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Vinyl Tarps: A Great Tool for Chachalaca Hunters in Americas Southern States

Chachalaca season is in full swing throughout many southern states. Have you ever been out hunting yet? If not, you may want to consider grabbing somevinyl tarpsand heading out before the season ends in late February. If youve never hunted chachalacas before, dont worry. Heres a quick look at some of what new chachalaca hunters need to know:

Categorized as petite members of the Ortalis genus, chachalacas are considered to be noisy but secretive, upland game birds. They tend to travel in small groups and are most active in the mornings. Their diets typically consist of berries, seeds, leaves, invertebrates and insects. In the majority of southern states, the birds generally start to breed in February, which is why hunting season typically ends at that time. As long as they are not caught, most wild chachalacas have life spans of less than 10 years.

To catch them, hunters have to be stealthy, which is where vinyl tarps come in handy. Depending on the region, camouflage and natural colored, vinyl tarps may be used to set up impromptu shelters and hide bird hunting gear. Just be sure to choose ones that are made from high-density, 3-ply, woven polyethylene. The vinyl tarps should also ideally feature rope-reinforced edges, strong grommets and arctic flexibility as well as resist tears, water, UV rays and mildew. You can find vinyl tarps with those exact qualities by clickinghere.

When you venture off into the woods, keep in mind that the creatures tend to nest in tree crotches, tree cavities, Spanish moss, bare limbs and concealed clumps of leaf litter. The list of trees to look for when setting up a chachalaca hunting camp with vinyl tents includes, but isnt limited to southern oaks, sugar hackberry, Texas ebony and huisache. Wed also suggest looking for chachalacas while they feed and socialize in the underbrush.

Most chachalaca hunters wear tear resistant clothing thats well suited for roaming around in the brush, carry game bags and use guns appropriate for taking small birds. In most instances, southern states require people in search of chachalaca to purchase upland game stamps in conjunction with regular hunting licenses. Plus, many regions have bag limits in place. So its always best to check the regulations before hitting the woods.

To pick up vinyl tarps and other portable shelters needed during chachalaca season, pleasecontact usat Canopies and Tarps today.

Celebrate Paul Bunyans Birthday with Party Tents and Tall Stacks

Hes a tall drink of water that can really swing an ax and hell be celebrating his 181st birthday on February 12th. Can you guess who were referring to? Its Paul Bunyan, thats who! And we can’t think of better excuse to hold a pancake breakfast than that. So put up theparty tents, get ready to slap down some flap jacks and order that tankard of maple syrup, because theres nothing small about a Bunyan birthday.

Weve got 20-feet by 39-feet, freestanding party tents that should make a great start. You could fill them with tables and chairs to accommodate all of the expected pancake breakfast guests. To drive home the Paul Bunyan theme further, dress the tables up with red-checkerboard, flannel linens. Then use hollowed out, cut logs to hold moonshine jars full of rich, sweet syrups from Maine. After all, thats one of the many places in the United States to have laid claim to the famous logger.

In addition to the pancake party tent, why not set up a few more? Theyre great places to hold a variety of Paul Bunyan themed contests and exhibitions. For example, you could ask everyone to dress up as Paul Bunyan and his long-time girlfriend, Lucette or makeover their pets in the image of Babe, the big blue ox. The person with the best costume or set of costumes could win an axe or a years supply of pancake mix and syrup.

As for the exhibitions, it might be fun to invite chainsaw sculpture artists and axe manufacturers to display their wares. They may even be willing to hold Paul Bunyan themed competitions of their own. For instance, they could give out awards to the best chainsaw sculpture or to the person able to split more wood than everyone else present. Either way, to find all of the party tents you need to throw one gigantic birthday party for Paul, pleasecontact usat Canopies and Tarps today.

When You Don’t Have Enough Space, Portable Garages Save the Day

If you have more vehicles than you have the space to store them, you don’t have to leave them sitting outside. Winter will be here soon and constant exposure to the wind, ice, snow, cold, and sleet isn’t good for any vehicle. A car or truck frequently left unprotected outdoors is more likely not to start or have other performance issues. It also puts your vehicle at risk for theft or vandalism. The same is true for recreational vehicles like boats and campers.

Construction company owners frequently have several additional vehicles that require storage space. Rather than rent an offsite stall, considerportable garagesfrom Canopies and Tarps. You can keep an eye on your construction trucks while keeping them protected from the weather at the same time.

Styles and Sizes

The following style options are available to you when you purchase a portable garage from Canopies and Tarps:

  • Round: This type has a rounded opening, double zippered front and rear doors, a fitted cover, anchors, and a ratcheted tie-down. Sizes range from 8′ X 8′ X 8′ to 40′ X 60′ X 18′.
  • Peak: This portable garage is constructed from triple-layer materials and is fully UV-resistant and waterproof. Its top forms a point rather than a circle. We provide you with detailed set-up instructions and anchors to weigh it down. Sizes range from 8′ X 12′ X 8′ to 65′ X 49′ X 26′. The largest sizes for both the round and peak portable garages can act as a commercial construction building.
  • Portable Sheds: If you have too much equipment at the job site or too many personal belongings at home, store them in one of our portable sheds. They cost less than a traditional metal shed while offering superior protection for your valuables. Portable shed sizes range from 6 X 6 X 6’6″ to 12′ X 12′ X 8′.

Order Your Portable Garage or Shed Today

With so many options available, Canopies and Tarps is sure to have a portable garage or shed to meet your needs. Feel free tocontact usif you have additional questions before placing your order.

Put Up the Party Tents During Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month

Head to the slopes, then break out the portable heaters and party tents. Its once again time to celebrate Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. The annual frosty holiday is due to begin on January 1st and end on the 31st. So that gives winter sports enthusiasts and the businesses that serve them a full 31 days and nights to get their party on. For the utmost in comfort, visual beauty and safety, wed recommend choosing a pop up orparty tentmade from arctic flexible, waterproof materials. Theyll be better suited to hold up to slope side snow squalls.

Of course if the weather is expected to be mild, having a party tent with built-in arctic flexibility may not be paramount to your Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month event. It may be more important to choose one made with UV resistance fabric that features zippered doors, large windows, powder-coated legs and ample ceiling height to accommodate peoples extra long skis and snowboards.

In addition, it may be advisable to stock up on anchor kits too, just in case the winds gust a lot around the lifts or lodge. Weve got a four piecePC PVC Tube and Strap Anchor Kitthat should do nicely in that regard. The tubes are airtight and may be filled safely with a wide range of materials. Consequently, event planners and vendors that invest in our PVC anchors shouldnt find themselves on the wrong side of the ski resort or snowboard parks rules. Furthermore, because the anchors are designed to work on hardpan, it wont matter how frozen or snow covered the event site is during setup. Theyll go into place without a hitch.

To order your party tents in time for Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, pleasecontact ustoday. We offer quantity discounts and only charge sales tax on party tent purchases being shipped within our home state. Speaking of which, expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.