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Buying Green Leaf Tarps is Infinitely Easier Than Counting Fall Leaves

Just the other day, a member of our Canopies and Tarps team was talking about the sheer amount of calculations that it takes to determine how much fall foliage a single, adult tree can produce. And just in case youre curious, it will take some minormeasurements, a few estimates, division, fractions and a whole lot of multiplication to arrive at an answer. So depending on the size of a persons property, figuring out how many leaves will need to raked and bagged up over the weekend may take a good deal of time. As a matter of fact, its likely to take up so much time that we think its best to skip the calculations and ordergreen leaf tarpsinstead.

Our green leaf tarps are made with relatively thick, treated polyethylene and come outfitted with heavy-duty drawstrings. Theyll help to close and keep the tarps shut during transport to predetermined dump sites or burning pits. The seams, on the other hand, are heat sealed and waterproof. Plus, you wont have to worry about the rakes teeth, small twigs, pine cones or sharp-edged rocks causing the tarps fabric to tear or show signs of abrasions. Why? Because the material is abrasion, tear, mildew, UV ray and oil resistant too.

The square, green leaf tarps traditionally come in two finished sizes. The largest is 8-feet and six-inches. The smallest is 5-feet and 6-inches. So you may want to order a fewsmall tarpsfor the kids and several large ones for the adult members of your family. That way, nobody will miss out on the joy of raking leaves. Note that were using the word joy sarcastically as we dont know too many people that find raking leaves an unmistakable, highly anticipated pleasure. To learn more about our green leaf tarps and other useful products, pleasecontact ustoday.

How to Use Canopies for Improving Your Upcoming Yard Sale

Hosting a successful yard sale is often about the items youre offering as much as the environment you create for shoppers. Most people wont want to pull over for a yard sale which includes just a blanket spread on the driveway with items on it. In order for you to keep your items in good shape and provide an inviting space to shop at, you should consider the steps involved with using a canopy for a yard sale.

Protect the Most Valuable Items

Sun damage can bring down the value of your items substantially, even if youll only be leaving them outdoors for a few hours during the sale. Setting up a canopy over the more expensive items can keep them shielded from the elements and also make the items easier to view due to the shaded space.

Use Your Canopy to Provide Shade for You

Not only is it nice to keep your items shaded during the sale, it can also be beneficial to keep yourself cool using a canopy. A lot of people overheat during their yard sale due to spending hours outdoors and in the same area. Setting up a canopy can help reduce the risk of getting a sunburnt or becoming overheated.

Secure the Canopy to Prevent Accidents

After youve set up the canopy in the desired space, you need to make sure that it wont blow away and cause damage to your items or injure anyone at your yard sale. Even on days with a light breeze, youll want to stake down the canopy so that the risk of it flying away is minimized.

Pleasecontact usif youre interested in the selection ofcanopieswe carry.

Notaries Public Should Consider Buying Party Tents and Marketing to Brides

Are you looking to attract new, and potentially lifelong, customers to your mobile notaries public business? If so, consider buying aparty tentand tapping into the bridal market. With average wedding costs and unemployment rates reaching uncomfortable highs, many bridal couples are already turning towards mobile notaries public to help them officially tie the knot. And after glancing at the numbers, who could really blame them?

On average, a religious leader typically charges anywhere from $200 to $500 to perform a wedding ceremony whereas mobile notaries public tend to charge $10 to $20, depending on thestate. Of course in either case, thats not counting the cost of the marriage license, party tent rental and any desired accoutrements. Depending on how extravagant a couple decides to go, the final bill could set them back financially around $25,000 to $30,000.

That said, buying a party tent and mentioning in your mobile notary public directory listing that youre willing to serve as a wedding officiant could prove to be beneficial on several levels. First, it may attract couples wishing to cut costs or get married in non-religious settings (e.g. beaches and parks). Second, there is a good chance that those couples, and their loved ones, will remember you when they need other documents notarized (e.g. real estate transfers, wills and promissory notes).

To make your mobile notary public services and party tent option even more appealing to bridal couples, consider partnering with other entities to create basic wedding packages too. For example, you may want to design a package that includes wedding officiant services, a prenup notarization option, wedding photo and a bridal bouquet from a florist doing business in your area.

If you do decide to partner with others and create a wedding package, be sure to provide them with basic marketing materials that they may use to let their bridal couples know about your mobile notary public service and party tent. Examples of materials that may help are business cards that direct the couples to your notary public directory listing and website.

To find out more about party tents that would be perfect for breaking into the wedding market, pleasecontact usat Canopies and Tarps today.

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate in October 2014 with Large Party Tents

When many people think of setting upparty tentsin October, its typically for Oktoberfest, Halloween or Columbus Day celebrations. But they dont have to be the only time you string up the pumpkin colored party lights. There are at least five more October events that we can think of recognizing in style:

1.) National Arts & Humanities Month

For instance, you could welcome National Arts & Humanities Month by hosting live entertainment inside of a deluxe party tent. TheAmericans for the Artsfrequently provides free marketing tools and party ideas to help those hoping to end such events on a high note. Some entertainment options to consider are putting on dance demonstrations, art exhibits or hiring a live band.

2.) Class Reunion Month

If youd rather look up old friends instead of celebrate the arts, theres always Class Reunion Month events to consider. Our party tents would be perfect places to host a variety of class reunion related events. For example, you could arrange a family dinner for the alumni or host a flag football game for the former jocks. The tents could be set up to accommodate the spectators as well as the players.

3.) Italian American Heritage Month

Do you love the idea of noshing on pasta, garlic knots, bruschetta and cannoli better than reuniting with old school pals? Then order party tents and put on an Italian American Heritage Month event. Serve dinner, show Italian movies and dance the tarantella all while underneath of the tent or make it a simple affair. Simple options include holding a bocce ball tournament for the adults or letting the kids play games like fazzoletto peo peo.

4.) Country Music Month

Its also Country Music Month time. So you could set up party tents and hold a hoe down or country sing-along. Country craft fairs, country cooking demonstrations and quilting bees could also fit into the theme quite nicely too. Therefore, you may want to keep the party tent up all October long and host those events as well.

5.) National Chili Month

Coming in last but not least on our October party list is a chili cook off. It just makes sense to have one since it is National Chili Month. And who doesnt love a good autumn chili cook off? While youre at it, toss in a hot sauce competition and little miss or mister chili bean beauty contest too.

To discover more fun ways to put your party tents to good use this October, pleasecontact ustoday.

Insulated Vinyl Tarps: A Late Fall Gardeners Best Friend

Insulated TarpsWith all of the crazy weather that has been taking place across the country, it can be a bit difficult keeping ones garden in tip-top shape. This is especially the case as summer turns to fall and fall fades into winter. Thankfully, there are actions that gardeners may take to protect their late fall crops from being overtaken by frost.

For instance, investing in insulated vinyl tarps is one action that may serve gardeners well. In our experience, their insulating features are enough to keep garden beds warm until the morning. The ones that we have in stock weigh 10 ounces per square yard and boast a -inch thick, foam insulation center. That type of thickness is perfect for light and hard frost situations but thats not all.

The foam is covered by heavy-duty pieces of vinyl that have been outfitted with hemmed seams, corner grommets, D-rings and internal snap attachments. And the vinyl, as weve already alluded too, is coated to provide protect against many things. The long list includes the following:

  • UV Rays and Oils (Natural and Synthetic)
  • Mildew and Chemicals
  • Tears and Cracks
  • Rot and Insect Activity
  • Abrasions and Cold Winds

The insulated vinyl tarps come in small sizes, like 3-feet by 12-feet, which are great for most modest size flower boxes, potted plants and beds. Weve also got heavy-duty, insulated tarps that are 3-feet by 25-feet, 6-feet by 25-feet, 12-feet by 20-feet and 12-feet by 25-feet. Many gardeners like to use them for large beds, rows of hedges, awkward shaped planters, water gardens and rock gardens.
In addition to covering the plants, our insulated vinyl tarps may also be used to cover cold boxes, portable greenhouse roofs, potting benches and assorted gardening equipment. To learn more about them and place an order before the frost arrives, please contact us., please contact us.

Portable Garages Make Excellent Seasonal Workshops for Display Designers

Portable GarageAt about this time each year, many Americans start gearing up for the fall holiday season. Good examples are those folks that strive to have the biggest Halloween displays imaginable. They spend countless hours hammering nails, sawing wood and doing everything necessary to make decorations that will win them a spot on the nightly news or a Top 10 internet list. And if you find yourself bitten by the decorating bug too, weve got a tip to share. Portable garages make excellent workshops.

Why? Portable garages are weather resistant and unusually durable. So the Halloween build sessions dont have to stop every time Mother Nature decides to unleash some cold, autumn winds or sleet upon the world. Just make sure that if you live in an area prone to ground frost that you set up the portable garages poles before the earth freezes solid.

In addition to being weather resistant, portable garages opaque fabrics and roll-up door flaps provide secretive, holiday decorators with far more than a modicum of privacy. As a matter of fact, with todays portable garages at their disposal, crafty Halloween set designers can literally keep their display items under wraps until the day of the big reveal.

They can also count on the portable garages to provide ample ventilation when needed. For instance, lets say that you need to paint a Halloween figure and are worried about pain fumes. Creating a cross breeze to push those fumes out of the portable garage is often as easy as opening up the door flaps.

To find out more about setting up a seasonal workshop inside of a portable garage, please contact us. We have many different styles of portable garages available through our online store as well as welding blankets, machine covers, tarps, first aid kits and other items that may help holiday set designers.