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Invest in Pond Liners to Enjoy a Long-Lasting Pond in Your Backyard

pond linerIt is not uncommon for large businesses to improve their exterior appearance by adding some natural beauty, which is where the addition of a pond can help accomplish this goal. However, while a pond may seem simple and easy to install, there are a number of details that must be considered beforehand.

In order for any pond to fit into a home or space, a pond liner needs to be used for a proper foundation that also provides the longevity it needs to be a worthwhile investment of time, effort, and money.

One of the Most Vital Parts of Building a Pond

Ponds used to be mainly constructed with a concrete foundation, but this generally consumes more resources than you need to when there are options such as flexible pond liners. If there is one area that you invest the most money in, a high quality pond liner will ensure your pond lasts a long time.

Consider a Flexible Liner for Ideal Creativity

Although a preformed pond is nice because it makes the whole process really simple, these ponds do not give you as much flexibility in regard to creativity. In this situation, you will enjoy a flexible liner as they are not challenging to install, but still give you plenty of options for creating your ideal pond.
If you intend on having a fish pond, this is an excellent choice.

Go For Economical and Reliability

An additional reason pond liners and especially flexible ones work so well for most homes is because they are extremely affordable while being very reliable at the same time. It is a great combination for homeowners that want to make a superb addition to their home, but are working with a tight budget.

If you are interested in building a pond in your backyard and want to know more, please contact us as we would love to provide information on pond liners or ponders in general.

Portable Garages: Perfect for Going from a Unhappy Space to a Blissfully One

Portable GaragesAmericas divorce rate is like a skirts hemline. It goes up and down with the times. At least thats what Bloomberg Personal Finances most recent statistics seem to indicate. They show that the number of failed marriages is slowly increasing. So if youve suddenly found yourself staring at a divorce decree, chances are youre not alone. To help make your transition from twosome to solo go smoothly, consider the following:
If the Bloomberg statistics are correct, now might be the time to get a home of your own, before demand exceeds supply. As it stands, Realtor is already reporting a decrease in housing availability nationwide and affordable rentals are starting to go fast as well. Therefore, investing in a home may prove the wiser of the two options in the long-term.

Regardless of whether you decide to rent or buy, consider utilizing portable garages. They are the perfect way to store your personal belongings while moving from the marital home to your happily single pad. Plus, portable garages can stay with you no matter where that new life takes you in the future. For example, if your new lifestyle involves big boy and girl toys, our portable garages have you covered. They are roomy enough to store boats, recreational vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles and scooters.

You can also use them to tuck away your unmentionables when company unexpectedly comes to call for an extended weekend. We’ve even seen our portable garages used to house seasonal supplies for entertaining. The list of examples includes barbecue grills, pool chairs, picnic tables, sun umbrellas, lawn darts and cute strands of solar lights that are meant to hang off of summer awnings. To learn more about our portable garages and how they may benefit the newly divorced, please contact us at Canopies & Tarps today. We can help everyone find the right portable storage to suit their needs now and in the future.

Athletic Field Covers Can Help Keep Those Easter Egg Events Rolling

athletic field coverEaster egg rolling events have been taking place in America for centuries. Despite that, there is one thing that event organizers continue to worry about each year. Its the weather. There is always a fear that the ground will be muddy or covered with late season frost. There have even been incidents over the years when Easter egg rollers woke up to several inches of snow. According to NOAAs historical records, one of the last times kids were forced to roll eggs in such unpleasant, snowy conditions was back in 1994. Of course that doesn’t mean that the white stuff wont appear again.

So how can one keep those Easter egg events rolling regardless of the weather? Wed suggest investing in athletic field covers. Although most people associate them with sports, they can also help keep fields in shape before big, community events. Our athletic field covers come in different sizes and may be paired with heavy-duty field cover rollers. The rollers range in size from 20 to 40 and are perfect for moving the tarps before and after Easter events. Plus, they double as handy, space-saving, storage containers.

Weve also got athletic field cover sand bags in stock. They are excellent at keeping the covers in place during seasonal wind storms and other weather events. The bags are constructed out of ultra strong, 18-ounce vinyl and come complete with built-in handles. Theyre shipped empty, to save on costs and packaging. However, they are very easy to fill once youve brought them to the field. Each bag is capable of holding 25-pounds worth of clean play sand without losing a single granule. So, organizers can opt to store the bags filled or empty them out after each holiday event.

To buy athletic field covers, heavy-duty rollers and portable sand bags in time for a community-wide Easter egg rolling event, please contact us today.

Give in to Big Dog Show Envy: Order Party Tents and Host Your Own

Party TentsDid watching the last Westminster Kennel Club or Crufts Dog Shows leave you feeling inspired? If so, maybe you should consider hosting your own local dog show this year. It will undoubtedly require a lot of work, party tents and kennels but the rewards are likely to be great. To help you plan your show, we’ve put together a handful of basic tips:

First, decide how big you want the dog show to be and which pedigrees will be included. Sketch out your categories and choose a venue that is big enough to accommodate your dog show plans. Then order party tents that can be used for the main show, ancillary exhibitions, registration and dog grooming activities. Of course youll want to secure a series of dog kennels too. Just in case the shows participants neglect to bring their own.

Second, make sure that you purchase event insurance. Afterward, arrange for a vet and security guards to be on site during the course of the dog show. Having them there will make sure that both four-legged and two-legged attendees remain safe throughout the day or evenings festivities.
Third, contact a local landscaping crew that is willing and able to clean up after the dogs. After all, wherever dogs roam, there is bound to be little piles of poop and puddles of pee. Yes, we know that responsible dog owners clean up after their own pets but there is a chance that not everyone in attendance will follow the rules.

Fourth, come up with a marketing, advertising and public relations plan for your dog show. Then start executing the plan accordingly. The list of components to consider including in your plans are press releases, live streaming, social media, radio remotes, television and newspaper ads.

Fifth, if you have any concerns about which party tents, dog kennels, safety fencing, portable tables, chairs to buy, please contact us. We have those items on sale, year-round, at our online store. Plus, our Canopies & Tarps staff members are experts at assisting event planners of all types. So, we are more than happy to help guide newbies through the purchasing process and beyond.

Do You Have Enough Party Tents for Youth Art Month?

party tentsEvery spring, people all across the country celebrate Youth Art Month. It is a holiday that was created by art enthusiasts in the early 1960s. The events that typically take place during the month-long observance include childrens art displays, art competitions, community mural painting parties, art shows, outdoor art sales, workshops and lectures on art. There are even groups that hold art auctions and fundraising events designed to benefit childrens art programs. So, groups that would like to get in on the Youth Art Month action in the days ahead, should think about ordering party tents now.

The best assortment of party tents in California may be found through our Canopies & Tarps online store. We sell everything from commercial duty, decorative, pop-up and luxury tents to pop-up gazebos and shade canopies. Our open-sided party tents are perfect for art events when the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny. The tents with side walls, especially those with windows, can be used in the event of inclement weather. They are also ideal for Youth Art Events that are slated to take place during the evening hours, even if the weather is supposed to be chilly. Why? Some of the tents are treated with fire retardants. So, Youth Art Month event planners can add warm to the tents interiors by setting up a portable, outdoor heater.

In addition to the items we mentioned above, Youth Art Month event planners will also find a great selection of portable chairs, tables, safety fences and other setup supplies at out online store. The safety fences, by the way, come in two colors, neon green and orange. They are sold by the roll and the mesh is typically 70 x 40 mm. It is treated to resist wind and UV rays. Plus, the bright colors make the safety fences highly visible, even in periods of low light (e.g. sunrise and sunset). To learn more about them and other supplies for Youth Art Month, please contact us.

Pop Up Tents Are A Must Have For Crafters

pop up tentsIf you’re crafty and creative you may be able to earn extra money by selling the beautiful things you make at local craft shows. Craft shows are really popular events all over the country with big outdoor events happening every summer and Christmas-themed events happening every fall.

For inspiration on the kinds of things you can make that will be popular with buyers, you can check out popular Pinterest pins and sites like Etsy which feature handmade items.

If you plan on participating in craft shows, you will definitely want to invest in a pop up tent. Remember that not all pop up tents are created equal, and you will want to be sure the pop up tent you choose is really easy to put up and take down and that it is built to last.

If you participate in outdoor craft shows you will be really glad that you have a pop up tent to cover your booth and give you shade when the sun is shining and protect your valuable craft items when it gets rainy. A quality tent will really add a sense of professionalism to your booth and draw in the crowds.

If you want to test the waters and see how your crafts do, look for craft shows hosted by local churches. Church craft shows tend to have lower booth costs than larger community events. Of course, the larger events draw in bigger crowds and tend to offer higher sales numbers for participants.

When you’re ready to shop for a quality pop up tent, please contact us.

Reasons to Buy Portable Garages Before the Official Start of Spring

Portable GarageWhether our nations groundhogs predict more snow or an early spring, it doesn’t matter. People should still consider buying portable garages before the official start of spring. Why? Well were glad that you decided to ask because todays post is all about reasons why its important to buy one before the first day of spring. Incidentally, its set to happen on Friday, March 20th this year. So, check out our reasons now and then let the countdown begin!

1.) Even Lambs Can Cause Damage

You know that old adage about lambs, lions and spring, right? Most folks talk about watching out for days when the weather is like a lion. Although they can certainly be brutal, lamb-like weather can cause damage to motor vehicles and outdoor items too. For example, mild winds can toss pollen around and UVA rays can discolor surfaces. Portable garages will shield items from both.

2.) Spring Cleaning Advantage

Plus, having portable garages on hand before March will give property owners the spring cleaning advantage. After all, they can be used to clean out seasonal rentals in highly competitive real estate markets and store items during minor renovations. They may also appeal to potential renters and home-buyers.

3.) Great for Getting a Jump on Roof Repairs

Speaking of renovations, March is often the perfect time to make roof repairs. Why? It happens before those familiar April showers kick in and the outdoor temperatures are generally nice and cool. Having a portable garage on site can make getting a jump on those repairs easy. For instance, they could be used to store roofing materials or items that must be removed from the attic or crawl space during the repairs.

Those are just three reasons why its a great idea to buy portable garages before spring arrives. To learn more, please contact us at Canopies and Tarps. Weve got carport covers, replacement canopy tops, portable garages, roofing tarps, machine covers and more available now. So, we can have you ready to spring into action as soon as the first crocuses appear.

Beyond Hay Covers: Are You Ready for a Cold Weather Garden?

Hay TarpsWe know that most farmers and gardeners are taking a break while Old Man Winter and Mother Nature have their fun, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We promise you, there is life in the cool season beyond the traditional hay covers. There are always greenhouse kits, which make excellent investments. We have three different types available through our online store and theyre perfect for starting new plants or cool season gardening.

Of course youll want to make your selection based on several factors. They include the climate zone youre living in and how much space youre working with. For example, if youre the type of person accustom to seeing rows of hay covers and the steam rising up from the horse paddy in winter, wed suggest looking at our round greenhouses. They range in size from 6-feet by 8-feet by 6.5-feet to 12-feet by 20-feet by 8.6-feet. Because they dont stand unreasonably high off of the ground, the tops of the greenhouses are easily covered with insulated tarps.

The insulated tarps will help protect the starter plants inside of the round greenhouse when the temperatures dip and may be removed when things warm up outside. We make an array of insulated tarps, by the way. Our most popular tend to be constructed out of vinyl and poly. They come in various sizes too and we can custom make insulated tarps to suit your particular tastes.

In addition to the round greenhouses, we have ones in stock with pointed and gable roofs. The pitched roofs can be covered with insulated tarps too. However, its important not to let snow build up on them. Otherwise, the resulting snow load may end up too much for the greenhouses to bear. To learn more about our all-season hay covers and array of portable greenhouse kits, please contact us today. If you act now, we can have the portable greenhouse and insulated tarps in your hands well before the start of spring.