for just one day. If you decide to go with a dinner event, consider choosing buffet action stations and pairing them with select beers. Take a South of the Border Station as an example. It would pair perfectly with Mexican beers. Similar may be said of Caribbean Grill, Italian Antipasto, Pizza Party, Burger, Quesadilla and Asian Saut Stations.You could also opt to host a series of home brewing seminars or beer tastings in our party tents. If you decide to hold the beer tastings, dont forget to offer food as well. One of your seminars could even focus on how to pair the two together.

If none of those ideas suit your International Beer Day needs, keep in mind that our various size party tents would be great for beer balls and fashion show too. Believe it or not, there are clothes on the market nowadays that are made fromrecycled beer bottlesand caps. So you and your staff could set-up a runway and have models strut their stuff in the latest beer fashion items. Afterward, everyone could enjoy cocktail foods, bottled beer, live music and dancing.

To learn more about purchasing one of our party tents in hopes of hosting International Beer Day events, pleasecontact usby e-mail or phone. Our party tent experts would be more than happy to help you and your organization put something together in time for the holiday.

Party Tents and August Events: 5 Reasons to Get Your Party On

Are you looking for a good reason to bust out the party tents in August and get your party hats on? Well dont worry. At Canopies and Tarps, weve got five great reasons to put up theparty tentpoles and send out some invites. Just take a quick peek at our list and choose a few that toss your flip flops:

1.) Tomboy Tools Party" For the crafty ladies in your life, why not host a Tomboy Tools party? After all, it is Tomboy Tools and National Breastfeeding Month you know. And the two go well together for one simple reason. The tool company makes great items for women and has a history of donating a portion of their proceeds to help fightbreast cancer. So you could put up a party tent, teach others to do for themselves and help raise funds for a breast related cause.

2.) World Mutt-i-grees Rescue Month" Its alsoWorld Mutt-i-grees Rescue Month. So letting your party tent go to the dogs would definitely be appropriate. Invite everyone you know and their pets to the party. Raise money for your neighborhood shelter and serve healthy, bone shaped treats to everyone that chooses to attend. All you need to shape the treats is a bone cookie cutter and silicone molds.

3.) U.S. Catfish Month" Fish fry anyone? This month is traditionally devoted to celebrating Americas longstanding love affair with catfish too. Therefore, we cant think of a better excuse to party than a giant fish fry. Set up tables under the party tent and serve fried catfish along with a mess of greens, sweet corn-on-the-cob and homemade hush puppies. Yum!

4.) National Goat Cheese Month" If you are not into fried catfish, no problem. ItsNational Goat Cheese Monthas well. So break out the wine and platters. Then meet under the party tent for a goat cheese tasting good time. You dont have to stop after the cocktail hour either. There are plenty of salads, soups, entrees, side dishes and desserts that can be made with goat cheese too.

5.) American Artist Appreciation Month" Lastly, if you love great pieces of art, set up an outdoor gallery underneath of your party tent. Its American Artist Appreciation Month. Therefore, you could host an art themed dinner amongst replicas of your favorite, American artists works.

To order the ideal party tent and accessories in time for August revelry, pleasecontact usby calling (877) 811-3911. Wed be delighted to help you party this August in comfort and style.

Party Tents and Fall Weddings: Let the Planning Begin!

We know. It seems like autumn is a long way off but its really not if youre planning a fall wedding. The time will literally fly by. So its crucial to get as much done during the summer months as possible. Wed suggest that if you hope to have the wedding outdoors in aparty tent, you consider the following:

Fall weather is notorious for being warm one moment and cool the next. As such, take steps to ensure that your bridal party and guests will stay warm. Consider ordering a portable heater to use with your party tent and surprise the female members of your bridal party with pashminas that match their gowns. The men may appreciate matching shawls or sweaters.

If you havent chosen a color yet, think about going with a classic, warm hue. Good picks are chocolate browns, reds, yellows and oranges. Those types of colors are typically found in a variety of wedding decorations and would truly look lovely up against white party tents. Plus, you could also easily incorporate seasonal items into the mix.

Speaking of seasonal items, consider decorating the path leading to the party tent with fall foliage, pumpkins and hay stacks. Theyd undoubtedly fit in with a country setting and you could donate the remaining items to a local day care or preschool. Inside the party tent, consider decorating with fall flowers. If you choose to keep them in decorative pots, after the honeymoon, they could always be planted in your home garden as a wonderful reminder of your wedding day.

If you plan on using candles at your wedding ceremony and reception, its vital to choose the right type of party tent. Select one that is flame retardant, features several exits and offers great ventilation. At Canopies and Tarps, we have several party tents that have those features. To learn more about them and other party tents for fall, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911.