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Buy Hay Covers Now, Before Spring Crops Are Ready for Harvest in June

Hay TarpsWith soil temperatures on the rise and the risk of frost gone for now, its the ideal time to plant spring forages. Spring oats are one crop to consider investing in this year. They tend to mature quickly and may be used as nurse crops, so youll need to have those hay covers ready for harvest. Its also important to prepare the land properly before dropping those first seeds.

To prepare the land, remove all of the weeds and consider adding nitrogen fertilizer to the soil to improve the hay quality in the long-term. Oh, and you might need to aerate the soil too because spring oats are notorious for growing poorly in compact soil. Then go out and buy the best spring oats available in your area and mind the seeding rate while youre engaged in planting activities. Afterward, it will be important to watch out for soil crusting and signs of insect or wild animal activity.

If you want to increase your hay stores even more, think about planting rye, yellow mustard and medium red clover too. They have a history of growing in harmony with spring oats and will produce a lot of food for your grazing animals too. By late May or early June, youll probably need to harvest all of the forage crops we mentioned and bale them up for later. So depending on how much food youre hoping to store away for late summer, you may need to buy even more hay covers at this time.

Weve got Performer and discount products in stock now. Consequently, youll have your choice of round and square hay covers as well as side curtains. Collectively, theyre large enough to accommodate round, spring oat bales that are anywhere from 4 to 6 feet in size. To learn more about our collection of Performer and discount hay covers, please contact us today.

Kickoff Spring with Fresh, Mesh Shade Tarps and Privacy Fences

Privacy Fence Mesh TarpsOn March 20th, astronomical spring will come to the northern hemisphere. Most people recognize it as the first day of the season or the equinox. When it happens, well all have at least 12 hours of daylight to enjoy with our friends and family. Plus, we can count on the sun to be located within 90-degrees of due north every time it rises or sets for the day. There will also be UV-rays to contend with, which bring us to one of our favorite topics, mesh shade tarps.

As the American Skin Association readily points out each year, the human body can only withstand so much UV exposure before problems arise. So, they always recommend that people take appropriate precautions to reduce their risk of developing burns to the skin and eyes. In our experience, mesh shade tarps fall squarely into the precaution category. Theyre designed to block 73 to 90% of the rays beading down on us from the sky. Consequently, that leaves only a small amount of rays to worry about. They can easily be handled with other precautionary measures, like protective clothing, sunscreen, enclosed footwear and broad-brimmed hats.

In addition to mesh shade tarps, there are privacy fence tarps available too. Theyll block at least 87% of the rays that may bounce off of other objects and hit the body from the side. Plus, each stretch of fence runs 50-feet long and stands either 6 or 8-feet high. Thus, theyll help hide backyard activities from others view throughout spring, summer and fall. And for all of you landscape designers out there, dont worry. Our privacy fence and mesh shade tarps come in an array of attractive colors too. To learn more about outfitting your property with mesh shade and privacy fence tarps before the suns UV rays reach full strength, please contact us today.

Heavy-Duty Pond Liners Are Perfect for American Wetlands Month Projects

Pond LinerFor more than 20 years, our country has been recognizing American Wetlands Month and were hoping that many of you will be participating in the observance this year. Its a great time to use our pond liners to create replacement wetlands or host wetland cleanups with the aid of our waterproof tarps, green leaf tarps and pop-up tents.

Our pond liners are perfect for large-scale projects and we can customize them too. Right now, standard sizes start at 30-feet x 20-feet and run up to 100-feet x 120 feet. Of course our tarps and tents come in assorted sizes as well. Oh, and we even have 144-square feet base-camp tents for cleanup leaders that want to spend the night on site. So, all you need to do is find a wetlands site or the ideal place to build one.

In most instances, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is a good place to start when planning large-scale events for the month. They can generally let people know which public wetlands need attention and where they see a need for new ones to form. They are also typically very good about providing advice on how to go about cleaning up the area and what else needs to be done. If all of the public wetlands in your area are already in good shape, you could always build a small-scale one on private property.

In years past, our heavy-duty liners have been used to create watering holes for domesticated wildlife, containment ponds and water features. As such, there are options to choose from just as long as your areas private landowners are willing to participate in American Wetlands Month events. To learn more about our pond liners, tarps, base-camp tents and pop-ups before the yearly observance arrives, please contact us today.

Intl. Drum Month Event Idea: Put up a Party Tent and Host a Drum Circle

10x10-yellow-black-instant-carnival-tentDid you know that each May, the Percussion Marketing Council sponsors International Drum Month events? Its true and now is the ideal time to make your celebratory plans. It doesnt matter if you are a music store owner, concert hall manager or simply someone who just loves to drum. Everyone is welcome to get in on the drumming fun and celebrate. We can help provide you with high-quality party tents, folding chairs and banquet tables. So, thats a large chunk of the planning process that you can count on to go smoothly.

If youre stuck for drumming event ideas, dont worry. We have a few thoughts on the subject. For instance, you could hold a drumming circle. Drum circles are fun and family friendly. All you need are party tents, folding chairs, hand-held frame drums or bongos and a drum leader. Place the chairs underneath of the party tent in circle formation. One drum should be placed in front of each chair. So, attendees can simply walk in and participate on the spot.

When the event starts, the drum leader can teach the attendees how to play the drums with their hands. Then he or she can lead them in a group drumming session. During the event, the drum leader can also talk about the history of percussion instruments and what role theyve played in society over the centuries. He or she could even branch off into a discussion about how early drums were made. After the drumming session, consider giving attendees a chance to buy their own frame or bongo drums and invite them to become members of a community drum circle group.

To discuss more International Drum Month events that can take place underneath of our party tents, please contact us today. We have all of the best tents, tables and chairs for outdoor events on sale now. Plus, new arrivals and hot deals are coming in every day. So, you never know what great additions may pop up on sale before your big drum month event.

Buy Canopies and Host a National Chip Your Pet Month Event


Each year, thousands of beloved pets go missing. Some break out of fenced in backyards and others unexpected run out of motor-homes or hotel rooms while their families are on vacation. There are even pets that break their leashes or collars and run away. Thats why its so important for pet owners to consider micro-chipping their pets. Inserting a microchip underneath of a pets skin is surprising quick, easy and affordable. It can even be done outdoors at a pet show or other special event. So, why not help spread the word during National Chip Your Pet Month?

We’ve got canopies, dog kennels, raised dog beds, plastic tables and open-sided, canopy-topped tents that would help make any National Chip Your Pet Month go well. The plastic tables are strong enough to hold small and moderate size dogs. Larger canines would probably be better suited for our raised dog beds. They could be placed underneath of one canopy tent where the vet would be stationed. A second set of canopies and tables could be set up for the pet owners to fill out the short forms that generally accompany each microchip. Afterward, pet owners and their beloved animals could take a seat in one of our plastic chairs and wait to be called to the micro-chipping tent.

Of course if youre expecting a crowd, adding additional diversions may be in order. That said, consider setting up the large, chain-link kennels in areas where the pets can play while they wait their turn. Local businesses may want to come down to your National Chip Your Pet Month event too. They could sell the pet owners in attendance an assortment of healthy foods, I Chipped My Pet souvenirs, dog bandannas, customized tags and other items that would appeal to an animal loving crowd. If they dont have pop-up tents of their own, you could refer them to us or buy extra canopies and rent them out to the vendors for a nominal fee. To learn more about purchasing canopies and other supplies for National Chip Your Pet Month events, please contact us today.

Pop-Up Tents Can Help Businesses Take Advantage of Aprils PR Opportunities

10x10-yellow-white-instant-carnival-tentIts almost April 2015. Do you have your promotional calendar put together yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Grab those pop-up tents and start drawing customers in to see what you have to offer! There are so many great national observances scheduled to take place in April that it would be just a shame not to take advantage of the public relations opportunities. For example, did you know that its National Car Care Month?

Why not put up a pop-up tent and host a car wash, swap meet or car show? If youre not feeling that ambitious, a road rally might be fun. You could set up pop-up tents all along the rally route and let participating businesses sell their wares. Weve got the perfect pop-ups for such a public relations shindig. Theyre our automotive pop-up canopies. The collection feature car crests, emblems, logos and checkered flags. Oh, and there are canopy covered carports to protect all of the classic cars too. Plus, weve got safety fences in assorted colors that will keep the road rally crowds away from the main race areas.

International Guitar and National Jazz Months are also on tap. So, we think an outdoor concert would make an excellent public relations event. Our pop-up tents are perfect for vendors and ticket booths. As for the big concert, you may want to purchase one of our deluxe party tents, white chairs and portable tables instead. The party tents vinyl tops will help shield the music loving crowds from the spring sunshine, wind and rain. Furthermore, we have vinyl party tents that include sidewalls and or skirting too. Consequently, your concert goers will be ready for anything.

To learn more about all of the great PR opportunities available in April 2015 and get your events tent needs taken care of right away, please contact us at Canopies and Tarps today.

Make Use of Canvas Tarps around Your Home

Canvas TarpsAs a homeowner, getting items that help you keep your home maintained is ideal, and canvas tarps are an item that you should definitely consider purchasing to accomplish this goal. It is possible to use these tarps in many ways, but some common uses are quite helpful for the majority of homeowners.

In the Garage

Covering up machinery is important, especially if you have young children as you do not want them to be tempted to explore their curiosity with a potentially dangerous piece of equipment. If you are working on a current project, a canvas tarp also makes an excellent cover to use until you decide to continue.

For Painting

An extremely common use for canvas tarps is with painting, whether you put it on the floor or to protect furniture from getting paint on it. One of the reasons it is great to use is because it does not cause any damage to the flooring or furniture it is placed on, which ensures a positive painting experience.


If you get a treated canvas tarp, you can rely on this tarp for outdoor use with ease. Having it treated means it becomes waterproof, and this is where you will get a lot of benefit from this kind of tarp.
It is easy to cover up firewood that would otherwise be exposed to rain, or to protect materials that are temporarily being stored outside while you are working on a project.

Canvas tarps are strong, durable, long-lasting, and sometimes waterproof, which make them excellent to have around the home because you can find so many uses for them.
Contact us to learn more about our selection of canvas tarps.

Enhance Your Camping Experience by Using Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl TarpsProper camping does require a few essentials such as a tent, sleeping bags, day-packs, lanterns, and more, and then there are items that are not required, but definitely enhance the camping experience. It is important to bring these items along as there is no reason to pass up on a better time camping, especially when it is simple to get what you need and fit it with your other items.Vinyl tarps are well worth taking on camping trips because they are so versatile.

Wind Protection

On a windy day, you may have your belongings getting pushed all over, but this can be prevented by using a vinyl tarp as a wind break by tying it between trees or among branches by your campsite.

Rain Cover

If you were not prepared for the rain, or you just want additional protection from the rain, vinyl tarps are an excellent solution that allows you to keep areas or items dry while also directing water flow. It is an effective way to prevent your camping area from getting flooded in the case of heavy rain.


Although it may not provide the most protection, vinyl tarps provide enough protection to sleep under, which is essential when you decide to go camping without a tent and get caught in rough weather.

In a temporary manner, you can also set up a tarp shelter for taking a break while on the go.

Protect Equipment

With an entire campsite set up, you may not be interested in disassembling everything once the weather gets bad, and this is when a vinyl tarp can provide enough protection to keep items where they are.

Contact us for more information on vinyl tarps and how they can be used.

Pond Liners Protect Your Landscaping Investment

Pond LinerThere is no question that water features add beauty, enjoyment and value to your landscape. Whether you are planning a dramatic fountain, a simple pond feature or an all out water garden, your yard will become the focal point of all your entertaining. When you consider that seventy percent of the earth is made up of water, and that human beings have a water percentage that exceeds fifty percent, it is no surprise that we are drawn to water. Water is calming and inviting, and water features really make your landscape pop.

That said, if the water in your water feature ends up where it’s not supposed to be, the mess you are in for will not add any peace or tranquility to your afternoon. When you want to be sure that your water feature never interferes with your other landscaping features, pond liners offer you the protection and peace of mind you are looking for, creating a protective barrier between your water feature and your yard.

Pond liners also serve a second function of keeping the dirt and other debris in your yard from making their way into your water feature. Of course, you will want to be sure that the pond liner you select is a heavy duty, durable liner, specifically constructed to offer you the maximum protection in any kind of weather conditions.

We offer high-density pond liners that resist tears and mildew. Our liners come in a wide variety of sizes. Please contact us for additional information.

Tarpaulins, Gazebos, Sails and Chairs: Get That Honey Do List Done Fast

Mesh TarpIf you’ve noticed your significant other thumbing through magazines and making a list, watch out. It could be a start of a very long honey do list. They typically make an appearance about this time of year. Theyre usually filled with tasks like fix the leaky roof, clean the carport, refinish the lawn chairs, install the shade sails and put up the gazebo. And if he or she hasn’t started a list just yet, dont breathe a sigh of relief. Were sure its coming. So, you might as well sit down and order some tarpaulins now.

We’ve got every possible tarpaulin you could need to complete your honey do list, no matter how long it may turn out to be. Plus, we’ve got gazebos, covered dog runs and greenhouse kits that are ready to go when you are. The gazebos are exceptionally nice. We’ve got an earth-toned one that resembles a spa-style pagoda. Made from square tube steel, its an adjustable 10 x 10-footer and will give you slightly more than 165-square foot of shade. The other gazebos in our collection are much different.

Theyre made from twin poly-carbonate panels and powder-coated, reinforced aluminum. As such, theyre perfect when it comes time to cover the kiddie pool, sand box, low-profile chiminea, outdoor kitchen or heated spa tub. We’ve even got plastic tables and chairs that could easily be put underneath of the poly-carbonate panels too. The reinforced aluminum, by the way, is strong enough to hold Sun Shade Sails made from breathable polyethylene. However, you may just want to use the hardware we ship out with each order to fasten them to another structure instead. That way, you wont have to worry about scratching the frames powder-coated surface.

To learn more about how we can help you power through that honey do list and get on with the business of relaxing underneath of a great tarpaulin or gazebo, please contact us today.