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Canvas Tarps: A Reliable, Functional Piece of American History

Have you ever heard of duck fabric? It is one of the many materials used in the manufacture of ourcanvas tarpsand canopies. Its a heavy weight fabric that has been an essential part of the worlds history for centuries. According to the National Park Servicesresearch, it was originally used to create sails for ships, which makes sense because its sea water and tear resistant. By all historical accounts, Americans imported it from other countries until the late 1700s.

Then in the 1800s, coastal areas in Massachusetts, Georgia, Maryland and New Jersey started manufacturing duck canvas tarps, tents and sails of their own. Initially, U.S. merchants, the post office and military service personnel were their biggest customers. Oftentimes, the duct canvas tarps were issued numbers to help people determine how much they weighed and how they should be used. For example, sailors’ sea bags were often made with 15 ounce canvas and military cots were manufactured with even heavier tarps.

Once the 1940s rolled around, the same material was also used to create duct tape. Fans can apparently thank our countrys 32nd President,Vesta Stoudtand the Johnson family for that. In later years, people found even more uses for duck canvas tarps and we suspect that theyll continue to do so in the future. If youd like to be one of them, we can help.

Our custom sized, duck canvas tarps are feature lock-stitched seams and hems that have been professionally treated with paraffin wax. Theyre also outfitted with spur tooth grommets, which make them far superior to tarps made with aluminum washer grommets. In other words, they are less likely to rip free from the duck fabric when being used in conjunction with tie downs. Plus, the canvas tarps come in a surprising number of great colors, like blue and dark brown. To find out more and see firsthand why canvas tarps have managed to stand the test of time, pleasecontact us.

Enclosed Party Tents: Pull Off Happy Birthday Bingo Parties Without a Shiver

With December fast approaching, it wont be long before the world yells, Happy Birthday Bingo! Yes, the beloved game will be turning 484 years young in just a few weeks. So why not bust out the bingo cards and party like it was1530? We can help you prepare for it with one of our fully enclosedparty tents. Theyre a great place to set up banquet tables and host a bingo birthday fete.

To get your Happy Birthday Bingo party planning underway, determine how many people will likely be in attendance. Then determine how many3-feet by 8-feet tablesyoull need to accommodate the guests, bingo callers, refreshments and prizes. Once you have that figure in your head, check out our party tent selection. Since it is December, wed recommend going with aBexley Enclosed Party Tent.

Theyre flame resistant and come in all sorts of sizes. Each one features translucent walls, a scalloped valance, zipper end wall doors and a cathedral style window. Because the walls and cathedral window panes are translucent, theyll help brighten up the tent as well as give the illusion of more space. Plus, they typically include wind ground bars, bungee ball tie downs and areas where you can batten down the party tents leg drapes.

If you dont like the idea of translucent walls, no worries. We have party tents available with fire resistant, solid white walls and tall peaks too. They are great if you want to keep the happy birthday bingo party a private, heated affair. Tent heating equipment is generally available for sale or rent in most parts of the United States.

For bingo birthday party decorations, wed suggest scoping outPinterest. There are several folks that have already pinned everything from free bingo party invitation templates to tablescapes and birthday cakes. As far as the affordable bingo prizes go, dollar stores tend to be a last minute party planners best bet. However, if youve got the time, you may want to see if the local businesses will help you out with a few donations in exchange for sponsorship rights. To learn more about our Bexley Enclosed Party Tents and others, pleasecontact ustoday.

Truck Tarps: An Essential Part of Keeping Snow Plow Businesses in the Black

Are you hoping to start a side business plowing snow in the chilly months ahead? Maybe you just want to be able to clear your own driveway with ease. Either way, its something that many of our customers opt to do during the winter months. And they often make it a priority to invest in our trucktarpsbefore firing up their new plows. Heres a quick look at the typical rationale behind their decisions:

To begin with, our 6-ounce truck tarps are made from fully laminated, high-density polyethylene. Each side of the tarp is also chemically treated to ward off mildew, abrasions, UV rays, motor oil and tearing. Plus, the corners are reinforced and we utilize tough hardware too (e.g. D-rings and grommets). So our customers know that the tarps will likely hold up against the punishing effects of road salt spray, winter winds, hail, sleet, frost, rain and heavy snow. Consequently, the tarps will help keep their trucks beds, and whatever snow removal supplies they have stored in them, safe from Mother Nature.

At Canopies & Tarps, we also know that not every truck is cut out to be a snow plow vehicle. It has to have the proper front gross axle weight rating and size needed to carry a snow laden plow. That said, we make black truck tarps in all sorts of widths and lengths. Our smallest ones are designed to protect beds that are 7-feet by 9-feet and the biggest ones are 11-feet by 24-feet. The list prices for the tarps tend to start out at $36, which is very reasonable when you consider how much it costs to replace damaged truck beds and snow removal equipment. To learn more and receive assistance in choosing the right truck tarps for your upcoming snow plow adventures, pleasecontact ustoday.

Why Not Host a Vegetarian Awareness Month Event Inside of a Party Tent?

Vegetarian Awareness Month is in full swing throughout the nation. As such, why not throw an impromptu dinner inside of a first-classparty tentand join in on the special occasion? We know of a few tips that will help make planning the event even easier than shelling peas:

Do remember to print off some complimentary pledge cards and posters from the North American Vegetarian Society. They make great additions to environmentally friendly goodie bags. Plus, you might want to include a list of the vendors participating in your local, winter farmers market with the pledge cards. That way, attendees may be encouraged to go shopping for farm fresh produce once the holiday party ends.

Dont forget to incorporate eco-friendly tablescapes, linens and decorations into your Vegetarian Awareness Month plans. For example, you might want to use placemats decorated with vegetable dye block patterns or table clothes that feature images of seasonal produce. Good places to look for such items are online sites like Etsy, Zazzle and Rakuten. There are also soy candles, zero waste lunch trays and drinkware made from recycled products available for purchase through many of the same shopping sites.

Do think about downloading a few songs about vegetarianism and playing them at your holiday party too. A few fun ones to consider are the Beach Boys tune,Vegetablesand Frank Zappas song,Call Any Vegetable. Both are a little on the silly side. So even the youngest children in attendance are likely to enjoy singing along to the two songs.

Dont stress yourself out by trying to cook up a bushel basket full of vegetarian dishes or make crudits platters for a crowd. Instead, opt to contact a local restaurant and have the event catered. Many should have plenty of vegetarian options available to fill your holiday table. Among those to consider are veggie rolls, edamame dumplings, various salads, tofu and gluten-free rice.

To learn more about hosting vegetarian approved events using our highly sought after assortment of first-rate party tents, pleasecontact usonline now.

Portable Garages: A Great Place to Store the In-Laws Vehicles

For many American families, when the in-laws arrive for the holidays, parting with prime, garage floor real estate can be difficult. After all, most folks garages are already bursting at the seams with their own motor vehicles, winter sports gear, cords of firewood and the like. So in order to park extra cars and trucks in such an already overly crowded space, drastic measures must generally be taken well in advance.

Some families opt to move their personal equipment out of the garage and cram it somewhere else for the holidays. Others make the wise choice and invest inportable garages. Portable garages come in heights, widths and lengths big enough to accommodate whichever types of motor vehicles the in-laws may choose to show up with. And yes, that includes those rock band size, custom motorhomes. So they can essentially solve the annual, Who gets to park where?” debate for most families once and for all.

The portable garages are painless to set up and may be placed on any level surface. Therefore, its generally not necessary to pour concrete, lay down a bed of shale or dump a load of sand onto the ground first. Of course homesteads that happen to be located on a slope or extremely uneven, rocky terrain are exceptions to that rule. In those cases, the ground justifiably may need to be modified first.

To learn more about solving holiday parking problems with portable garages, pleasecontact us. Delivery times are contingent on the type of portable structure ordered. As such, we habitually advocate ordering portable garages at least 16 business days prior to the in-laws expected arrival date. That should allow enough time for the garage to be delivered and set up before the extended family comes rolling into the driveway looking for their promised, preferred parking spot.

Are Your Athletic Field Covers and Tents Ready for Novembers Football Games?

Now that the regular NFL season is underway, our Canopies & Tarps team couldn’t help but turn their thoughts towards all things football. And that includesathletic field covers. Right now, we still have four different size football athletic field covers in stock as well as three distinct types of athletic gym floor covers. Youll also find tailgating approved pop-up tents still available too. So todays the day to finish tying up those loose ends and put your orders in before the next big game.

Personally, we are looking forward to seeing Californias NFL teams play in their upcoming games. TheSan Francisco 49ersare set to play November 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 27th. TheOakland Raidershave games on Nov. 2nd, 9th, 16th, 20th and 30th. And as for theSan Diego Chargers, theyre expected to be tearing up the field on Nov. 2nd, 16th, 23rd and 30th. So we certainly have a lot to be excited about. At this point, it looks like well be keeping our party tents up clear through December in support of Californias three teams!

Who will you and your family be rooting for on those particular game days? Please drop us a note on Facebook and let us know. We love having a good football discussion as much as we love talking about our top notch athletic field covers, party tents and tailgating. Of course were open to hearing about whats on your tailgating menu too. And if you are hoping to serve food on football Sundays, dont forget to pull out the mesh wall kit. It will help keep the dirt out of your best tailgating foods and onto the ground where it belongs. To learn more about our assortment of party tents, athletic field and gymnasium covers before the next big game, pleasecontact us.

Why Should I Stock Up On Green Leaf and Drainage Tarps Now?

TheOld Farmers Almanac, by and large, is predicting that most of us will have a very cold winter. And in some areas, like Northern California, there is a good deal of rainfall expected. Of course all of that precipitation and freezing temps can cause intermittent flooding and ice related problems. So we are strongly encouraging everyone to at least think about stocking up on drainage and green leaftarpsnow. Heres why:

Most insurance, home improvement and weather experts agree that its best to prune sickly trees and remove loose debris prior to the first signs of sleet, hail or snow. Otherwise, they could contribute to roof leaks. Well, ourgreen leaf tarpscould be utilized during the clean up process. And later on, they could be used to transport kindling wood and pine cones, which make excellent fire starters. The tarps come in two finishes sizes, each with its own drawstrings.

Thedrainage tarps, on the other hand, are super to have around should your best cleanup efforts prove not to be enough. Theyll help capture any moisture coming from the buildings roof or ceilings and divert it to an out of the way area. Examples of out of the way areas include sump pump holes, drainage ditches, slop sinks and leech fields.

Unlike the leaf tarps, drainage tarps also come in more sizes and colors. There are options when it comes to materials as well. Some of the drainage tarps are fire retardant and others are not. The fire retardant versions would undoubtedly work best in the attic and basement, which often contain parts of a persons home heating system (e.g. chimney and furnace). The non-fire retardant ones would be great for rooms or outbuildings where there is no direct contact to a heating source (e.g. garage or pool house).

To ask more questions about the tarps construction, see pictures and place an order before the winter flood season starts, pleasecontact ustoday.

Help Put Our Party and Pop Up Tents to Good Use in November

Pass the potatoes and pick a spot to corral everyone under thepop up tents, its time to celebrate all that there is to love about November. Our first-rate canopies and tents are great for housing all of those extra Thanksgiving Day dinner guests. And they may be used for the following feel-good, special occasions too:

Tie One On For Safety

Every holiday season, Mothers Against Drunk Driving runs a special event known asTie One On For Safety. As youve probably guessed by now, its designed to cut down on the number of accidents involving impaired drivers. During the event, they typically ask everyone that cares about the issue to display their signature red ribbon. So you might want to buy a red pop-up tent and use it to help spread the word by handing out ribbons now until the first week of January.

National Alzheimers Disease Awareness

It is alsoNational Alzheimers Disease Awareness Monthand they could use some help reaching out to the public too. Weve got pop-up tents made with aircraft grade aluminum and colorful fabrics as well as food tents with super safe features. Therefore, you could create a bunch of purple frosted baked goods, hold a sale under one of the tents and donate the proceeds to the Alzheimers Association.

Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

Participating inStomach Cancer Awareness Monthis another super way to put our pop up tents to excellent use. Use them to help provide free cancer screenings, raise funds or host another special event of your choosing. And dont panic if the Farmers Almanac says that the weather is supposed to be bad in November. Weve got completely enclosed party tents that you could buy instead and pair them with portable heaters.

To learn more about pop up and party tents that are custom made for hosting fabulous, charitable events all year round, pleasecontact ustoday.

Dos and Donts of Setting Up Turkey Bowls with Hay Covers and Pop-Up Tents

Are you ready for all of those great events that typically take place at this time of year? Yes, we are referring to hay rides, haunted corn field walks, cider festivals, pumpkin patches and turkey bowling competitions. If not, dont sweat it. Weve gothay coversand pop-up tents on sale. Plus, today, weve got a few turkey bowl dos and donts that you may find helpful:

Do consider using plastic or paper mache turkeys full of play sand in lieu of frozen birds. By doing so, youll keep the event costs down and avoid wasting food. After all, any frozen turkeys that bust out of their wrappers during the event would have to be tossed into the trash. And who wants to throw away food when so many people continue to go without?

Dont forget to protect the bale-lined bowling lanes with hay covers at the end of the night. Weve got square bale hay covers in stock that should fit most, if not all, of them perfectly. The covers will help keep the play area from becoming one wet, moldy, stinky mess. Plus, if the bales are kept dry and clean, youll be able to recycle them at the end of the event too.

Do set up pop-up tents near the start of the bowling lane and along their sides. The one at the start of the lane could be used for turkey bowl registration activities and the others would prove to be great shelters for attendees.

Dont miss the opportunity to sell concessions and souvenirs. In most instances, items priced less than $10 tend to sell the best at turkey bowling events. Items to consider adding to the concession stands menu are turkey sausage, turkey burgers and turkey salad sandwiches. All three may be prepped a head of time and finished off underneath of pop-up tents once the event gets underway.

To learn more about hay covers, pop-up tents and other items that will help make turkey bowling events run smooth, pleasecontact ustoday.

What to Look for When Shopping for Canopy Top Replacements

If you have a canopy that you use to shade your patio or provide sun protection for your vehicle, you likely know that it wont last forever. Even the most durable canopies will need replacement at some point, especially if you leave it outdoors during the entire year. With the beating that a canopy can receive from the elements, youll need to know what to look for while shopping forcanopy top replacements.


The sizes of canopies can vary greatly, from some that are designed for small areas to others that are large enough to accommodate big yards. If you only need to buy a canopy top and are keeping the frame, it becomes even more important to focus on size. Taking measurements and looking over the options carefully can prevent you from ending up with a canopy that simply doesnt fit and will need to be returned.


The appearance of some of the canopies available can range from basic neutral colors to something a bit more flashy. Keeping in mind the style of your patio furniture and landscaping can help you choose a canopy top that will fit in with the rest of your yard.


If youre only replacing the canopy of your patio and not the entire structure, you can save some money on the purchase. Considering the cost of the original canopy that you bought can help you choose a canopy top that is priced appropriately.

If youre interested in replacing a worn canopy top instead of an entire replacement, pleasecontact us.